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Share what’s in your mind with SanrioTown Blogs! Sign up now and create your very own online journal and tell the world about yourself, life, your beliefs, relationships and anything under the sun.

You can customize your blog by choosing a variety of colorful Sanrio character-themed designs such us our Hello Kitty and My Melody templates. The easy to use editing tools will allow you to post your photos or your Dream Studio videos with a few clicks of the mouse. Interact with all of your fellow Sanrio fans and read what they have to say on your blog, or leave a comment on topics that interest you in other blogs.

As a registered member, you will also enjoy lots of free Sanrio games and awesome downloads such as MSN skins, desktop themes, icons and wallpapers. You will also get your very own Dream Studio account so you can create cool slide shows and videos, complete with beautiful effects to show to your family and friends.

So what are you waiting for? Registration only takes a few seconds and is completely free. Join now!

USERS can now share what’s on their minds as Sanriotown launches Blogs. As in other online journals, they can write about their lives: how their day went, their relationships, beliefs, and anything else that pops in their heads. The difference is that Sanrio fans can proudly claim who they are with the Hello Kitty, My Melody, and other Sanrio character-themed templates they can use for their blogs. Sanrio Blogs are very user-friendly so that people can begin uploading as soon as they signed up! They can change fonts, font colors, and font sizes with a few clicks. Pictures they included to make their entries more personal can even be resized right then and there as a visual shout-out on what your interests are. Videos from Sanriotown’s Dreamstudio can even be linked here to proudly display their creativity. Blogs are interactive, allowing users to comment on each other’s blogs. For easier access, links to other blogs can also be made at the sidebars to access these with just a single click. The easy-to-use admin panel will also allow a person to maintain his/her blog and delete unwanted comments. Get your own blog by signing up to a SanrioTown account. Don’t worry, it’s free!