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Macross Ultimate Frontier

(PSP version)

macross ultimate frontier

Complete your Macross Frontier conquest, now that the anime has ended, the developers from Bandai Namco are putting the rest of the plot, battles and memorable scenes into the newest Macross action. Run through the whole time line in one go, from the first Super Dimension Fortress Macross to the latest in the series, you’ve got it all in this tiny UMD.

What is Macross without the ladies? Lynn Minmay, Sheryl Nome, Ranka Lee and the lovely singers are there to sing for you. With 20 more songs, this is the most interactive and comprehensive Macross experience ever.

The game is available as Limited and Standard versions. The Limited version has a UMD that records all the opening and endings as well as the interview with the producer Kawamori Masashi.

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    Waiting for this game…..

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