Raspberry Cupcake

The dream of a Cupcake.

As weird as it gonna sound, Raspberry Cupcake leads sometimes a very busy life.

Not only does it go to school to learn and study all those clever things that for the most part will never be useful, but it also has to watch out for it’s form - that is its cream topping and the delicious raspberry that it bears on top of its head. Yeah, our little Cupcake wants it always to stay shiny and deliciously attractive, but somehow the one other Cupcake it wants to appreciate it seems not to pay attention to it as it used to.


You see, the other Cupcake - call him the Blackberry Cupcake we shall - is even more busy than the Raspberry Cupcake; he doesn’t even go to school anymore, he has to work and he plays all the “I am an adult now” game. It seemed all funny to the Raspberry Cupcake at the beginning, but now it gets more and more upset as the days go by. And even if the Blackberry Cupcake has a day off work, it would play some silly games on its computer and talk via Skype to some guys it plays with, or it will drive the Raspberry Cupcake crazy by playing its electric guitar in the teenie-tiny apartment they share.
As our little raspberry hero won’t quit that easily, it has tried thousands of times to liven things up, but in vein.

The Blackberry Cupcake doesn’t like to dance - the Raspberry Cupcake loves to.
The Blackberry Cupcake doesn’t like swimming pools - the Raspberry Cupcake loves them!
The Blackberry Cupcake doesn’t want to go away for a week end - the Raspberry Cupcake is dying with wanting it.
The Blackberry Cupcake hates celebrating occasions - the Raspberry Cupcake waits for any of them with huge impatience…

Actually, all that counts for the Blackberry Cupcake is his music and above all his guitar: the Raspberry Cupcake thinks that it would rather let the Raspberry Cupcake be chopped and made into a raspberry mousse than to let something happen to its dear guitar. No, Raspberry Cupcake and this black monster of noise are not friends at all indeed.

With all this rather sad situation, given that the Blackberry Cupcake is the love of its busy raspberry life, the Raspberry Cupcake likes to day dream a lot. What is its favourite dream, you ask?

Well, you will know next time …</