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When Kitty goes Gaga.

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

Huge fan of Hello Kitty and Lady Gaga as the Raspberry Cupcake is, this post is a must on this very mine blog.

The famously eccentric songbird has posed for a bizarre series of pics for cult brand Hello Kitty, designed to celebrate the famous white cat’s 35th birthday. And she keeps her eyes closed throughout.

In the first, GaGa donned a jewel-encrusted bra with a matching eye-piece, Marilyn Monroe-style locks, fishnet tights and a Hello Pussy purse strung around her waist.

Lady GaGa

How catty: GaGa poses in bejewelled bra and fishnets

Lady GaGa

Iconic: The singer dons the trademark Hello Kitty red bow

In the second, meanwhile, she posed against a gold backdrop, with Hello Kitty’s signature red bow in her hair, and manga cartoon eyes drawn over her lids.

She also donned a dress made entirely from Hello Kitty cuddly toys, and a sleeveless black leather biker jacket teamed with vertiginous Hello Kitty heels.

Lady GaGa

The cat who got the cream: GaGa in a frock made up of Hello Kitty cuddly toys

Lady GaGa

Wacky: The fashion eccentric in a sleeve-less biker jacket and Hello Kitty heels

The images - by celebrated photographers Markus Klinko and Indrani  - will feature on the cover of  the special, limited-edition reissue of GaGa’s hit album, The Fame.
The 23-year-old New Yorker - who is already renowned for her outrageous fashion choices - is reportedly giving away a lock of her hair with every sale of the box-set.
According to her website, it will also include a pair of 3D glasses to view ‘forthcoming Gaga visuals’ and the definitive ‘book of Gaga’.

Post from dailymail.co.uk

Kitty Ka-Ching!

Friday, May 7th, 2010

I already knew that Hello Kitty stuff is gold.
Only I didn’t knew it could also be real silver…

Did you know that on Cook Islands in the South Pacific special feline coins were edited? In 2009, three outstanding 5$ coins beared the Hello Kitty London designs. As a result, there you go: 3x 5 Dollars - Hello Kitty Plays Polo, Red London Bus, Daniel at London Bridge.

The theme is London where Hello Kitty lives. The scenes of the city of London where she was born are depicted on the commemorative coins. We represent “Hello Kitty sightsee in London” and “Hello Kitty and the White Family live in London” with familiar scenes on the coins from past to present. Moreover, they have premium of 35th Anniversary of Hello Kitty.

Price of each of those little marvels: 199€ at numiscollect.eu

London, kitty London.

Friday, May 7th, 2010

The Raspberry Cupcake went on a trip with her friends last weekend. Where to, you ask?

London, my dear!

As you may know, Hello Kitty was born on November 1st 1974 in suburban London, England, and she has been living there ever since with her family and friends. I had a chance to say hello to my favourite Kitty at Hamleys on Regent Street. As you can see on the picture I took, Hello Kitty seems to be quite in shape!


Now, as the Raspberry Cupcake likes other things than Hello Kitty too (yes, it IS possible!), let me just say that if you ever have the opportunity to visit London, and if you like male cookies as much as I do, go to Abercrombie & Fitch - that store is pure madness!!!

When Raspberry Cupcake goes cosplay.

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

As any other otaku who deserves to be called so, Raspberry Cupcake is a huge fan of cosplay. Now, for those who aren’t familiar with this term, here:

Cosplay (コスプレ,), “short for “costume play”, is type of performance art in which participants don costumes and accessories to represent a specific character or idea. Characters are often drawn from popular fiction in Japan. Favorite sources include manga, anime, tokusatsu, comic books, graphic novels, video games, hentai and fantasy movies. Role play includes portrayals of J-pop and J-rock stars, Taiwanese puppet characters, science fiction characters, characters from musical stories, classic novels, and entertainment software. Any entity from the real or virtual world that lends itself to dramatic interpretation may be taken up as a subject. Inanimate objects are given anthropomorphic forms and it is not unusual to see genders switched, with women playing male roles and vice versa.

Cosplayers often interact to create a subculture centered around role play. A broader use of the term cosplay applies it to any costumed role play in venues apart from the stage, regardless of the cultural context.”

Anyway, as the Raspberry Cupcake loves it, and as it is on holiday right now with nothing special to do apart from watching stupid series via streaming or playing LOTRO with  Blackberry Cupcake, well… it’s cyber cupcakey cosplay time!! x3

So there, if the Raspberry Cupcake could one day finally do some real cosplay, it would wear as follows…

kawaii schoolgril uniform

An incredibly kawaii schoolgirl uniform


An even cuter bonbon pink wig


And finally the must of any cupcakey cosplay: the absolutely kawaii Hello Kitty ears!! Seriously, I have to track those down x3

The first 2 items (the uniform and the wig) can be found at http://www.cosmates.jp and as for the ears… Well, as it is not an official Sanrio product, Raspberry Cupcake is afraid the source cannot be revealed… Sorry >.<

News at Hello Kitty Online Europe.

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

As you probably all know, HKOE has decided to emphasize the cheerful and exciting mood of waiting for the St. Valentine’s Day by introducing some events in game.

For instance, there are new quite refreshing group options for whom special quests are reserved - tried and certified by the Raspberry Cupcake, it’s fun!

Next, something that the Raspberry Cupcake just fell for the moment it saw it: the new sweet, funny and absolutely kawaii new emote icon for my adored pet Koneko Meow. This rainbow… This cute smile… I just love it x3


However, there is something that the Raspberry Cupcake didn’t really approve of: one of the special event quests, the “St. Valentine’s Card” mission given by the Love Bug. You see, for my cupcakey taste it’s just silly to SELL the 3 items recquired for this quest in the Item Mall. The GMs say that it’s in order to enable all players to purchase them that they are sold for Sanrio Loyalty Points, but honestly, have you seen those prices? You need to spend on it more than 1000 SLP to get your quest done, all that for a couple of Happy Hearts! I’ve been playing at HKOE since the Beta version and at the same time I started my Sanriotown account - and I have to tell you that even with all my efforts I still cannot afford buying all those silly items for the quest, so just imagine how numerous players in my case must be there.

Well, anyway, I tend to come to the big event party which starts in an hour an a half, we’ll see what happens.

The dream of a Cupcake.

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

As weird as it gonna sound, Raspberry Cupcake leads sometimes a very busy life.

Not only does it go to school to learn and study all those clever things that for the most part will never be useful, but it also has to watch out for it’s form - that is its cream topping and the delicious raspberry that it bears on top of its head. Yeah, our little Cupcake wants it always to stay shiny and deliciously attractive, but somehow the one other Cupcake it wants to appreciate it seems not to pay attention to it as it used to.


You see, the other Cupcake - call him the Blackberry Cupcake we shall - is even more busy than the Raspberry Cupcake; he doesn’t even go to school anymore, he has to work and he plays all the “I am an adult now” game. It seemed all funny to the Raspberry Cupcake at the beginning, but now it gets more and more upset as the days go by. And even if the Blackberry Cupcake has a day off work, it would play some silly games on its computer and talk via Skype to some guys it plays with, or it will drive the Raspberry Cupcake crazy by playing its electric guitar in the teenie-tiny apartment they share.
As our little raspberry hero won’t quit that easily, it has tried thousands of times to liven things up, but in vein.

The Blackberry Cupcake doesn’t like to dance - the Raspberry Cupcake loves to.
The Blackberry Cupcake doesn’t like swimming pools - the Raspberry Cupcake loves them!
The Blackberry Cupcake doesn’t want to go away for a week end - the Raspberry Cupcake is dying with wanting it.
The Blackberry Cupcake hates celebrating occasions - the Raspberry Cupcake waits for any of them with huge impatience…

Actually, all that counts for the Blackberry Cupcake is his music and above all his guitar: the Raspberry Cupcake thinks that it would rather let the Raspberry Cupcake be chopped and made into a raspberry mousse than to let something happen to its dear guitar. No, Raspberry Cupcake and this black monster of noise are not friends at all indeed.

With all this rather sad situation, given that the Blackberry Cupcake is the love of its busy raspberry life, the Raspberry Cupcake likes to day dream a lot. What is its favourite dream, you ask?

Well, you will know next time …

A new signature.

Monday, November 30th, 2009

I just got this today: my brand new lovely signature for the forum!!!
Thank you sooooo much Mr. Mis, my dear in-law :D :***


And there was a wedding…

Monday, November 30th, 2009

It’s done!

Yesterday was the big day in HKOE for the Rainbow Cupcake guild, and especially for the 2 leaders: Bea and ezoichigo who have decided to marry in front of the Cupcake God thanks to Pekopey (our priest) and our brides maids lalliie (for Bea) and Trishi (for ezoichigo). The funny thing was that the brides maids haircuts were exactly the same as the brides’ xD The wedding, held in front of the Golden Palace in London was beautiful  and full of joy ^^

Once again thank you all for coming and for all the lovely gifts! ^^

Full report from this event and some screen shots are here: http://rainbow-cupcake-guild.blogspot.com/2009/11/and-there-was-wedding.html

Blog for Thought.

Saturday, November 21st, 2009

I am a Hello Kitty fan. True.
In fact, I’ve been a Hello Kitty fan since forever.
But now it’s worse.
I am a HKO-holic.

It all began very innocently, I could say. My boyfriend (who always makes fun of me because I’m not a teenager anymore and I still have what he calls a Hello kitty radar everywhere I go) told me one day that a beta version of Hello Kitty Online Europe has begun. Captivated by the charm of the game, I started playing.

And later on I never stopped!

A nice MMORPG where the ultimate goal is not to beat monsters and bosses – that’s HKO.
Beautiful layout and absolutely cute universe – that’s HKO.
Funny events and helpful GMs – that is still HKO.

But what this game is REALLY about, it’s Friendship.
Friendship with a capital F, I can even say.

During my first steps in the land of Hello Kitty and her friends, I was playing alone. Sure, discovering everything was fun, but still I was on my own. But then I started chatting with other players. First with those who I randomly ran into on the same map, just to talk while chopping some Bush or gathering some Clover. I found out that other players were really nice, but then the real contact and playing together weren’t still there.

What happened next was an absolute miracle: I met extraordinary people, of all ages, nationalities and genders. First of all I met Bea – our common gaming and fun gave birth to the idea of starting our own guild. After hilarious debates about the name of the guild, Rainbow Cupcake was ready to be introduced to the world.

And the Friendship expanded and grew stronger every day.

People were joining our little community and our chat became the chattiest I’ve ever seen. Hunting and taking down Pinatas together during the Hello Kitty Birthday event was so much fun! We help each other a lot. Actually, building houses together is so exciting, that we built together our Cupcake Temple at Soral’s farm. We talk about the game, naturally, but also about our lives, our passions and our future. Some of us connect to HKOE to talk to our Guildies, even if they have no quests left to accomplish.


And that’s real Friendship, folks.
One day we’ll organize some real meetings and that will be the greatest party any other guild couldn’t have!

Thank you, HKOE staff, for all your work you put into creating and maintaining this game, thanks to you the Hello Kitty maniacs could meet and have fun together :)

Just to finish with big hugs and kisses to all our Guildies: Go Rainbow Cupcakes ~~~~~~! :D  

Tired. T___T

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

No matter how hard I try, last week was a really tough one for me: being a university student is sometimes more exhausting than I could ever think, lots of papers to submit, exams to prepare, etc. We’re even making a TV add! Anyway, even if a lot of stuff has already been done, there’s still a lot of work that awaits me. Wish me luck, so I can find some time to play HKO despite all that academic mess ;Dn23931914007_973241_895.jpg