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I was in the International Server Dream Carnival and a guild member from Sora_in_the_Sky helped me gather items for the pinata event. :) She helped a lot. Thanks for the help Sora! Anyways my score was 1021. When me and a group of guild friends helped with the pinata, we all got a free prize! It was a Teddy Bear. (Hand held item) My score was higher than in the time I did this in the US/C server. :) Sora also helped with the house near the Boa Constuctor.20120813144659.jpg


Dream Carnival Ship House

20120225110428.jpg20120224195539.jpgPinata Present

I donated items to Anthony in Dream Carnival, US/C server. I items and my score was 360. Then, I was told to find a pinata in Dream Carnival. This is a screenshot of where I found it. Me and my guild buddies that are in <The Stars> (Which is a guild) helped me open the pinata present and everyone got a prize. One Shimmering Magic Orb per person. Its a clickable item and you get $400 with you right click on it with your mouse.

Guild building a house in Dream Carnival!
<The Stars> guild building a house in dream carnival! Its alot of fun. Anyways, the house so far, in this screenshot was turning out to be a pirate ship. Hehe. I wanted to take a screenshot of the guild. :3 I love guilds! In my opinion, <The Stars>
is the best guild ever! :)

GM-PitayaWow I have GM-Pitaya on a screenshot without his hat that he usually wears! Isn’t it amazing? A GM finally decided to change his look even though they are most of the time afk. LOL!!!

Me on the International Server.Me in Dream Carnival on the US/C server.    Hello World! My IGN (In Game Name) is KittyDreamer. I can ONLY be found in Dream Carnival US/C & International. I always help people with quests. Feel free to ask me questions or to help you. If Im not online remember to ask: GM-Pitaya! Between on the US/C im in <The Stars> guild. My guild mascots are Kiki & Lala. (Little Twin Stars) If you see me ask me to give you an invite. :] If you see someone else in this guild besides me ask that person. Everyone is promoted to invite players in this guild! The leader of this guild is Herly.

¬†¬† Above I took¬†a screenshots of me KittyDreamer on the US/C server. :]¬†I took those screenshots to show you what we look like. I usually change clothes. GM-Pitaya does’nt lol. If im not online and GM-Pitaya is ask him about your quests and about hko!

¬† Oh I almost forgot… I also posted pics of me in the International server. Im also KittyDreamer. In Dream Carnival there’s GM-Sphinx.¬†You can ask him about quests and about hko if im not online.¬†Im in <SelfishMachines> guild. My guild mascot is Badtz Maru. ^.^ If you want to get invited try to find someone in this guild. Everyone is promoted to invite players. The leader is Twirly.

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