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New Super Mario Bros. Puzzle

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

new super mario bros puzzle

Finished with the Wii game?

It’s not over yet!

Get ready with more Super Mario Bros. challenges with this 108-piece puzzle. Jump around the floor to victory with this all-time favorite past-time.

Final Fantasy XIII Eau de Toilette Lightning

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

ff13 lightning edt Lightning is a cool and tough character, yet she lacked no sexual appeal, this perfume will enforce this image.

Spray some of it and see how peach fades into a cool aqua green leaf. The faint scent is subtle but strong enough to linger. It is suitable for both the action people and the elegant ones. This was sold in the 2009 Tokyo Game Show and is a rare collectible that true fans of the franchise could not miss.

Final Fantasy Creatures Kai Vol.1 Pre-Painted Trading Figures

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

ff creatures kai

Although extremely tiny, these mini figures encompass all the awe inspiring qualities of the summon beasts in the Final Fantasy series. These creatures appeared in almost all installments, but their images changes for every new game. The only constant is that they are fearsome, and when you got on their wrong side or dare challenge them, you are in for a good fight.

The five beasts in this collection are Bahamut from FF7 Advent Children, Tiamat from FF10, Brothers Minotaur and Sacred, Zaruera and Valfare from FF10.

Tekken 6 Super Modeling Soul Trading Figure

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

tekken 6 trading figure

To celebrate the release of Tekken 6 on Xbox360 and PlayStation3, the developers created a series of trade figures to let gamers revise the charm of the characters.

Although extremely tiny, the sinewy limbs and the expressions are made to the most exact degree.

The flurry of punches, kicks and stylish blows continues. With a total of 10 characters in the set, some are beautiful with grand poses, others are heroic and upright.

Try your luck to see if you can get the trade figure of your favorite character.

Final Fantasy XI Piyo Pipi Hina Chocobo

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

piyo pipi hina chocobo

Chocobo is one of the most popular mascots in the game world and everyone should have known him by name and by sight. Wonderful as mounts during battles or world traveling, who would have thought that the baby chocobo would be this cute and this tiny?

Hina Chocobo or Choco-chick is a barely hatched. Sitting at around 12 or 17 cm, the little bird could sit and chirp happily on a child’s hand during a festive occasion.

Hold him and let him work his healing magic on you, or let him join in the fun during the festivals.

Resident Evil 5 Figures From Square Enix

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

re5 se chris redfield  re5 se sheva alomar

Here is Square Enix’s (Final Fantasy series) version of Resident Evil 5 figure collection. I like this one than the NECA version, but nothing beats the Hot Toys version! 

Real Action Heroes - MetalGear Solid 3: Naked Snake (Cold War Version)

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

rah-mgs3 snake

One of the stars in Metal Gear Solid 3, Naked Snake has boarded the Real Action Heroes wagon. Capturing the best loved and most impressive game or anime characters in entertainment history, the series will bring to life the essence, the most attractive points of these 2D celebrities.

Naked Snake in his Cold War camouflage get up forms some of the most memorable scenes in the game and as part of Medicom’s star toy series, you can recreate most of these cameos with the large array accessories and parts that comes with the package.

Aside from wrist parts that depict the fighter’s hands in different pairs of gloves, his accessories include a custom gun with a suppressor, a CQC knife and a combat knife.

Bee Mushroom Plush

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

mario bee plush

Super Mario is not the only one turned into a bee, the mushrooms are, as well. Shedding their usual colors, the mushroom decides to form a pair with the bouncy pipe cleaner. Shaped like a ball and covered in golden and brown stripes, the mushroom looks perfectly delicious, even Winnie the Pooh will agree with this.

Dragon Quest Monster Gallery

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

dragon quest monster gallery

Anything looks cute after being minimized. Fearsome creatures when they appeared on the TV or Wii screens, these dragons are now shrunk to the point that you can handle them between your thumb and index finger. Coming in different colors and viciousness, these little monsters adds to your combat spirit when placed near you.

For those who have Dragon Quest heroes trading figures, you can bring the battles from the screen to the real world by placing dragon and hero together, otherwise these trading figures are still wonderful ornaments.

Super Mario Galaxy DX 2 Plush: Ghost Mushroom

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

ghost mushroom Grinning wide and showing you all his teeth is a ghost mushroom. Never to be underestimated and never looking quite as devilish, the usually friendly mushroom shows gamers and fans his other face. Although his teeth are sharp, he is perfectly cuddly as a soft toy and is up to no mischief, in your household, at least.