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Super Mario DS Stylus


Mwahahaha! Nintendo DS stylus overload! For those who are having a hard time in holding the bundled stylus with your DS units, this might be just the thing for you. These are actually capsule toys which can be bought from gashapon machines, and I thought they only make trading figures for those machines. XD Heh! These gashapon machines really makes my wallet empty. Anyway,  you just insert a certain number of coins or tokens into the machine and get a random design.

These are really nice looking pen-type stylus. Can be used or just for show. :P I only wanted to have 2 of those to play a certain game, but ended up buying the whole set. So now there’s a stylus for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and so on. XD

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  1. h_genie:kuririnmail.com Says:

    Hey, I like the purple one, the one with Boo on top. :D

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