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Falsies! My New Mascara


So…I’m guilty. Guilty of not posting for legit a year. It really did not feel that long I swear! I was so caught up with school work and everything that I dare say I sorta kinda forgot about this blog. I know I know…I only have like 5 posts and whatever but I’m proud of them. I like that I can share a small fraction of my life and maybe amuse others. All in all, I’m just trying to say I’m sorry. Now, to my review!


I have painfully short eyelashes and I haven’t quite found the perfect tube of mascara yet. I’ve read so many reviewers laud this product so I had to try it out. It was about seven bucks at my local drugstore so there wasn’t much to lose. It has a spoon shaped brush and it’s supposed to give you a fake eyelash look.

So I tried it out and it was alright. It did make my eyelashes longer and fuller but they were also messy looking. I got the waterproof black drama version so that might have been a factor. I had to brush it out with my antiquated eyelash comb haha.

I just have to make sure I brush off excess mascara before I apply so it isn’t so messy. I still prefer the traditional mascara brush shapes because I feel I have more control. Overall, although I’m pretty satisfied, I’ll probably continue my search for another mascara!

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