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Crash of the Titans

(PSP version)

crash of the titans psp cover Crash Bandicoot had the potential to be a mascot and join the ranks of the famous Mario and Sonic. Unfortunately, due to a lack of game releases, the mammal tumbled from fame. As if gamers’ prayers have been answered, Vivendi Universal Games developed Crash of the Titans to signal the rebirth of Crash Bandicoot in the gaming world.

In a nefarious plot to unleash destruction, Crash Bandicoot’s arch-nemeses, Neo and Nina Cortex, have mutated the creatures of Crash’s island into monstrous abominations! Never one to shirk from danger, our orange furry friend finds that with his potent mix of wacky bravado and daredevil action he is able to hijack the titanic monsters and wield their immense powers against each other! Bring on the titans, because with Crash in charge, the bigger the baddie, the better!

crash of the titans game One of the central mechanics in the new Crash game is the ability to ‘jack’ enemies - essentially to jump on their backs and use their abilities against other foes, but you may not know much about their likes, dislikes and favorite methods of dismemberment.

An enjoyable game for both young and old. It’s also available in several platforms.


3 Responses to “Crash of the Titans”

  1. White-haired Journalist Says:

    I was hesitant to buy the game but now that you mentioned it, I think I’ll try playing this. I haven’t played a single Crash Bandicoot game since PS1 and it’s never too late to try.

  2. driftx:kuririnmail.com Says:

    Hehe. It’s been awhile since they released a new Crash Bandicoot title. Enjoy the game!

  3. Cookie Says:

    I just had my PSP. Tried playing this game, but wouldn’t work. Maybe I have to update my firmware. :(

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