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Well, I have to say, this is one of my favorite Korean movies of all time. I’ve watch it more than once and it’s a beautifully made film filled with so much emotion. It stars Hyun Bin and a Korean starlet, Lee Yeon Hee who emerged just a few years ago in the Korean film industry.

Hyun Bin stars as Kang Jae Kyung, a millionaire and heir to his grandfather’s property. However, there’s a twist to the will his grandfather made. Jae Kyung thought he would inherit all his grandfather’s possessions the second he turned 18, but in order to do that, he had to graduate first. Since Jae Kyung dropped out, he was sent to the province to do schooling there and graduate as ordered by his grandfather’s will. Meanwhile, he meets a girl in his penthouse who plays Eun Hwan and drives her away with some cash.

Jae Kyung makes his way to the province and is surprised to see Eun Hwan serving customers at the local petrol station. He didn’t expect to see her nor go to school with her. After meeting Eun Hwan and the local people there, he began to change. After he knew Eun Hwan was suffering from a heart condition, he knew he had to be with her. He suddenly remembers that Eun Hwan was his childhood love and said he’d come back for her after 10 days. Tragically, his parents died in a car accident and he wasn’t able to return for her.

As the story goes on, there are some scenes that make you want to cry… :’(

But…I don’t want to ruin the ending!

So, if you’ve watched Millionaire’s First Love, then I’d like to know what you think about this film…



26.gifIsn’t that cute?!26.gif

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and an awesome New Year’s! Good Luck to everyone in 2008 and hope the people born under the year of the rat have a great year!!!

All the Best and God Bless…


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