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Changing again ☆FC2 blog☆

Thursday, December 4th, 2008


I’m changing again, I found an awesome blog platform        FC2 blog…I now have my diary there, here it is  http://emee.blog126.fc2.com/ Your welcome to visit…It’s a Japanese site, but there is a version in English    The things I really like with this site is the emoticons   They’re sooo cute!!   emoticons can do very much for the look and I want Yaplog but it’s only in Japanese so I don’t get how to get an account and I’m worried that it isn’t free…I’m not really satisfied with the templates(themes) FC2 blog have though. I read they have 4000, 5000 of them but I can’t believe the ones I found is so many but you can change the template’s HTML and CSS codes. You can also add different kinds of plugins to it; you can as an example add HTML to it. In your entries you can add pictures and there is also a advanced editor were you can change the font and text color, Videos might work, I haven’t tried that yet…

Here I will show my Sanrio things now

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