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Okay so yesterday my siblings and went trick or treating and we came to this mans house and he was giving out really tiny candy.
But he said that if you do a trick you get the top shelf candy.So i told him i could do an amateur handstand.So he said i could do that.
I have been practicing handstands for years now and i have yet to be able to stay in the air as long as i want.
Anyway,i did my handstand and it was really good cause i stayed up in the air ,not long but pretty long for me.It was really cool.I got two fun sized Snickers.
It may not sound like much to you but it means a lot to me.:)

P.S.Happy Halloween!

Here are some stuff i knitted.:)



This is the cake for my grandma.


This is the hat i made for my brother.It looks like the icing from a smiley cookie i had.:)


This is the hat for my baby brother who loves mario.


This ones for my dad.


This is what these are.


I made envelopes and this is my favorite one.



And right now i am reading I Am Number Four but i just started so there isnt much to say about it.

Okay thats all.

I was just going to post a picture of the hat i made for my brother for christmas.


He told me that he wanted red and yellow hat so thats what i made.I am currently working on another hat for my other brother.

I read A Tale of Two Cities last week and i think it was a pretty good book.But i just finished reading Beatsly last night and i absolutely LOVED IT!It was cool and it was romantic.Pretty much a total chick book.:b

Okay so remember when i said that as soon as i finished knitting that cake i would post pictures.Well it took me a few months but TADA!



The ones in the book were thiner and more firm looking but mine is a little fatty and i like it that way.I had all the pieces for it knitted but the book was confusing me on how to sew it, so the pieces have been sitting in my box the whole time.My mom says i should make one for my grandma now because she would really like it.I just need to get the right color yarn and then i can make it for her.:)

On Friday i started a hat and on Saturday i finished it.Introducing my slouchy beanie.



My mom and both my sisters really like it so they are probably gonna ask me to make them one soon.My mom already did.:) By the way my model was Pugsy.

Well that was all i had to share.I am going to go play my Ace Attourney game now and slip into bliss.See ya!

I havent been knitting too often because it makes my hands hurt and now i am only allowed to knit on friday and saturday.

I just finished knitting a knitting needle roll.Its a thing i can keep all my needles in.Even the really long ones which i am very happy for.Heres a few pictures.


That little rope on it is an I-cord and its really fun and easy to make.I made mine on straight needles.


This is the roll with a few needles in it.I really like the colors on it.:)

I am working on another blanket now.I may or may not have already said that.Its halfway done but i bet it would already be done if i was able to knit more often.I think my hands hurt not from knitting but from trying to hold the needles that are really small.

I have been reading a few things but i have a Nancy Drew and Alice in Wonderland from the library and i will probably start with Nancy Drew.I just finished reading A Little Princess.It was really good but the movies are terrible.They just chew up the perfect book and spit out that terrible movie.I have watched two of them.On friday i watched the one from 1937 with Shirley Temple and was really dissapointed.

Lately i have been reading a lot of the classics.I like to read classics but now i have to read them for school too and every other month i have to write something about the book i choose.I wrote a paper about Little Women and my mom said it was good but i dont think it was all that great.

Last night a baby snake crawled under the door and into our house.My Dad had to kill it.But now i have the snake scene from Cold Creek Manor stuck in my head.People who have watched Cold Creek Manor understand what i am talking about.

Lastly,yesterday i watched Now You See Me and loved it!All the magic was really cool and the story was great.And the end might suprise you.So if your considering watching it ,stop considering and get it right now.:)

Well ,see ya!

Okay so yesterday was my dads birthday and i swagged out his cake.Here are some pics of the cake.


Dont it look like a gob?


Capital isnt it?

I just finished putting the side edging on the blanket so now its officially done.Its a pretty big blanket once you bind it off and open it up.


This morning i put a cute flower clip on one of my coin purses and i think its really cute.


I am going to give it to the childrens librarian that works at the library i volunteer at.:)

I am at like page 530 in part two of Little Women and i want to hurry up and finish so i can see what happens in the end.I fear it is changing for the worse.I am probably going to watch the movie when i am done.I have watched it before but since i am reading the book i would like to see it again cause i know the original story so i can see what they changed  and stuff.

Alright i think thats all.I am going to go on Neopets now.Bye!

Okay so i have knit a few more coin purses and put zippers on some so now i have more pictures to show you guys.:)


Here is the one i was talking about with the different colored bricks.


I was making this one and i wasnt liking how it looked so i made it shorter than the rest.If i dont like what i am knitting i have a hard time making it and i loathe knitting it so i just cut it short.Although it doesnt look as bad after i sewed it up.Its actually kind of cute now.


This is another purse with a matching coin purse.You may or may not be able to see the little flower buttons on the top right corners of them both.


When i was making the coin purse to match the purse i wasnt sure what the colors would be if it would have gray mortar or yellow.So i just tried both and chose which one matched the purse.


I made this one for my sister for her birthday.



These two i made and i let my mom send them to her friends daughters which  dont mind because all i really do with the purses is give them to people.

I won a Tiger Beat contest again.I won the season 2 dvd for Teen Wolf.Too bad i dont watch Teen Wolf.This is the envelope that won.


 Right now i am working on putting the side edging on the blanket i made my dad so when i am finished i will put  pictures of it on.It took me a while to get to it because i didnt know how to pick up stitches along the blanket so i had to go to the woman that teaches me to find out.Also because knitting that blanket took a lot out of me so i had to give myself some time to regroup and then tackle it.

Lets see what else.Last Wednsday my sisters and my best friend and i helped out with a party our library was haveing.We passes out cookies and juice boxes to kids and gave them prizes and my best friend and i handed out certificates because it was a reading program and all the participants got one.It was a lot of fun because we were showing the prizes like they do one The Price is Right.

Okay i finished the two sequels to Howl’s Moving Castle.The two were Castle in the Air and House of Many Ways.They were both really good.I got lucky because they didnt have an order to go in for reading the books so i read Castle in the Air first and it turns out that that one was supposed to go first.It wouldnt have been that bad if i read House of Many Ways first but i was still better that i read them in order.Right now i am reading Little Women which is really good.Its a good thing too because its like 7oo pages.I am 200 hundred pages in.500 more to go.:)

Okay everyone.I guess your all up to date.See ya!^_^

So i just got finished reading The Wind in the Willows so for anyone who has watched Disneys rendition of it and wanted to read the book based on that may or may not be disapointed.Its like it had a plot but had no plot.Really confusing.

Anyway,right now i am reading Howl’s Moving Castle.My sister wanted to read it because she loves the movie but she was really upset with it.So she is going to stick with loving the movie and focus on forgetting the book.

I am liking it so far.She has a way of comparing the book to the movie but i am going to read the book like there is nothing to compare it to.So far so good.:)

By the way,i finished Geek Charming and for anyone who is thinking about reading it better get on it right away because i loved it.It was really different from the movie but i still loved the ending.It didnt end like the typical boy meets girl kind of story.It had a happy ending but not in the way you would think.Anyway,I wont give any spoilers if i havent already.And it didnt have really bad cursing in it like i was talking about earlier.That made me happy.

I leave you with a few words of wisdom:Read the book.:)

Peace out!

So i have been reading Geek Charming.I watched the movie on Disney Channel first and i liked it so when i saw the book at the store i thought it would be cool to read it.

A few things in the movie were different from the book like peoples appearances but i am not really bothered by that cause i prefered the way Dylan looked in the movie rather than the book.

It has some cursing in it but its not that bad but if they use a major curse word than i m going to have to stop reading it unfortunately.But it seems almost like The Clique and they had a little bit of cursing in it to.

Now i kind of expect cursing in books because i read two like older children books and they had cursing in them too.But as the world changes i guess our book do to.

Anyway so far i am liking Geek Charming and hope i can read it till the end.

See ya!

So its been quite a while since my last post and since my last one i have knitted a lot of stuff.

Well mostly just coin purses.I made like 10.But they dont all have zippers on them so i cant show you guys them yet.They only take like 3 hours and they are fun to make because you can kept making different color combinations.I havent put a zipper on it yet but i made one that has on every row a different color.When i get a zipper on it i will take a picture and show you guys.

But here are some of the stuff i have finished and taken a picture of.


This is a matching coin purse and a purse i made.You may or may not be able to see but i even put matching buttons on them.


I had put a zipper on this one while my mom was at the chiropracter so i gave it to the receptionist.


I gave this one to my art teacher.


When i first made this one,the white was so white i thought it looked like a marshmallow.

I mostly finished the blanket i was making i just have to put the siding on it then im done.


 w.gifh.gifa.gift.gif          d.gifi.gifd.gif       y.gifa.gif      t.gif h.gifi.gifn.gifk.gif

Well for the last few weeks my sisters and i have been volunteering at our library and yesterday we were there and the librarian said that there was going to be another volunteer and i didnt think much of it until i found out it was my best friend who was volunteering.I thought that was pretty cool.

Well thats all i got to say.


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