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Puricute ^O^ ♥♥ and Hello Kitty Magazine

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

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I tried this site;  Puricute.com       were you can make very cute pics   There is a lot of cute things and characters you can put on your picture…

On the pic is the newest issue of Hello Kitty magazine, The Swedish version. The last was better, this one is even more fore kids i think and I don’t get the recipes in it, they should have Japanese food, because Hello Kitty is from Japan. Or something Hello Kitty related, like that there is little Hello Kitty’s on it, not Italian. They probably thought it was a nice idea, but I don’t get it   I think they should make it as the German version is, I saw it before, I think for example it was about people who collect Hello Kitty things^^

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♥Nabari no ou♥

Monday, November 24th, 2008


I this! 


Versailles - Aristocrat’s Symphony [PV]

I have began to read the Manga Nabari no ou

I watched the anime and I love it! exept some parts (I don’t want to spoil though) The manga and the anime seems to be a little bit different, as it used to be then. It’s about som ninjas. There’s a really awesome girl in it. The story is about Miharu a boy thats a little bit different than others. There’s also a guy that’s is this kind of mysterious person and he is really cute!! who’s evil and who’s good is not really clear and it changes trough the story, and I see that as something really interesting. Everybody seems to have a good purpose even though they evil. It’s much feelings, and I really cared for some Characters^^

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♥ Versailles ♥

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008


Listening to: Neo culture - Beyond the world (ALBUM+DVD)(First Press Limited Edition B)(Japan Version) D - Kuon

I just found out about this band today they seems to be really good ^^ …they have this vampire theme just like the band D that I found out about some weeks ago <3<3<3<3  …Versailles also have this thing with roses, well Asagi singer in D love roses and there are roses everywhere <3



Versailles is a visual kei band just like D or you may say they are Gothic visual kei rock bands ^^ anyway they are really awesome bands   the music is kind of melodic rock, I don’t understand the songs though, but I have began to learn Japanese ^^ …and I love boys in dresses and makeup :P    <3<3<3<3<3<3


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