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Piyo Chan Plush Dolls

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

The maturation process invariably changes a cute little chick into an old cockerel. It’s the same way everywhere in the animal kingdom where a kitten matures into a mangy old cat and a pup grows up into a slobbering dog who chases its own tail and howls at the moon. Every living thing has to grow up one of these days.

Perhaps it’s a curse that they can’t stay forever young but there is a way… plush toys. Japanese manufacturer Eikoh buys a license for the Piyo Chan chick character and crafts it into plush that’ll stay young into perpetuity. Three styles are on offer - a 5.5cm chick, a 4.0cm chick, and a 4.0cm female chick that wears a pink bow.

~Girls in Uniform~ (Kamen Rider Edition)

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

Girls in Uniform is a cool new figure series that’s sold in most convenience stores in Japan. The concept is to take the most beloved tokusatsu girls and make them into anime-style collectible figures. This is the first Kamen Rider themed release, with several out already on the Super Sentai front.

These are kinda hard to find. I saw some sets being sold in eBay though, but the prices are terribly high! O_o

For the first set, Bandai chose to release 6 + 1 secret figures. You don’t know what’s in the box until you open it, so the “+ 1″ is a secret figure that’s not revealed on the box. The characters chosen are: Ozawa Sumiko (Agito), Kirishima Miho (Ryuki), Smart Lady (555), Amami Akira (Hibiki), Hana (Den-O), Naomi (Den-O), and the secret figure is Smart Lady in the mourning outfit from episode 5.


Den-O Girls~

The Ottoman Empire Strikes Back

Monday, January 28th, 2008

The Turks sure think of the craziest things. I have played in their wacky Ragnarok Online server…with gears and cards that could either make you so strong or so weak instantly, the skill effects are out of this world like their server-wide Grand Cross and instant Resurrection and they also have sexy kafras. Another thing they have is their own TV version of Batman. Best of all though is their very own Star Wars toyline!


Presenting STARSWAR UZAY!!!

Produced sometime in the 1980s, this is probably the most sought after unlicensed Star Wars figures for their ultra cheesiness factor. Just look at that card art and some exclusive characters that very much look like Cobra Commander from G.I.Joe.

Stare at them! Admire them! Laught at them!

Darth Vader (Kara Lider)


Blue Stars

Chewbacca (Aslan Adam)

See Threep (C.Po)

Imperial Gunner

O_O I have no idea where they got Headman and Blue Stars. Probably some hidden or director’s cut characters that only the Turks know about. Also, gotta love that generic sandy background.

The figure that I really like in this set is the Imperial Gunner. Just look at the card background…he’s standing beside a calculator!!! Goofiness rating: 10000000000. XD


Saturday, January 26th, 2008

Oh yes, the most sought after figure in the Aliens vs Predator: Requiem movie toy line — the Hybrid (Pred Alien). Well, there are only 3 figures released so far — Alien Warrior and Hybrid (2 versions). Two more figures will be released next month — Predator Masked and Unmasked versions.  My significant other and I luckily stumbled upon the variant Pred Alien (open jaw version) and bought it immediately before watching the movie this afternoon.

Alien and Predator figures were previously released by McFarlane toys and now the rights is owned by NECA. No more weird variants and hopefully no more stealth versions this time. The Hybrid is massive, taking up the whole clam shell box.

The Hybrid is a creature created from the “mixing” (a friendly way of putting it) of a Predator and an Alien (Xenomorph), hence the designation….Hybrid. Get it?

This Alien Predator Hybrid Action Figure measures 8″ tall with multiple points of articulation and the deadly physical ammenities of both other worldly species.  Apparently, the Aliens and Predators took the old addage “If you can’t beat ‘em, join em’”  very seriously!

The action figure is too scary for you? How about a cute and cuddly Hybrid that you can actually take with you anywhere? Seriously, this one is cute. Hehe. All newborns are cute!

Lucky Star PS2 Game

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

(PS2 version)

The popular animation Lucky Star has come to the PS2 as a love adventure game. Enjoy loose school life with pretty girls! You will play the role of a boy who just recently transferred to Ryouou Gakuen, and prepare for the school festival with the girls, including a new character named Nagamori Yamato.

A special DX pack of the game will be released and will include Ryouou Gakuen school uniform, school badge, school nameplate, pass case and Lucky Star Collection Poster. This game will be released January 23, 2008 in Japan.  

Back to the Future: 20th Anniversary

Monday, January 21st, 2008

Time sure goes by fast. It seems it was only yesterday when the Back to the Future trilogy was shown. Now, 20th anniversary specials of the all-time favorite movie are already being sold.

Here’s what Japan has to offer for the 20th anniversary, a Medicom Kubrick DVD Bundle! Loaded with a lot of great stuff:

1. original DVDs plus Bonus Disc of the trilogy

2. reprinted DeLorian number plate

3. 40-page booklet “Back to the Time”

4. DeLorian paper craft

5. Kubrick BTTF Marty(Black&White), Doc(Black&White), DeLorian DVD Special version figure set

6. Original postcards (featuring DeLorian design sketches and original poster artwork)







Makes me want to go a few days back just to get this set. =_= Sold-out and really hard to find now.

Post Holiday Store Wars

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

After the holidays is probably one of the best times to buy toys. Why? Just like clothing stores, most toy distributors mark their brands by around 30-50% off at this time of the year. Also, you don’t have to battle your way through holiday toy store wars. The only risk is that the store might run out of stocks, but toy collectors seem to have some sort of built-in radar and are able to find what they really like at the most obscure places.

As expected, after receiving precious moolah from parents, relatives and jobs, to the mall we go! Treasure hunt mode on!

Ever since Spider-man 3 was shown, the movie toy line has been selling like hot cakes. Children and collectors have been buying figures and sets here and there. Shops turn to mazes as their spaces are filled up with piles and piles of toy boxes. Funny thing though, even if the demand is so high, shops doesn’t seem to run out of stock. (unless you’re looking for a variant or a popular design)

Everytime I go to the mall, I try to pass by all the toy shops, buy what I really like and note what to come back for next. In the event that I like multiple items, I get what is more in demand and come back for the others. For some reason, I know what the distributor will put on sale in the future and I just leave those items until the prices are down. I’ve been buying toys for so long, I must have developed some sort of Newtype ability. Hehe.

Anyway, here’s one of the items that I delayed in buying until it was marked down. The big toy shop ran out of stock because it was very cheap for such a huge item, Php800. I found mine in an obscure shop near a hardware.

Spider-man 3 Triple Blast Hover Jet

When danger calls in faraway lands, Spider-Man likes to travel in style and arrive ready for action. That’s why he got his awesome new Triple Blast Hover Jet! Screaming in low over the landscape, this supersonic hover jet unleashes an awesome barrage of rockets and webbing that can knock out or snare even the toughest bad guys! Zoom into excitement with this amazing Spider-Man vehicle! Launch web missiles at your target and even blast streams of web fluid! There’s even a fully poseable Spider-Man figure to ride inside! Vehicle comes with Spider-Man figure, 2 missiles and web fluid canister.

Time for me to look for more goodies. Hehe. Even PSP games are being marked down! Sweet!

Gundam 00 DS Game

Tuesday, January 15th, 2008

Good news Gundam fans and Nintendo DS owners! A new Gundam game title is scheduled to be released March 2008. The game will be based on the most recent Gundam series, Gundam 00. Now don’t ask me if this game will be in English. Like most of the previously released Gundam games, only a few was translated.

The language doesn’t seem to be a challenge since it’s not like those turn-based SD Gundam and Super Robot Wars games. With 3D graphics, you can fly and shoot your way to victory.

Not only will you enjoy the gameplay, it also includes a training guide that will help you make Gundam plastic models called GUNPLA Navi! I think this is where you might need basic Japanese reading skills. But if you’re really a Gundam fan or is very much willing to learn, that will not be a problem.

Promotional tactic or not, it’s still a great way to encourage newbies to the wonderful world of Gundam plastic model kits. It also shows that the Nintendo DS is not purely a gaming hand-held. It can be used as a learning tool as well. Hehe.

Besides the special mode in the game, a special Gundam model, “Gundam Exia Rollout Colour Ver.”, will be included in the pre-order versions! The game just keeps getting better and better.

Luxor: Pharaoh’s Challenge

Monday, January 14th, 2008

Wow! Luxor for the Nintendo Wii! (also available for the PSP) This will be a truly awesome challenge if you play this in the Wii. Hehe.

Embark on a thrilling adventure through the lands of ancient Egypt in the latest installment of the hit LUXOR series. Enjoy 88 gorgeously-rendered levels of brilliantly crisp and stunning graphics portraying pyramids, temples and many more of Egypt’s amazing marvels. Guide your mystical winged-shooter, swooping back and forth, as you destroy an onslaught of magical spheres before they reach the pyramid lying at the end of their path.

Wipeout Pulse

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

(PSP version)

Interesting…a whole new kind of racing game for the PSP. Actually, not really new because this is second of the series. Hehe. The first one is entitled Wipeout Pure and was released in 2005. XD

Wipeout Pulse is loaded with a full tank of innovation and design, bringing stylish new tracks, futuristic ships, high-tech weaponry and 7 game modes combined with high-octane speed and adrenaline pumping anti-gravity racing. Featuring a soundtrack licensed by a variety of artists including Mason, Loco Dice, Stanton Warriors, Kraftwerk and a variety of downloadable content, Wipeout Pulse refines all the best elements of the franchise to showcase what the future of racing is all about.