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We lost an ACB match >:(

My friend, Danny, got the last question wrong. I don’t know how to feel: angry or sad. I mean, Danny is a good friend but the question was so easy and he’s an 8th grader taking 9th grade classes.

I also have a bad cough. :’(

I just started watching “Lucky Star”; so cute! They look like kids my age but they’re actually teenagers. From left to right: Tsukasa, Konata, Kagami, and Miyuki.

My 1st BFF decided to homeschool in the 5th grade; and it’s been 2 years now. I’ve only seen her a couple days in the last few years, but I ask Estella (my other BFF) how Shay (1st BFF) is, b/c Estella goes to Shay’s church and hangs out with her.

Estella tells me that Shay’s changing. She’s getting intrested in boys now (something that the old Shay never did!) and she’s getting older and more mature. I feel as if we’re drifting apart. I mean, the old Shay used to be a sweet girl who didn’t like boys; but now she seems like an older teen that is having boy crushes. We’ve gotten a different over the years and we’re so distant. I really miss Shay.

Estella said that there’s an opening for a helper in Vaction Bible School, and she and Shay always participate. I hope my parents will let me go.

Mood: Hopeful

My family and I worked our butts off to clean our house b/c my mom’s parents and her sister (along w/ her new husband and children) are visiting and staying @ our house. I’m excited… and a little nervous. I mean, what if the babies cry to much and I will get RESTLESS??
I’ve been thinking about my crush ALL WEEK. He’s one of my best friends but I’m worried he’d freak out if I told him and it would ruin our friendship; a total teen crisis. I wrote a poem for him:
I first look @ you as a friend, a brother,
But over the months, I felt different,
And as I tried to shake off the feeling,
It grew stronger.
We do almost everything in band together,
We ditched the 2nd trumpet music and secretly played 1st under everyone’s noses;
If only we weren’t caught.
Even if you reject me, I will always love you like a brother, or the friend,
I loved.
I know it doesn’t rhyme but it’s special. Bye!


Hey! I am officially exhausted! Here’s what happened:

Ok, so my PE teacher made my class run around our HUGE gymnasium/soccer field, and after that we were forced to play soccer. After that, I was forced to fry my brain through my other classes. After school, I got into my mom’s car and I was surprised and upset to see my little sister sit in MY seat (the front passenger seat). Luckily, we went to my grandparents house and I got to hang out there (just me and NO SIBLINGS!). I finished my homework and I asked my papa if we could go to YOGURTLAND! He said yes, and me and both my grandparents went out to treat ourselves to yogurt. When we got there, there was no line and we got our yogurt (I got Strawberry; Grandpa got Chocolate, Coffee, and Strawberry; and Grandma got Peach, Coconut, and of course, Strawberry). I just got a little bit of powdered graham crackers, but Grandma and Grandpa got LOADS of toppings. We ate our yogurt (Grandma didn’t finish) and they dropped me home. So here I am now; sitting at my mom’s laptop, typing. Later!

Hey! Sorry I haven’t written in a while; I’ve been a little busy. Anyway, so far I’ve participated in Tumon Bay Festival and ACB (Academic Challenge Bowl). I am so in LOVE with this game on my mom’s iPad called Pocket Frogs. I don’t like real life frogs but the frogs on the game are cute!

I’ve been dying to tell you guys something thyat happened to me today… I DROVE MY FIRST REAL CAR (with adult supervision, but nevertheless, a car!)! My dad asked me if I wanted to try and I was like, “Sure.” in a cool, mature way, but inside I was like, “HECK YEAH! MOVE OVER POPS!”. We drove slowly b/c it was my first time (I’m 12 going 13, duh!) down the street towards my house. Dad said I was pretty good for a first-timer but I needed to work on my brakes.

I gotta go. I’ll try to write more later.

japan flooding

Yesterday, there was an 8.9 earthquake in Japan. The earthquake also caused a  tsunami, which almost hit Guam and Saipan. I was here; looking in shock at the news as it showed live footage of Japan flooding. I felt terrible. I learned that a young girl about six, a young couple and their baby died. I realize that the damage was great, so I’ve decided to give all the money I have in my piggy bank to help the people in Japan right now. If you are willing enough, please donate money to the people of Japan. :’(


Ok, so there are a couple girls in scool who think I’m weird, and they glare at me and they critcize me. I try to be nice but NOTHING is gonna change the fact that they HATE me. But who says that I hafta listen to their criticism? Their words are really not that special at all. So why listen?

OK, since I have nothing to do, I’ll write a review of a play I watched last night and might watch again tonight. All I have to say is that Beauty and the Beast was a 5 star production on my opinion. I loved the songs, the characters, and the sets. The entire thing was a mix of great choreography and singing. I’m begging my dad to bring me again. I want to see more! ;)

You know how I said I had to get a new violin teacher b/c my mom didn’t like lugging 5 kids around (I still miss my old teacher)? Well in a couple months, my parents’ music store is going to make a recital for all the students; I get to sing and play violin! My vocal teacher chose and song that fits my personality (soft yet a little dark). It’s called “In His Eyes” from the Broadway production of Jekyll and Hyde. :D

My violin teacher just picked out a song today that’s easy and sounds complicated to the audience. It’s called “Simple Gifts”. It’s supposed to be a duet, but I don’t know if I should do the duet.

I also have a full plate next month: it’s the Tumon Bay Festival and I have to play in Guam Territorial Band, Harvest Middle School Band, and Middle School Choir. Oh boy; I have a lot to practice and play for. Sometimes I wish that I only had 1 thing to do each week. Sometimes I’m so busy, that I get dizzy and have headaches. :(


I’M CRAVING CUPCAKES!!! XD But seriously, everyone needs a little cupcake love. :3 So find the nearest bakery, buy your favorite flavor of cupcake, and give ‘em a little a kiss (and then a lick and the CHOMP!).

I’ve heard this over and over again from my Papa: “You need to eat, Ellery!”

Look, I love my Papa, but sometimes I feel as if he’s sortof pushing the food on me. I’m a picky eater and sometimes I not really hungry; I’m not anorexic and I don’t see myself as fat, I just don’t feel hungry.

My sister and mom were talking about Papa taking me to a nutritionist b/c he’s worried that I’m anorexic. Honestly, I don’t see any need for a nutritionist, but I’ll just go so that Papa will feel satisfied. I seriously feel fine!

I HATE MY LIFE! Here’s why:

It was the day we got our test back in Pre-Algebra. I went up and got my test and sat back down. I looked and there was the 1st big fat C I have ever seen in my LIFE. I was shocked: I had studied for this for test for a long time and I got a C?! I wanted to give my grade a little boost, so I sortof changed 1 little answer (look, I felt tormented inside but I felt as if I needed to do it). Later that day, Mr. Shevy called me in to talk. It turns out that he copied my test before I changed it (who does that?!) and he saw the little “correction” I made. He was about to lecture me about it when Masaki (thank you!) told him that he had a call. Mr. Shevy left to answer it and I ran to my classroom. I packed my things quickly with my head down so no one would see my tears. I ran to my mom’s car and told her all about it (she was mad but she forgave me and was thankful I told her about it). Later at home, my mom recieved a phone call from Mr. Shevy (gosh, he knows my phone number?!). He told her about todays event, but she explained that I told her the entire story and that I sortof punished myself inside from all the torment. Now I have my 1st detention on Friday and I’m waiting to hear my punishment from my mom and dad. :’(

You see? My life if pretty darn horrible right now.

Ashtynn, Katee, Me, Estella, and Asia in ANIME!!!

I love my BFFs ‘cuz they’re always there for me. I love them so much I’d DIE for them (but I hope that never comes around). If anyone threatens them, I will HARM those people. I love my BFFs b/c they’re like my other set of sisters that aren’t really related to me. If anything happens to them, I will never forgive myself. I just love them so darn much! :)

me and my BFF (we’re kind of evil)

Me: Ugh, here comes our stupid *pre-algebra teacher. o_o

**BFF: I wish he never existed. >_<

Me: … Let’s kill him (PS: the man embarrasses us and makes me feel uncomfortable; I have reason to hate him).


~high-fives each other~

*-can’t name him for fear if he finds out (but 2 words for him; DROP DEAD!)

**-can’t name BFF for fear of online predators…STAY AWAY FROM MY BFF!!

Ok, here are some of my choice apps for the iTouch (that is if you have one):

  1. Tappi bear 8 in 1 (these little bears only eat Tappi doughnuts which will give you extra points!)
  2. Fruit Ninja (slice flying fruit on different levels w/ different blades)
  3. Cover Orange (cover and hid the oranges from the evil pollution clouds; watch out if it hits you, or your orange is dead!)
  4. Voice Plus (change your voice into different sounds and laugh out loud!)
  5. Carnivores: Dinosaurs Hunter (if your tomboyish and adventurous like I am, you’ll want this app to satisfy your dino-killing needs!)

Well, hope you’ll get these cool apps if you can!

I’m going to write a “review” of my daddy’s restaurant (i feel so grown up!):

Shoreline is a fancy yet fun restaurant in Hagatna, Guam. It has delicious meals, great atmosphere, live entertainment and amazing chocolate cake! Del makes the best strawberry smoothies! If you live anywhere in Guam, I totally recommend going to SHORELINE!


I have small dream I have in the back of my head: to open a Japanese cafe called “Kawaii Koffee” (don’t steal the name!). I mean, if my music career doesn’t go well, I open up “Kawaii Koffee”, or I’ll do the opposite; whichever works. But I’ll have delicious pasteries and I’ll hire all my friends.

no romance for me

It turns out that I don’t like anybody now. It’s almost Valentine’s Day and we’re supposed to be sending out candy grams to someone. I don’t know if I should send them to my friends or to a “special someone”. I DON’T KNOW!!

2 more years ’til high school and 1 BFF (Asia) is leaving for another high school. TTATT. My other BFF (Ashtynn) isn’t sure where to go b/c her parents are letting her choose and I’m stuck @ my old school! TT^TT

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