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not Spam T_T

Dear friends, I have had troubles to comment on your Blogs ;( apparently some of my comments were wrongly marked as Spam. I no Spam! Dx if you lately get several similar comments from me, please delete the extras, lol.

Happy Birthday Hello Kitty!!

Dear Kitty:

May your life be filled with love, health and joy. In this special day of yours, I wish you all the happiness in the world. Happy Birthday, Kitty!

Your Fan, DreamSpirit

My Birthday Card for Hello Kitty was made in Flash. Please click on the play button to see it :)

Here’s also a JPG version of it:


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Just the trailer of the first game of my favorite game series, Gyakuten Saiban or Ace Attorney. I owe this objection… I mean… obsession to my bro ^_^U

Thoughts of a Lone Knight

DreamSpirit reporting~ The name of my Blog has been altered a bit :3

The Hunt for All Game Masters entry

This is my entry for the The Hunt for All Game Masters Event. I will be filling this post as I get pictures of the GMs in US/Canada Server. For a full-size image, please click it.

Post was started in June, saved as a draft, and published today due to SanrioTown Blogs issue :P sorry about that, teehee~
















dsavvie_edgey_80.gifHello Everyone! ^.^ This is a screenshot of GM-Cashew’s Pet, “Goldbrow” in Sanrio Harbour. Isn’t it cute? :)



Kristoph Gavin


I have been waiting to write this post all this time. Have you thought for a second, what does it mean to meet people online? You login everyday, every week, usually, once in a while… to see your online friends and chat.


But, thinking about it, going online everyday now doesn’t assure you’ll be doing that for the rest of your life. To have online friends implies there has to be a connection to keep in touch with each other.


That means that if someday you stop going online, it will mean you’ll lose the connection you have with your online friends. This makes me think I need to enjoy the time I spend online, because you never know when someone you appreciate will stop logging in.




GM-Dewberry, today I’m writing this post to thank you for the time you have spent with the SanrioTown Users and HKO Players. It’s been a while since you left, and I have to say it was so sad to receive the news.


You were really kind, always helping, and I admire you! I remember being rescued by you several times when I got stuck, haha! It is said that one can never learn enough about something. I have been in this game since Founders’ Beta, and it wasn’t until Closed Beta that I learned how to use the Trade System in-game, for example. I have had ‘newbish’ days (just saying, since I wasn’t that new), and you were there, offering your help.




Dew, I miss you. Thank you so much for being a wonderful GM, for the time you have spent with us, for being a really nice person and a good online friend! Happy Birthday! I hope we have the chance to see you online again someday, at least as a short visit. And if that happens, I hope to be there. Thank you for everything!


~ Sincerely, your fan DreamSpirit.



Plumgelical Boss!

Hi there! Do you remember my HKO fan monster, the Plumgelical? Well, I have made a Boss-like monster for those species! However, it has its own drops, as opposite to the regular HKO Bosses’ fashion, where the Boss is supposed to have an uncommon ”Treasure” drop that distinguishes it from the rest of its species. Anyway, here I introduce my Boss for the Plumgelical species: The Plummonic!




The Boss of Plumgelicals, the Plummonic, is energetic and protective, always watching over their friends. It can be easily spotted among the rest, as its fur is black and dark pink. As if the Plumgelicals weren’t fast enough, the Plummonic is even faster and it flies away when someone walks near it, making the chance of taming it very rare. Little is known about this monster, but it is said that the heart on its forehead has mysterious healing powers which are greater than the Plumgelicals’.





Monster Level: 25


As a monster, Plummonic would have the following monster drops:


- Plummonic’s Feather:

[Item Level 20 | normal drop | sell price: 7]


- Rare Plummonic’s Feather:

[Item Level 20 | normal drop | sell price: 12]


- Pink Heart-shaped Mysterious Gem:

[Item Level 20 | uncommon drop | NON-TRANSFERABLE]

Consumable Item: Energy restored: 70


- Plummonic Card:

[Item Level 20 | rare drop | sell price: 30]


As a pet, Plummonic would have the following initial stats:

- Energy+: 21

- Action Points+: 13

- Energy Drain+: 17

- Defense+: 16

- Critical+: 0.20%

- Dodge+: 2.75%

- Pet Inventory: 10

HKO Offline Event: Draw Your Dream Pet

I love offline events! This time, it’s the Draw your Dream Pet Contest. My friends who know me are aware that I love to draw and create characters! With this said, I want to introduce the little creature I have made:




Plumgelicals are small, fluffy creatures with innocent appearance and shiny eyes. They can be seen flying freely and fastly all around SanrioLand’s sky with their angel-like wings, smilling with joy. Althought they may look friendly, Plumgelicals are rather shy when someone approaches and they just stare curiously. However, it is said that if a Plumgelical decides it can rely on someone, it becomes a good pet and companion. When this happens, it’s easily noticeable, since the heart-shaped figure on its forehead starts glowing. But the person willing to become friends with one must be aware that they are really fast! There are rumours that say their blue heart has special healing powers, yet to be confirmed.





Monster Level: 20


As monsters, Plumgelicals would have the following monster drops:


Plumgelical’s Feather:

[Item Level 20 | normal drop | sell price: 7]


Rare Plumgelical’s Feather:

[Item Level 20 | normal drop | sell price: 12]


Blue Heart-shaped Mysterious Gem:

 [Item Level 15 | uncommon drop | NON-TRANSFERABLE]

Consumable Item: Energy restored: 50


- Plumgelical Card:

 [Item Level 20 | rare drop | sell price: 25]


As pets, Plumgelicals would have the following initial stats:

- Energy+: 20

- Action Points+: 12

- Energy Drain+: 15

- Defense+: 17

- Critical+: 0.20%

- Dodge+: 2.50%

- Pet Inventory: 5

Easter 2011

Hi everyone! I had so much fun with the Easter Egg Making Contest that I wanted to post the result of my Entry here. Enjoy!

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