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Tamagotchi no Pichi Pichi Omisecchi

(DS version)

tamagotchi The Tamagotchis went to Chibichibi Island for vacation, and they have so much fun they almost didn’t want to go home. And conveniently, they lost their tickets. So, the four extended their stay there. By helping the locals with their work, they will earn Gotchi points for their return trip.

Old mini games of course, are still available, along with new ones such as fishing and farming. Sail your boat into the waters and chase after the fish in the fishing games, or sow seeds, water the plants and harvest in the farming games. Small pests and insects may be attracted to your land, chase them away with the whistle to protect your hard work.

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  1. fairlady-z:kuririnmail.com Says:

    Looks like another fun game. I played their previous titles and I enjoyed them a lot. XD

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