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Good bye… for now

Hi guys, I really enjoyed Happy Hearts. It’s name was “Happy Hurts” for me though… Why? OK, I think the last event was really fun, but man, I didn’t sleep. Yes, six A.M. and I was playing HKO… OMD…, I got a terrible headache after that.

I couldn’t even take a screenie of my new farm because we had to logout -_-. But that’s not all! I got stuck at London during “Spreading the Love” T___T GM-Miyaw rescued me, she’s a heroine! ^_^ 

I’m not participating in this type of races anymore…

So, are you wondering about the title of this post? I really have to take care of my Webcomic, Dream Spirit, that is on stand-by since… I can’t remember T_T… Also I need time to update my websites and FanListings… ((Girl, get to the point!)) Okay…

I’ll stop writing on this Blog for a while. No! that doesn’t mean that I’m not going to reply to your comments, I simply have to leave MY Blog for a while. That’s all, people, see you later ^_^ REMEMBER: This is only about my blog, that means that you will still see me around Sanrio Town and HKO! (crowd: Noooooo!!!) XD

See you soon!

My HKO Pets!!!

Yay! I started to play Happy Hearts and I got two more pets! Too bad that there are only three spaces for pets… I WANTED A LOT OF THEM!!! XD

Well, first, I will tell you all the monsters I want:
Chaotic Spooky Tree, Fierce Spooky Tree, Wolf, Lynx, Eagle, Cur, and… why not a Spider? =)

And now… my cute pets!: Nightmare, Chaos and Charm!

Dream Spirit’s HKO Pets!

They are so cute!!!! Was hard for me to fight them… they are TOO cute…!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Spend this day with your beloved one, annnnnnd… keep playing HKO Happy Hearts and help Cupid! and if you are new, GOOD LUCK! enjoy the game! (you will enjoy it, believe me! I was playing without sleeping…)

Hello Kitty Flash Valentine’s Day E-card

Hi! I have just finished a Hello Kitty Flash E-card I made for Valentine’s Day. Due to technical issues, I’m not able to send it to the Sanrio guys, so it will not appear on the Hello Kitty World Blog… T_T  (Feb/14/2009- EDIT: Forget that! I’m so happy, I just found that my E-card has been displayed on the blog! I thought I couldn’t send something that wasn’t an image. Next time I’ll send my work, it’s a promise! XD)

It’s very short and simple, but please, if you can, tell me what do you think. Thanks! to view it, clic here.


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