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=>Hugh Laurie won a consecutive Golden Globe Award this year for Best Actor in a Drama Series. His award-winning role House also earned him a SAG award (Screen Actors Guild) for Best Male Actor in a Drama Series!

=> House’s Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer were recently engaged in Paris just last Christmas! The couple are yet to set a wedding date, so I hope their marriage lasts! Check out the diamond ring!-Click on the link below…


God Bless, again-Fellow HK, Sanrio and House fans!

Shanelle ~^_^eun_mi^_^~

Well, many of you know I’m a DIE-HARD fan of HOUSE, the best medical drama ever made! Its third season debuted on N.Z. tvs just last night. House returns-Cane and Pain-free after receiving an experimental surgery containing ketamine treatment. House brags about being able to run 8 miles to work and so on….

On the Medical side of the show::.

A middle-aged man wheels himself with his electronic wheelchair into their pool. Apparently, he’s been paralyzed for already 8 years, with the inability to talk as well. Meanwhile, House decides to take on two cases, with the middle-aged man, his main focus. House is thanked a lot this episode-which makes him think “What do I have to feel when I’m thanked???” Everyone knows he’s the arrogant, acerbic and sarcastic doctor that we love to hate and hate to love-according to Bryan Singer…

The middle-aged man eventually walked and talked again after receiving cortisol treatment from Dr. Cuddy (Which was ordered by Dr. House)… The twist is that House thinks he hasn’t cured his patient at all because of Cuddy’s refusal to treat the patient. In the end, he actually gets cured because of House’s diagnosis and Cuddy’s actions, but House doesn’t know a thing. Cuddy and Wilson want to keep it a secret from House-why? You’ll just have to watch it if you want to find out why…

Meanwhile, House begins to feel some pain in his leg. He tries to convince Dr. Wilson to give him some Vicodin, but Wilson says no. House continues to run everyday to keep his leg in top shape, now he’s cane and pain-free. In the next eppy,  House’s pains in his leg get worse, but I’ll have to see what happens. School starts in a week’s time, so I’m not sure if I can log on to write a post.

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your holiday (if you’re having one) and God Bless fellow KittyKrazee and HouseCrazee fans!!!

Shanelle ~eun_mi~


My favorite Sanrio character, Hello Kitty has been sitting in my closet for nearly 3 years now, covered with dust, causing me to have hayfever right this moment *sniffles*… I’ve got 4 HK dolls-a ballerina, the normal HK with overalls and striped shirt, one with HELLO written all over her belly and a HK as a dragon. Basically, I have nowhere to put them!!! They keep falling down when I open my closet door or when I clean out my closet which I did today… I have lots of HK stuff that I don’t have anywhere to put them! I just feel sorry for HK if I put all my HK stuff in boxes-that’s just sad…. :(

Tomorrow, my most fave show on Earth returns at 8:30pm on 3…..HOUSE!!! I can’t wait till I watch it!!! I’m soooooooooo excited!!!! My second year of college (high school) starts approximately in 10 days!!! I’ve been bookmarking pages lately so I can read about the required subjects for year 10 this year…

On Saturday I got sunburnt-real bad-on my back, shoulders and chest…It really hurts and stings, but I just have to wait till the pain goes away…The good thing was, that I got to go sailing on my cousin’s Optimist-being the best sailor of the day. I went around a couple of times and it was really good to sail. I had experience at my intermediate school, which helped my gain my skills back. Right now, I have hayfever which was caused by the dust in my closet. I feel really drowsy, but I know God will heal me soon.

Hello Kitty-shaped sushi~!

I found this image on the net that showed HK sushi! It looked so cute and delicious at the same time!!! I feel like making some!

If you’ve watched My Girl, you should watch their bloopers! It’s a total crack-up!!!! If you’re wondering what the KDrama, My Girl is all about, you’ve got to watch it! It stars Korean actors, Lee Da Hae <이다해> and Lee Dong Wook <이동욱> and several more talented Korean actors. Here’s some pix from the drama:

My GiRl PiX





Cute aren’t they~?! 이다해 and 이동욱 FOREVER!!!

If you get a chance, please do watch it…Well, Eun Mi needs some sleep now so I’ll write to you soon!!! God Bless!


Hi, my name is Shanelle

I used to be an existing member before of SanrioTown, but I think my account was terminated because I never logged on, or I just couldn’t remember my log-in name or password…

A little about me:::

I’m a 14 going on 15 year old girl, from Auckland, New Zealand. I’ve been a fan of Sanrio since I was young, and even up to now, I cherish all the Sanrio characters; old and new. I’m now in my second year of high school and I want to pursue my education to become a doctor-possibly in paediatrics. I’ve been playing the piano for 10 years now and I love music. I’m a fan of HOUSE and also the Korean Drama, My Girl. I love to bake, draw, paint, cook and many more…

 As you can see, the name used is Eun Mi. This nickname was given to me by my Korean friend, Yu Jin, before she went back to Korea in 2004. I think the English translation is ‘clever girl’ …

Visit my Bebo page—-> http://cocoshanelle715.bebo.com but I think you have to add me as a friend and I’ll have to accept you first before you can view my profile…

God Bless, fellow Sanrio fans ;)

Shanelle eun_mi ^_^

Thanks for coming to my site! I’m still working on the content, so keep visiting my blog for my stories.

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