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No offence to Nong Shim – hail the Korean noodle kings of the Asian market – but their Chapagetti noodle flavor…well…it isn’t that nice!! Well, my auntie recommended it, but I don’t blame her. It must be my obsession for Korean food and the culture! Blame that! I guess… I think that’s why they were on sale at the Korean market….

It looks so appealing, but LOOKS ARE DECEIVING!!! It has such a strange, distinct flavor….maybe slightly burnt??? Or I don’t know how to cook it properly (as my bros would say….) To be honest, it made me nostalgic for Indomie Mi Goreng noodles (one of THE BEST noodles ever!!) or Nong Shim Shin Ramyun or ramen. I’ve eaten four packets over the past few weeks and yeah, it just means I just want to get rid of them.

Korean food is one of the best cuisines I’ve ever tasted, but 짜파게티 is a bit strange. That’s all. Well, I was the guinea pig and now I know not to buy it. Maybe the real jajangmyun is way better. Can’t wait to go to Korea!!!

Kim Ji Eun, Lee Ho Sun, Kang Yu Jin, Park Eun Ju, Kim Hye In, Choi Seo Yoon ~~~~ 보고싶어요~~~!!!!!!

Peace guys. Just buy Melona instead and some Nong Shim Shin Ramyun the next time you go to the Korean grocery store!!! I’ll do that too




Let the Battle Begin!


Well, I shouldn’t be blogging, but exams are on Monday, starting with Statistics and Modelling (which I should be studying right now)…..but I’ll just blog this entry tonight.

That’s the end of the Flashback Post series (FP). Quite a mixture of stuff right there.

All the best for everyone in NZ doing their NCEA exams!!!

Let the battles commence!!! Victory is ours!!! (.


Well, 8243 words about friendship portrayed in texts! What a weekend that was spent writing…. I yearned for the sunshine and the first days of the coming summer.

Oh well. This thing is done. I’m so glad it’s all over!!! Done and dusted in the past!!! YAY!!!

8000 words. What exactly did I write? Well, being a super personal and sensitive topic to me, I let my heart out. I clamped down on stereotypes and spoke with my heart. It’s hard to do when you know yourself that you’re going through all that crap that friendships do to you.

Regrets flood my mind, but time is inversely proportional to grief, as someone would say. =]

Ah friendship, such a good thing to me. I couldn’t live without my friends, my living, breathing, walking pieces of my life.

8000 words from the heart that is. Ready to submit tomorrow!! I thank God for helping finish it and for all the friends that He has given me.

Friends, they’re yours. Cherish them. Remember them. Never forget the memories you shared with them.

8000 words.



Wow, back on wordpress.com!! Shifted my Windows Live Space from MSN to WordPress.com which is great!!!

Exams in two weeks, so studying hard out for them!!

All the best for everyone!! Can’t wait till the summer holidays!!

Bring on the sunny days, beaches, ice-cream and fun!!



I’m now 18!! It’s hard to believe that I was in diapers eighteen years ago!!! Well, I had a wonderful birthday dinner party with my family and close friends. I wanted something really simple, not something that was traditional and extravagant like some other people. Simplicity is me. I love being simple, but life isn’t simple, is it? There is so much to learn in life, and I’m still learning. When I was seventeen, I was happy. I was able to travel alone for the first time and I found out that I could be independent too. But when I was seventeen, a bit of that happiness was robbed from me. It was one of my friends.
To be honest, I haven’t fully recovered from that trauma I experienced almost two months ago. I guess it is their loss, and there are so many other friends who genuinely care about me, regardless of my past and who I am now. They love me for who I am and don’t try to change me. They appreciate me for all the things I do for them and just being their, just being their friend. I know it sounds a bit ‘up yourself’ but it’s the truth. I couldn’t live with the friends who have been there for me during this time. I love you all with all my heart and the fact that you’re always there for me, that’s what matters.
My mom told me that: “Disappointment is inevitable but, Discouragement is a choice”. I can choose to live sad and hate my life, or I can live in happiness knowing that there are people who care about me. Life isn’t all about friends. We choose our own path and we should choose the path of happiness, no matter what. Like I said in my previous entry, there will always be trials and tribulations in your life, but with my heavenly Father, I can do anything. Right now, I feel rather sad, but happy because I have a God who cares.

I want to make the most of my eighteenth year. I’m eighteen, I can vote and I can do what adults can do – but I won’t drink. On occasions I will, but I’m not gonna be a binge drinker!! I need to say goodbye to my past life. My past life brought me sadness, heartache, disappointment, and buckets of tears. But, there is a whole life out there for me. I’m going to University next year. I want to do well and I want to reach my dreams and goals in life. I don’t need people who don’t care about me. I don’t need people who always make me sad and rob me of my happiness. It’s not worth wasting your time on them. Have a brighter outlook on life! You only live one life, why not live it to the fullest?!

To everyone who’s always there for me, thank you and I love you all~


Well, House is in the past. Haven’t watched it for 2 years but I haven’t forgotten it
A lot has happened since I last wrote on this space. New friendships, lots of trials and tribulations, but I’m glad I made it to seventeen!!! And no, no relationships with any guys – there’s no time for that right now. Need to concentrate on studying!!! But, yeah that guy you see on my homepage is a friend. (so I say, I know) But he really is. That was at the ball – man that moon face of mine haha.

Mock exams for 2009 are over!!! Had my last one yesterday and celebrated with all my friends with a music jamming session after school!!! So fun!! And yeah, never ate salty as fries before. So glad there was a cup of Lift to subside the NaCl with hahaha. Yes, that was my friend that I mentioned earlier. Had lunch with him yesterday before our exams. Hilarious. And salty. hahahahahahaha man i miss him. He’s like the big bro I’ll never have haha. I miss hanging out with my friends ae.

Mocks, well. Don’t even get my started. Utterly it was the longest week of my life. But hey, we made it!!! 6 exams in a 2 week period!! My hand’s recovered and my brain’s just so exhausted. Haha.

Well, does fate really exist? I have a feeling that someone I’ve only met this year will be in my future. I don’t know who that person is, but I feel whenever I’m with them, it seems as though I’ve met them a really long time ago. Maybe it’s just my crazy mind pondering on false hope. But who knows???

Year 12 was a huge jump from Year 11. I never realized how hard it would be. But I’m coping. I wanna see all my friends again!!! I miss them heaps!!!! Even those from primary and intermediate!!!

Well, might be going to OZ or the States in the next 3 years. Maybe the Philippines as well. But I don’t know for sure.
Oh yeah, my mood is really… pfft… atm. I have a FULL HOUSE at the moment. 8 people including me. My friends says I can deal with it. Dealt with them before anyway. I hate being so cynical!!! My friend says maybe I am a bit cynical. But oh well. This is life. You’ll always have those moments when you just want to depart permanently from this place and never come back.

Jeez, I have a whole life ahead of me – what’s the point in getting all hyped up over this ‘depression’ period in life. My friend once said to me, “Keep smilin ”

I’m trying!!! That friend really made my day yesterday.



Hi Everyone!

Exams are finally over! School’s out in nearly a month away, but today, it’s Teacher’s Only Day so we get a day off…..lol… House is back! But, I’m disappointed cz they’re only reruns of Season 1-WHICH I’VE WATCHED A MILLION TIMES…..(hyperbole….lol) Season 3′s started in the U.S. and I know what’s going to happen! If you’re a freak of a show then you’re likely to read the SPOILERS awaiting you… Anyway, I hope my results from the exam are going to be good, cz I studied hard- and many people know I did anyway…

Well, hope I get to write to you guys again one day…today was my only chance…

An early HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!

Bye and God Bless


Hi everyone!

This is a quick entry, so I’m not wasting time… It’s been ages since I wrote to you guys, but anyway I managed to right now-I’m at my uncle’s house-using BROADBAND!!! It’s so cool!

Anyway, schools been great! I received 3 merits in a day! GtG!


Hey everyone!

This is a short one…. I’d like to say HAPPY EASTER TO EVERYONE! Camp was great and I’m enjoying Botany so far…. House came back to our screens and can’t wait till tomorrow night! Right now, I have a sprained ankle-can’t do any walking around….

Anyway, have a great holiday and see u soon!


This blog entry is dedicated to the following people: Gloria, Meng Ying, Sandra, Emily, Ashleigh, Emma, Eleanor, Claire, Alysha, Victoria, Laura, Morgan, Jess, Nigel, Brandon, Ben Telfer, Josh, Alex, Sam , Tommy, T.J., Kalong, Ben Tiley, Scott, Gareth, and Anthony! These people were in my class this year, my friends and fellow classmates, and have been great friends. Room 13 has truly been a great class, with nice people to be with and to talk to. I thank you all for being a great bunch of mates and I will miss you ALL!

Today, was my last day of school. The last hour of the day, all my classmates (the girls-except for Sandra, and the people who have left, or who were away,) gave me a hug. For some reason it made me cry, because I was never going to see these people again. The boys were asking why I was crying and it was kind of embarrassing, but they knew I was sad anyway…

Tomorrow I’ll be leaving at 8:55 am to Hong Kong and then to the Philippines. This may be my final entry for the year and I wish you all a safe and Merry Christmas and a happy new year! I will miss you all~my friends and classmates of 2005! *I’m starting to cry again! :’( :’( :’(*

Your friend and mate,


Hi everyone!
I’m sitting on the computer chair trying to stand the fat, pink itchy blobs on my thighs *itch, itch*… Those big, fat, disgusting creepy crawlies nibbled on my for my sweet, sweet blood so they could enjoy it. I’m so irritated!!! Anyway, I’ve got four more sleeps until I’m leaving this flea infested place!!!-Well, I might not be looking forward to the creepy crawlies over there, because their cockroaches are twice the size over here.*CREEPY-I’m getting the creeps!*
Mrs. B, my teacher broke her leg on the weekend! *chuckles* She was decorating her Christmas tree while she was on the ladder and fell off.
That’s all 4 now
Gotta go!


Hi everyone!

Yes, Grace, I do like music, but never have the time to download any. Too busy with homework. And thanks, Meng Ying your comment. I’m looking forward to see your MSN space too! Only 24 days left until I leave NZ! Which is still a long way to go. I’m at home because I’m doing an entrance exam this afternoon at Botany. Yesterday, I had an asthma attack and I made my toe bleed. I really didn’t know what I did, but I know it was the suitcase that did it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, it’s my fault. It still hurts and I had to put a fabric bandage around it because the blood just couldn’t stop flowing. It wasn’t scary, it was kinda cool, especially if you’re going to be a doctor, you have to get used to seeing blood everywhere you go. Ok I’m just being a weirdo…

Anyway, does anyone watch House? I know Claire does, but nobody else. If you visit this forum, www.s12.invisionfree.com/house_md_the_forums and see sha715_housefan online, that’s me. If you visit this blog (Back to the drawing board, House-my blog), www.back2drwingbrdhouse.blogspot.com please leave a comment! It’s all to do with House. If you don’t know about it, never mind, but you can still watch it when it comes back in March or May. But be warned, in some of the season 2 episodes, you won’t believe your eyes when you see disturbing images–SWITCH THE CHANNEL!!!!!!!!!!! House is a medical drama series starring Hugh Laurie(Stuart Little’s dad) as Dr. Gregory House. If you’re a science fan or a medical fan, then I recommend it that you watch it when it comes back–Friday nights, 8:30-9:30 PM. You can see some pics in my gallery….

I hope you guys leave a message for me! And that my toe gets better!


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Hi-I’m not feeling well

Hey everyone….*sneeze, sneeze*

Right now I’m at home because I’m not feeling well. I do not know where I caught this cold and I had to put up with it yesterday and my friend had to give me a whole pack of tissues to me because I ran out. I also managed to steal some of the teacher’s tissues on her desk—everyone does anyway… I could have caught it from anybody or probably my immune system is malnourished and needs some good nutrition.I haven’t been eating much lately because I lost my appetite. –I never eat dinner-I have it as soon as I get home.

I’m going to the Philippines and Hong Kong on December 17 till January 14. Unfortunately I’m not going to Macleans as I would have hoped but ‘you can’t always get what you want’… Instead, I’m going to BDSC-Botany Downs Secondary College–where my teacher’s children go…..I know only two people who are going there, so if you’re going there, let me know….I don’t want to be a loner!!!

Ok I’m really frustrated because mucus is dripping from my nostrils, I have an aching head and a phlegm-blocked throat which is making it worse because I lost my voice…That’s just some of doctor jargon if you’re wondering….. I don’t know what to write ok!

I can’t believe I have a cold in SPRING! Well probably the weather’s changed….I still have to finish this book review which is due in next week and I missed the first lesson of the last specialist cycle of the year!!! ugghh!!Music!!!!! One of my favourites……Anyway, hope you guys had a good halloween and got heaps of candy….

I hope I can go to school tomorrow or even Friday–ok friday…..!


Feeling Sick Shanelle *cough, cough* (hey that’s an alliteration s,s)


Hi Shanelle here….

I haven’t updated my blog for a long time because my brother ‘accidentally’ deleted MSN messenger, so I had to re-downlaod it.–which was a pain… Anyway, I’ve updated my photo gallery with rather weird looking doctor pictures. I’m a fan of this Emmy award winning show, HOUSE. Ifyou’re a doctor freak like me, then you’ll know what I’m talking about. I’m excited about this week because it’s also the last week of term! YIPPEE!!! Homework has taken half of my life this term, but I’m coping with it.

Does anyone READ THE PRINCESS DIARIES SERIES? Meg Cabot is such a great author! Princess Files is really funny! I bought it for like a dollar at KMART–a great buy. it’s a pocket book… Any HOUSE fans out there??? I hope Hugh Laurie (the guy from Stuart Little-the dad) wins an Emmy for HOUSE! It’s the best show in the universe! It’s the second best show in the U.S. after American Idol.

Anyway, if I see you any where, say hi! I miss all my friends from last year!!


P.S. The last two entries are archived as 2005 entries

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