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Little Mew: Grandma,grandma! Mummy said that you were once an adventurer in Sanrioland, is that true ? *Hugging a Mymelody doll*

Grandma: Oh yes…Hahaha..Yes, that was a long time ago. *Pets Grandson head* it was an age of turbulance changes and uncertain then..I still remember how Purin’s and various guardians went missing. People were confused and scared. And then young people from various  states across Sanrioland decide to take up their belongings leaving their homes, trying to save the guardians. I still remember how I sneak out at night…*Lost in memory*

Little Mew: Do tell, Grandma! I want to hear all about it!

Grandma: *Smile gently* Okay, I will..But you have to pardon your grandma’s foggy memories…It happens so long ago…Though I will never forget it in my heart…My village was far from the town of Sanrio harbour.  I along with some adventurers of my village have to endure seasickness and fatigue to get to Sanrio harbour. The journey was particularly tedious, the transport we were on was a sampan, a small flat bottom boat. The waves were fierce, and the lot of us were continuosly drenched from head to toe, like in a rain storm. The currents were also not in our favour, no matter how hard we row the boat it seems to push us harder and harder away. We did not lose heart, as a fellow villager and adventurer, RainyG thought of a brilliant technique to strengthen our sampan. And thus after much toil,tears and troubleshooting. We reached there.

I whistled a happy tune

I was in awe when I saw the pink room that welcomes us to Sanrio Harbour. Mimi was there, one of my favourite guardian. They gave us hot cocoa and was deeply grateful and touched with our effort to get here. They help us by giving us useful guide in order to survive the conditions in this land.

Finally we bid farewell to them, and I officially enter my first foray in Sanrio harbour. The sea breeze blowing on my face, and seeing the other adventurers give me a sense of wonder. Sanrio Harbour was a burstling harbour,nicely design and retain the signature touch of the ancient architechturing of Sanrioland.

I walk around and see Panya trying to ask for my attention. I talk to him, only to realise that this will be my first quest in the land of Sanrio. It was surprising easy, and Panya kindly give me a white tee for reward. It was my first t shirt ever, and couldn’t even part with it when senior adventurers ask for it later.

There were quests all around Sanrio harbour,  and through itI learn how to craft how to hack trees and gather oranges. My life was peaceful and simple then. Alas, when I wake up the next morning I saw senior adventurers rushing around, trying to ask for peasant clothes like white tees, traveller pants and traveller shoes and wand. We were shocked, and the newly arrived poor adventurers start to talk among themselves.

“Woah, did you see that ? The seniors are asking for our clothes!”

“Yeah! I can’t belive it! They have money and prestige, why will they want this rags for ?”

“I heard! One even tried to pay me a huge sum for my white tee! I didn’t let go though, for I figure out if they are willing to fork out this big amount of money, my white tee must be worth a lot more than that.”

“hey, who knows. Maybe the rich want to live a simple life ? I always heard rich people are strange..”

I walk around after hearing this conversation and heard a rich man dressed in particular dandy clothes said,”Hee. The newbies are so silly. Their clothes will not be worth much after this Leopard glasses event is over.”

Leopard glasses? I thought. I have read about this thing in an ancient book,it is a priceless glasses that you can get only by knocking out the leopard leader. And even then, it’s a chance of 100000/1 of getting it. No wonder the rich people are all so anxious about it.I thought as I smile to myself and went on my way. I notice a lot of people with various guild badges proudly pin to their chest.

The various factions

I was curious, and heard from a newly made friend,senior noliai that the Sailoria guild was one of the most oldest and respectable in the whole of Sanrioland. I was piqued up by her comment, and decided to seek out a member of Sailoria  guild. Fate brings me to MidNiteEyes, and we immediately felt like we shared an affinity with one another. Although she said the guild was full, She helped me in my first big event in my life, the cooking event for Pochi. Which I almost given up on, as the deadline is just tomorrow. She cooked up a lot of things, and I traded in my white tee for a lady to help me roast vegetables too. So all was good.

I bid goodbye to her, and went on my way to Florapolis. Where I battle boars who injured me more than I,them. And undertook in the task of waking up Purin,Sakura and chuncho. Life was getting tougher and tougher, but I took it in my stride and gain a lot of friends along the way.

We talk, we laughed we shared food. W even sometimes argue with each other on how to undertake the quests. We comtemplate about the tasks that lies ahead us, and pray we will have enough stamina to undertake these tasks. As I lie under the moonlight of Florapolis, I could only see that with our hardwork and determination,we could only  see better days ahead.

London, hedgehogs and stepping on Kitty’s face

Now it was the time for me to began my journey towards London. With MidNiteEyes guiding me ahead. It was a tough journey, with rough terrains and fierce monsters like hedgehogs, moths and lizards. It was only through pure luck and the best guidance from MidNiteEyes that I’ll be able to go to London, and see-my farm.

London, a burstling cosmopolitan city. the city of my dreams, and finally I’m here..Overlooking it through my farm. ^_^

Lobo-A sufferer of rabies ?

It was here that I learn of the event that will befall us. The Monster Wrangler event. I was excited,it was to retrive the pets of Keroleen scattered in various parts of Sanrioland. Although first, I need to be able to get to Paris that was even longer and fraught with even more danger than my previous journey. Then I met Shaymin, another member of the Sailoria guild! Could you call this my link of empathy with this guild ? ^_^ He is willing to escort me along the path to Paris, which I could not thanks him enough. And a whole lot of food to give me energy. I tried to stun the first monster, lobo. Though with not much luck, but me injured severely instead. And wake up a proud member of Sailoria in London,with a Sailoria badge pin to my chest. Perhaps it is Shaymin or the magical force of Sanrio which transported me ? I don’t know. :)

The start of something new

But I am grateful for the fact now that I’m a Sailoria’s member! I enter the guild building, a magnificent green building with my guildmates, and got initiated by the guild leader cum boss cum priestess, Sailoria. She was adorable though regal and she bless me with holy water. Ripplecloud, the underboss was quiet and unassuming but she treated me very nice in her quiet ways. I also gain a little sister-Ann whom I dotes on dearly, as I was an only child she was like my own little sister. My little angel. We gone through thick and thin together, and share girlie secrers with each other too. It was lovely days for me. Due to my village ways, I was the guild country bumpkim and was the butt of many laughters in my guild. Everyone was busy helping each other and having fun. And through this, I gain another close friend-Yoite. She was my partner in crime, we carried out sneak attacks on other guilds, drink on tangerine juices together,throw strawberry cakes at Ann and others. Played pranks on our own guild members. Often resulting in the bemusements of our sisters and brothers in the guild.

Hearts to hearts

It was a particular sunny day when I saw the notice annoucing the elders intention on the wall. “Farm for charity! Food to help less fortunate!” I was reared up by this news. Farm for charity ? Oh good, count me in! Our whole guild was  excited about this news. And with our back to the sun, and our face to the earth. We farm like we have never farm before. All quests for personal glory was temporarily halted. We work for hours without stopping, and being the clown in my guild. I did my best to keep the morale up^_^ It was for a good cause, and it was heartening to see how united Sailorian are together! Manni picking sorosis till her hands turned calloused and not willing to give up even when fatigue hit her. And the various unsung heroes, we salute you! Finally, all was done and we sit in the farm wiping sweats from our brows. Waiting for Sailoria to collect our food, to give to Elder Neverender.

Picking up dried poops..And love along the way ?

It was during these times that I got to meet your grandpa, Waltrik. We were standing facing each other, trying to mine for dried poops to use as fertelizer and I accidentally drop my dried poop on his lap. It was an honest accident, but as my eyes met his-Sparks comes out like thunderbolt striking a dry forest. It was that intense. We courted for sometimes, and the rest of the Sailorian come to know about this relationship. They tease and cheer us on, and they even fork out money to prepare our wedding! I will forever be in gratitude for this debt of kindness.

A wedding and a farewell…

Everyone was  charming is this wedding. Ann was like a cherub inher bridemaid outfit, and Aunt Angel was fantastic with her flower arrangement. Sailoria, our dear leader was hugging us and forbbiding your grandpa from peeing. That’s why there’s a line there. Uncle Kittynator was guarding it with his life :) Everyone was so awesome on that day, and I will be forever in their debt. I love them so much.

Maneechan wedding blockade

And now it’s time to paid my farewell to Sanrioland.Albeit a short one. As I hold my hand with that of Waltrik’s we went down to Sanrio Harbour. Where it all began. We strip down to our undies *giggles*

*A look of horror on Little Mew eyes as he picture grandma in her undies*

And sang auld lang syne together. It was a heartfel one..And the elders were also tearful, elder Neverender was with Kitty and I could see him hiding his tears behind Kitty’s bow. But thanks to them summoning us, if not for them we won’t have this chance to be together and enjoy adventures with each other. And me an only child, won’t have know what real giving and teamwork is.

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  1. ROFL!!! Great post XD

  2. Awesome blog! ^_^ Thanks for letting us know more about the wedding. Though I’m still kinda lost on it. hehe (Sorry.)
    Pretty clever how you decided to make this into a “Back when I was your age”-type flashback.
    Good luck with it. Hope you win. ;)
    And again, congrats on your wedding.

  3. I’m so sad I weren’t able to be online at the last day,
    I missed you wedding Q__Q
    [wanted to write something here, but don’t know how to articulate, sorry ^^”]

  4. This is so beautiful and creative Manee

  5. “senior noliai” I am in your blog?! *gets all weepy cause I’m in that mood*

    Yay! Finally I found your blog! *huggle-attacks you*
    Good Luck in the Blog for Thought!

  6. *first comment dissappeared, tries again*

    “senior noliai” I am mentioned in your blog!? *tears up cause I’m in a weepy mood*

    And yay! I finally found your blog! *huggle-attacks you*

  7. Haha. Love this manee! You could write a HKO book. = ] But ROFL @ “accidentally drop my dried poop on his lap.” Good luck with the contest!

  8. I think I was only on once the same time as you before the wedding, but I had a blast at your “wedding”! (My in game name: Arisu) This was such a cute entry! I like how you framed it as a story! Good luck in the contest!

  9. hey hope you are doing well in Thailand! These are nervous times @_@ Take care! ~

  10. I enjoyed reading your well written story - and congrats on your wedding! :)

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