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Godzilla: Yuji Sakai’s Concept Works

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

Godzilla has stomped once again into the hearts of fans with this new figure set. Featuring Yuji Sakai’s concept works,  this is a great collectible that all Godzilla fans should not miss. Spanning for so many decades, Godzilla has captured the hearts of a lot of people.

Godzilla may bring destruction wherever it goes but that doesn’t stop fans from adoring the giant lizard. I’ve been a fan since I was in kindergarten.

There are 4 unforgettable designs to collect (54 Godzilla, 62 Godzilla, 64 Godzilla and 95 Burning Godzilla) plus chase figures for each sculpt, making it a total of  8!!! XD They come with a photo and base.

godzilla concept

Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G Accessories Set

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Still can’t get enough of Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G? Fans may already have acquired the limited edition PSP unit and have already settled in their rooms to play the game…but wait, there’s till more! Mwahahaha!

monster hunter accessory set Another Monster Hunter collectible that could make your pockets cry once more: Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G Accessories set from Hori. This set includes a PSP face plate cover, headset and pouch.

@_@ Manufacturers sure know how to steal money.

Guitar Hero: On Tour

Monday, March 24th, 2008

(DS version)

Woooo! Now something to really look forward to this summer! Guitar Hero: On Tour! That’s right, a portable Guitar Hero add-on for your Nintendo DS! Just snap it into your Slot 2 and you’re ready to rock n’ roll! Anytime! Anywhere! XD

guitar hero ds

guitar hero ds 2

Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

(DS version)

The Ninja Gaiden series is coming to DS. Ryu Hayabusa returns in this action-packed and totally unique game following Tecmo’s thrilling Ninja Gaiden series. The Team Ninja-developed title is a 3D action game that makes full use of the DS’s most standout feature: the stylus.

The entire game can be controlled almost entirely with the touch-based motions. You guide Ryu about the play field by tapping in the direction you’d like to go. Slashing the touch pen from down to up makes Hayabusa launch an enemy into the air, into a perfect position for combos. You make Hayabusa jump by tapping the screen twice, and can then point to enemies to shoot shurikens at them and perform a downward thrust attack. Even your ninja arts make use of the stylus, requiring that you draw shapes in order to perform the special attacks. Buttons are used only for defensive moves.

Pre-orders for this title will include a special sword stylus!

ninja gaiden

Blackhorns DS Lite Case

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

bh case1 This is such a sophisticated casing for your precious Nintendo DS Lite. Unlike other brands that are packaged in blister packs and slide boxes, this one is packed in a unique slip box. Open the black inner box to reveal a velvet type tray with your new 2in1 DS Lite casing!

Yup, 2in1! Line your precious DS with the silicon which comes in 2 colors in every pack, then seal it the polycarbonate case.  You can also mix and match the colors.

This protects  DS Lite really well from scratches and accidental drops because of the silicon padding. Also the silicon stops scratches from dust and dirt getting under the plastic shell.

bh case2 There are 3 color combinations for the silicon that you can choose from: white and mint green, orange and neon pink, black and indigo.


Monday, March 17th, 2008

(PSP version)

Patapon This is a genre-straddling rhythm video game exclusively for the  PSP  combining gameplay features of music and rhythm games, real-time tactics and God games. Presented in a cartoonish, silhouetted two-dimensional environment, the player plays as an immaterial deity who commands an army of caricature tribal miniature creatures by beating traditional talking drums.

The game was developed by Pyramid and produced by Japan Studios, the same studio that developed and produced Loco Roco, so expect some sort of madness in this game. XD

What exactly is Patapon in the game? The Patapon were a flourishing people until they were defeated by the evil Zigaton tribe. The player takes the role of their god and uses sacred war drums to direct the Patapon tribe to take back their land. As the story progresses, the Patapon also embark on a journey to Earthend to look upon "IT," a sacred object whose appearance and purpose is unknown to the tribe.

Gekihou-Han Keroro Gunsou 3

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

(DS version)

keroro game 3 All Keroro Gunsou stories are linked, from the manga to anime to movie to game!  The movie characters make their appearance in this newly released game as well. In fact, you can obtain the hidden movie character Dark Keroro. How to get it though, and what are his strengths? You will find out in the movie!

You have to also watch the movie in order to do well in this game. The game and the film will double your enjoyment! XD Great marketing strategy! (I have a feeling the Kerons are really in our world now, doing an invasion.)

LEGO Indiana Jones

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

After the hit Star Wars and Batman lines from LEGO, comes another spectacular brick-fied franchise, Indiana Jones!

Among all the sets released for the newest installment of Indiana Jones, this is the one that I really like. Why? Because of the LEGO snakes. Hehe. You will also get to see R2-D2 and C-3PO somewhere in this set. XD

lego ij snake

"Seeking the lost Ark of the Covenant, Indiana Jones and Marion have become trapped in a snake-infested tomb. With the torch burning low, Indy desperately tries to save Marion. Thinking quickly, he climbs the Anubis statue using his whip, topples the statue, and then rides it crashing down through the tomb wall to freedom."

Nohohon Pikachu

Monday, March 10th, 2008

nohohon pikachu apple


This is a solar-powered toy. Set it up on your desk and Pikachu will nod happily.  He’s probably happy with all those apples beside him or just the mere fact that the two of you are together.  Just don’t get sleepy with his continuous nodding or you might get in trouble with your school or professional work. XD

Monster Hunter Limited Edition PSP Bundle

Friday, March 7th, 2008

Ever since the Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII PSP unit was released, other limited edition units followed both for the Japanese and American markets. Here’s the latest addition to the ever-growing limited edition PSP units based on the newest Monster Hunter Freedom game entitled, Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G.


This special, Japanese edition PSP Slim bundle has been announced for 25.000 Yen (roughly US$230), which includes the game, two pouches of different sizes, a strap, and a nicely decorated bronze/brown PSP Slim.

Apart from this bundle, people who pre-order the game in Japan will receive a hairy, black strap whereas the hair is meant to be that of one of the game’s new and exclusive monsters - the Narugakaruga.

The game and PSP bundle are scheduled to be released on March 27, 2008.