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Zero: Gesshoku no Kamen

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

(Wii version)


Do things cease to exist if we forget about them?

For every decade, a special ceremony is held at a shrine in Oborotsuki island. 10 years ago, during a traditional Japanese concert, a case of suspected abduction occurred. Five girls disappeared without a trace as if taken away by supernatural forces.

Although the case was solved by a policeman, the girls seemed to have suffered from a special form of amnesia, they have forgotten what happened during their abduction. The amnesia disturbed the girls, but this matter seemed to have been settled when they moved away from the island.

However, unlike what everyone thought, this case was not over. 10 years later, two victims from the case were killed in a brutal manner and the survivors suspected it has something to do with Oborotsuki island. To find out about the truth behind the case and stop the killing before the culprit takes another life, two survivors, Misaki and Madoka set off to the island they have moved away from so long ago.

The remaining survivor Minatsuki Ruka seemed to be the only one who still retained some remnants of memories from her abduction ordeal. She remembered a melody, a group of musicians being surrounded by a circle of masked men and a masked woman who danced as if she was possessed by spirits. In search of the truth behind the memories and images that plagued her life, she, too set off for the island after Misaki and Madoka.

Steal Princess: Touzoku Oujo

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

(DS version)

steal princrss

Steal Princess Touzoku Oujo is an orthodox fantasy RPG that captures people’s hearts with the endearing characters and exciting gameplay.

Rumors has said that the demon lord has heaps of treasures hidden in his castle, greed and the thrill of venturing into the demon lord’s territories tempted many treasure hunters to embark on quests. However, none of them came back.

Anice the thief girl is one of these treasure hunters, although her plans failed, she managed to escape with her life. As a rare survivor from the demon lord’s castle, the royal family came to her with a request to save the abducted prince from the demon lord’s stronghold.

Anice is unwilling to take that request, however her protests falls upon deaf ears and together with the strange fairy Kukuri, the two of them set off to rescue their damsel in distress, but most importantly, to have another go at getting their hands on the demon lord’s treasures.

Izuna 2: The Unemployed Ninja Returns

Monday, July 28th, 2008

(DS version)


Still unemployed and feisty as ever, Izuna returns to Nintendo DS in a brand new action RPG adventure. When Izuna’s friend disappears, rumored to be on the run from the Gods and dressed as a French maid, the Unemployed Ninja must stand up to the angry Gods, find a maid lost in Japan, and who knows, maybe make a coin or two along the way. Hey, a girl’s got to make a living!

  • Old school dungeon-crawling fun—Immerse yourself in straight-up old school dungeon crawling. Inside the randomly-generated dungeons you’ll battle awesome monsters, collect items, modify your weapons, and unleash powerful ninja spells.
  • More Izuna than ever before—With more dungeons, enemies, items, events, and brand new side quests, you’ll get more Izuna for your money.
  • TAG team dungeon crawler system – Switch between Izuna and Shino while exploring a dungeon for a greater range of attack, items, and options. Combine power to unleash awesome combo attacks.
  • Large cast of characters – Choose from over a dozen playable characters, including enemy bosses from the first game.

Final Fantasy IV

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

(DS version)


Final Fantasy IV, the classic role-player, arrives on your Nintendo DS — with all the action, strategy and story that made it a hit! The kingdom of Baron is on a zealous quest to collect all the elemental crystals. The commander of its air force has been dismissed after questioning the king’s motives. With the help of of wizards, warriors, and others, he sets out to stop the growing threat that is Baron — and in the process, uncovers a far more dangerous enemy.

Underwater Attack

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

(DS version)

underwater attack

The hopes of the free peoples of New Earth rests in your hands! Defeat the Chaos Empire and restore peace to a shattered planet!

Developed in secret, it is up to you to unleash humanities last hope against the Chaos Empire. Pilot this top-secret attack fighter through swarms of enemy fighters, countless obstacles and destroy the war machine Crimson Star once and for all!

  • Enemies will come at you from all sides and your attack craft is equipped to handle them all with its 360 degree cannon!
  • Combat the enemy with over 10 different, upgrade-able weapons, such as underwater mines, homing missiles, lasers etc
  • With 20+ levels and several different modes of play, such as Mission Mode and Survival Mode, this title has extended replay value and content
  • This title utilizes 3D graphics with great special and particle effects, filling the screen with swarms of enemies, bullets and obstacles

Wario Land Shake

Monday, July 21st, 2008

(Wii version)

wario land shake A classic side-scroller for the Wii console stars Wario, the smelly, bad-mannered alter ego of Mario. With the Wii Remote controller turned sideways like an old-school controller, veterans and newcomers alike can run, jump and smash their way through hectic side-scrolling stages. Players shake the Wii Remote to help Wario take down his enemies, empty bags of treasure or cause earthquakes. Best of all, there are numerous stages each offering multiple missions to keep players coming back again and again to unlock everything, collect more coins or just improve their best times.

Siren: New Translation

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

(PS3 version)


An American TV crew has arrived in Japan to film an expose on the legend of the “vanished village.” Controlling seven different playable characters, the player must uncover the mystery behind the curse that grips the eerie village of Hanuda. The unique “sight jack” system allows the player to see from the point of view of the Shibito, or living dead, to avoid their detection or watch as they close in on the player and companions. Intense graphics, realistic character animation, and a gritty film-like graphical presentation add to the horror of Siren: Blood Curse.

Ash: Archaic Sealed Heat

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

(DS version)

ash This RPG takes place in a medieval European-like country named Milinia. On her seventeenth birthday, the princess Aisya will be crowned queen. Her subjects are gathered around the palace while her uncle, the regent who has been looking after both the princess and the country in place of the king watches on with great pride.

However, this is not to last. For the moment the bracelet of Milinia touches Aisya’s wrist a giant flaming serpent descended from the skies and set fire to the whole country. The green, prosperous Milinia and its majestic palace is no more, everything has fallen apart around Aisya when she finally came to her senses.

While the casualties are great, miraculously, some warriors survived the flame, this include the regent. Although they are no longer human, they are alive as ash soldiers. Accompanied by these survivors, Aisya sets off to find out the truth behind the flaming serpent and ways to revive her country.

Gameboy Advance: Hello Kitty Version

Monday, July 14th, 2008

This is a really old Gameboy Advance model. Released December 25, 2001 in Japan. Hello Kitty fans will love this, whether they will use it or not. :)

Very hard to find, so most probably you’ll only find pre-owned units in online and specialty game shops.  So for those who missed this model or just starting with their Hello Kitty fandom better start looking for one before it’s gone for good!

hello kitty gba

Metal Saga

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

(PS2 version)

metal saga

In the not so distant future… Desperate to find a way to save the earth from pollution, mankind created a gigantic supercomputer and named it Noah. Noah’s solution, however, was to exterminate its creators. In a matter of days, civilization fell to terrifying weapons and monsters created by Noah. This cataclysmic event came to be known as the Great Destruction.

As the years passed, the number of human survivors grew, slowly but steadily. They formed villages and towns, living off of technology that they were able to salvage from the piles of wreckage.

Among the survivors were those who rose up to fight Noah’s robotic henchmen. To track down and eliminate these threats to humanity, they utilized the most powerful weapons still operable after the Great Destruction—tanks! As a sign of respect, people nicknamed them “hunters.”

Noah, the cause of the Great Destruction, was in fact destroyed by one such hunter. However, its ruthless offspring still roamed the world, striking fear in people’s heart.

Now, a young man prepares to set foot into the deadly desert wasteland to make a name for himself, as did his father, a veteran hunter…