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SD Gundam G Generation Cross Drive

Thursday, September 27th, 2007

(DS version)

This is a new turn-based strategy Gundam game for the DS. Fans of the anime and manga will love the memorial stages, wherein you get to re-enact famous battles from the Gundam universe. There are also special techniques in this game, thus the title Cross Drive.

You can assign pilots to almost every unit you want, but by setting specific combinations (put each character in their proper unit) you can unlock a few secret gameplay sequences, which may grant you extra abilities, among which many “Cross Drives” are present. This technique, which also gives the name to this game, requires you to have certain units in the battlefield, which you should place in particular spots. When that happens, they’ll be able to unleash a powerful combination move that damages all your opponents, providing you with quicker victories.

For those still planning on getting this title, here’s promotional clip:



DS Lite: SD Gundam edition

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

As if packing 500 characters, 300 mobile suits, and over 120 stages from 15 different Gundam series wasn’t fan service enough, Bandai Namco released a special edition Gundam DS Lite.

As a promotion for the SD Gundam G Generation: Crossdrive game, it was packaged with a limited edition RX-93 Nu Gundam Nintendo DS Lite.  This package was released last August 9, 2007 and was sold for 21,840 yen (USD$176).

The customized, crystal-white handheld features the same red branding seen on Amuro Ray’s Rx-93 Nu Gundam in the animated film, Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack.

The Crossdrive Gundam game even topped the sales chart in Japan. For the week ending August 12, 2007, it sold close to 138,000 units.

gundam ds



DS Lite: Pikachu edition

Monday, September 24th, 2007

pikachu-dsl-0-dsf This cute yellow Nintendo DS Lite was sold last July 20, 2007 at the Pokemon Center in Japan. It includes a matching yellow stylus. Pikachu’s face is even printed at the bottom right corner of the cover.

It’s now hard to get this little gaming device.  For those who wanted to buy this version, they had to fill up a form at the Pokemon Center and their names had to go through a lottery. Lucky winners were able to buy it with the standard 16,800 yen (USD$140) DS Lite price. Right now though, after a few months, it’s now selling for around USD$300 in eBay and other internet shops.



Gundam Battle Royale

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

gundam battle royale psp coverMore Gundam action in this 3rd person action game. It brings all the innovations of the original Gundam Battle Tactics and builds on that. There’s now a space level, more mobile suits to choose from and different mission types.

Again, like Gundam Battle Tactics, the gameplay is simple. For other people though, they have difficulty because the robots feel mechanical. That’s part of the gameplay, as if the player is actually gundam battle royale gamecontrolling the mobile suit. Everything handles exactly like it is supposed to. Better machines move more smoothly and as you unlock more and more suits, you will see the difference.

Overall, this game is a gem, and will be enjoyed by anyone who is into robots or in general, a hardcore Gundam fan.

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Gundam Battle Tactics

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

(PSP version)

gundam battle tactics psp coverIt’s a fun, fast action and easy to control mecha combat system game. Choose your side and do missions similar to what you have seen in the early Gundam stories. You can choose your unit like the common Zaku or GM, or the strong RX-78 and fulfill all of your mission requirements. As you go along, you’ll be able to unlock stronger units.

Gameplay-wise, the controls are easy to handle. You can even make some units dance and walk on air (not just fly…I mean really walk on air). Hehe.  It’s also easy to lock-on an enemy. There are also a variety of levels like cities and marine bases, but unfortunately no space level.

Multi-player is also very comprehensive. You can do 2-4 mecha death matches, team battles, or survivor games, and can add bots to fill in empty player slots. Matches can also be set to be until the death, or based on points. You can also do cooperative missions different from the main campaign.

Even if it’s in Japanese, it’s easy to follow. Most menus are in English, and while the mission objectives are always in Japanese, many levels give a brief description of main targets at the beginning of the level in English, and it’s usually easy to figure out.

Overall, the game is worth it and it’s a must-buy, especially for people who likes mecha action and Gundam.

PSP Slim: Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Edition Crisis Core Bundle

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

The most sought after PSP bundle this year and it’s only limited to 77,777 pieces! Prices are sky-rocketing and if you can get your hands on a set, don’t ever let go of it.

psp slim set2-cc

This is the front and back image of the PSP slim unit. A buster sword strap is also included in the set

psp slim unit buster-cc 

For those who pre-ordered it, they were lucky enough to get this anniversary edition earphones.

psp slim headphones-cc


Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII

Thursday, September 13th, 2007

crisis core psp cover Just out today! Yey!

It’s an action role playing game made for the PSP. The game is a prequel to Final Fantasy VII and is also the fourth entry to the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII series.

zack The game will mainly focus on Zack Fair, a 1st Class SOLDIER, and Cloud Strife while he was still a lowly Shinra Guard. This game appears to take place around the events of Nibelheim outlined in Last Order: Final Fantasy VII.

The game’s old tagline: “A story of three young men and one young woman bound for destiny’s core.”

crisis core pspThe game’s new tagline: “Men who shed tears for their own fate, and for their friends.”

This game is bundled with the new PSP slim (Final Fantasy version).


MediEvil Resurrection

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

(PSP version)

medievil psp cover In MediEvil Resurrection, you play as Sir Daniel Fortesque, an undead hero to the whole world. As it turns out, he really wasn’t a hero when he was still alive. He was more of a coward actually. He hid way in the back of a major battle against an evil sorcerer Zarok with an army of undead legions while everyone else was brave and fighting. Sir Daniel was one of the first to fall. Hehe.�

Somehow he ended up being considered a hero with everyone thinking that he killed the sorcerer. It’s funny how history changes depending on who writes it. After 100 years, Zarok and his undead army is back, and so is Sir Daniel Fortesque.

These turn of events actually give our hero a second chance to prove his real worth and perhaps earn a spot in the Hall of Heroes where all the great fallen heroes go when they die. To do that, he has to actually kill the sorcerer and his undead legions who have returned to conquer the world once again (but for real this time).

A hack and slash game, you’ll go to different places using a wide array of weapon in order to defeat your opponents. You’ll wander to graveyards and mausoleums, and even encounter simple puzzles. At least it’s not just mindless hack and slash.

medievil game Graphics and sounds are good. The gothic and horror music doesn’t make the game sound to kiddy. As for Sir Daniel, he looks amusing. He doesn’t look like a scary undead at all. It’s really a short and simple game. So if you’re looking for something fun to play, get this title!

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Another Century’s Episode 3 (ACE3) The Final - Opening Theme

Monday, September 10th, 2007


This is the final installment of the popular PS2 mecha action game Another Century’s Episode series. The opening features Hitomi Shimatani again, with her single entitled, Shinku. The single containing both opening and ending songs of A.C.E. 3 was released last September 5, 2007, one day before the game was released.



SD Gundam Force Showdown

Thursday, September 6th, 2007

(PS2 version)

sd gundam cover A lot of people don’t like this game because of the theme. As for me, I like anything Gundam-related. Hehe.

If you have seen the animated series SD Gundam Force, you’ll be familiar with a lot of elements in the game. Play as Captain, Zero or Bakunetsumaru and fight against the evil bakuforces of the Dark Axis, Lacroa and Arc.

Cute and amusing game. Check out the clumsy yet funny Zakos as they fight against you, too.