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I checked out the Hitotsubo Photography Exhibition at Guardian Garden, and now wished I had seen it earlier so I could have recommended it for my friends. I’m not usually a fan of art competitions (you could argue that as an oxymoron, actually), but the photography here was great. Each artists was given 1.82 x 1.82m space to show their photographs. Most were interesting, but one of my favorites was Susumu Shimonishi:

It’s a simple idea: travel the world with a remote shutter release, capturing self portraits in various places (Istanbul, NYC, Disneyland).

But may fave part is at the top left corner of his space. Called “I Am On the Air,” that’s exactly what it is: him with a camera behind TV reporters in Tokyo, Sapporo, Sendai, etc.

Another favorite was Yosuke Ashida geometric train designs:

He filmed trains at Shinjuku Station for 6 minutes, printed them, cut them out and then made the above design. A closeup:

Do you know what is cuteness beyond tolerance?
When I was in Japan, I made a journey to the cutest town in the world - Hello Kitty Town.

Yes it exist, yes it’s not a myth. There is a town in Japan called the Hello Kitty Town, and they even build a theme park comprising all the sugar and spices known to man kind in this Theme Park. And I, have to see it with my own eyes.
As I made my left turn after a 3 minute walk from the Tama station, I found myself approaching a rainbow looking structure. 

Welcome to Sanrio Puroland. Home of Hello Kitty - the mouthless cat, and her delightful friends – lovely creatures that you cannot resist. Where all the cuteness in the world gathers, so cute you wanna faint. I’m not kidding.
It was all nice and sweet. Adorable even.

Getting in cost you around 3000 yen, for all the rides they will charge you a further 1500 yen. So it’s 4500 yen altogether. That’s around RM135 or USD39.
Inside, you see a lot of the characters from Hello Kitty world patrolling the place for visitors to take photos. Like the villain character Badtz-Maru.

They switch these characters in between periods, but the main character is not where to be seen.
Things inside Puroland resemble that of Disneyland’s, everything is bigger, more colorful, more cartoonised (if that is even a word). Except everything is all Hello Kitty and Pink.

Including the toilet.

In Hello Kitty Town, and Hello Kitty Theme Park and Hello Kitty World, it would only make sense if I visit the one and only house of the white furry cat.

I mean, where else in the world can you find another kitty house? There’s a handful of Disneylands around the world, with that a handful of Mickey Mouse houses. BUT, there will always be ONE Hello Kitty house.
As I was queuing up to visit the house (the theme park is packed, even on a weekday), this little girl came trotting pass me with her mom behind.

Cute outfits in Japan, which I have learned, are not limited to just the minors.

After half an hour of boring queue, it was my turn!

If there ever was a house that I think has TOO MUCH pink in it. It has to be this one.

Pink Kitty Bed.

The furniture, the sofas, kitchen, the dining area, the bathroom, it was all either carved into shapes of kitty heads or painted in pink, or both.

Throughout the theme park, you are spoiled with kitty products (that is, if you are a kitty fan).

There’s also kitty food, or food that look like kitty.

Cinnamon Pudding, yum~ (pun intended)

All those food are just too cute to be eaten, so I skipped lunch and went straight for Cinnamon stage performance.
This might sound redundant by now, but this is one of the CUTEST performances I have ever sat through.
It was almost torturing. Amusing, but definitely testing my sanity and intelligence.

See the performance in real action and judge it with your own eyes.

I don’t know about you, but if you’re asking me. Of half the time I was looking at those gorgeous legs prancing around, and the other half I was fighting to keep my self sane by looking at those gorgeous legs.
It was nearly evening, I decided to go for my last ride before exiting the theme park.
Cinnamon ride!

It’s cool, sailing on boat, just chilling, relaxing. No more brain washing and mind twisting dances with butterflies flapping everywhere.

… I take back my words.
It’s horrifying I tell you. Simply appalling.
At one point, I almost jumped out of the boat screaming. (when the boat pushed the door open)

I ain’t kidding you man, I was traumatized by the end of the journey.
I have been affected so badly, I can even name you the names of all the characters.

That’s not all. Before you exit, you will find yourself going through the most ridiculous or the largest ridiculous store ever. All selling Hello Kitty merchandises.

Some of the locals even visit the theme park solely to shop at this store.

Yes it means they pay 3000 yen just to get in here to buy the bunch of cookies and cups and shirts and pen with Hello Kitty face on it.

I think their outfit is cute.

And guess who I met on my way out?

I walked out of Puroland feeling a bit unwilling.

My Cinnamon Rangers!

I bet by now you must be wondering if I’ve met the star of the town.
Well, Hello Kitty is such a brilliant poser!

Three legs, but a full spirit. And pet cat in tow.

Molly Sue is a darling dog born on the streets of Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Though she has lost her left hind leg (how will remain a mystery), the only thing she can’t do that every other dog can is scratch the left side of her body. This job she joyously turns over to the people around her.

But when I first started fostering Molly, she was a fearful, sad puppy. She didn’t trust anyone – her eyes were always on the ground and her tail between her legs. The stump of her little half-leg was scabby and bloody from being dragged on asphalt and concrete all the time. She wouldn’t respond to me or even move, paralysed with fear. She did however, seem mildly interested in her roommate, 6-week-old kitten Conan.

So I took little Conan out of his fostering cage and put him next to Molly. VOILA! Molly’s tail started to wag, a spark came into her lifeless eyes and she stood up! She sniffed him and licked him and nuzzled his tiny ears then followed him around the room occasionally butting him with her nose. Since then they have become inseparable. Conan has changed Molly’s life. He brought her out of her shell. Molly has improved by leaps and bounds since her friendship with Conan began. That little rascal helped boost her confidence and showed her it was ok to let her guard down and allow herself to love and be loved.

She lives a perfectly normal life. Now almost a year old, she loves to run around with her toys and even knows to shake paws to ask for treats. She has mastered the art of dashing up and down the stairs on three legs and can easily jump up onto beds and sofas for her naps. Conan loves people and can’t resist a warm lap. I can’t sit down anywhere in the house without having him crawl onto my lap for a nap and cuddle.

It has now been 8 months since I started fostering Molly and Conan and I still hope to find them a home together. I love them but have 2 other dogs and 5 cats of my own to provide for. Molly loves her little cat and separating them would be another injury to her fragile soul.

Molly is purely an indoor dog because we are afraid that rough surfaces outdoors can injure her stump and break the skin, allowing bacteria to enter and cause infection. Living indoors has allowed the stump to heal and it no longer bleeds. We have paper-trained her to adjust to this lifestyle. Can anyone of you open your heart and home to Molly and Conan? They’re a little shy in the beginning but once they’ve adjusted, you’ll have two friends for life. Please email or call me at +60122917213 if you want to share your life with them.















Check them out on Petfinder.my - http://www.petfinder.my/pets/4907/

View of my level 1 farm, theme Prairie Heights (bought from Farm Supply Merchant $5,000)

One day, I went to my farm as usual and upon entering my farm I saw a huge star mole was snoozing on my farm! Here, take a look at its sleeping face…

This is my level 4 farm where the moles evaded in. After clearing all the moles, the Mole Boss spawned!

Mole Boss was kinda furious! I was trying my best to hit it till it left my farm eventually…

Sphynx Cat in the tub. He likes to play with the water because it makes him float. Observe his paws diving in the water, he’s posing like swimming lols!

Before jumping into the tub. Is he afraid of the water? Take a look…

Nah! He isn’t afraid of the water! He’s swimming!

“I’m a pro swimmer!”, he said.

What a playful cat! He’s taking his toys down in the water. Smart enough eh?

Look! He’s playing with his toys in the water!

Here it goes! Swimming Meow~

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