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Hello Kitty vanity

A few months ago I found out that Sephora carried Hello Kitty products. It was very exciting. They have nailpolish and mirrors. So cute and hard to resists!!! Everything was pretty expensive though so I ended up just looking around. They still have Hello Kitty products in addition to Tokidoki and…Justin Beiber.

Falsies! My New Mascara


So…I’m guilty. Guilty of not posting for legit a year. It really did not feel that long I swear! I was so caught up with school work and everything that I dare say I sorta kinda forgot about this blog. I know I know…I only have like 5 posts and whatever but I’m proud of them. I like that I can share a small fraction of my life and maybe amuse others. All in all, I’m just trying to say I’m sorry. Now, to my review!


I have painfully short eyelashes and I haven’t quite found the perfect tube of mascara yet. I’ve read so many reviewers laud this product so I had to try it out. It was about seven bucks at my local drugstore so there wasn’t much to lose. It has a spoon shaped brush and it’s supposed to give you a fake eyelash look.

So I tried it out and it was alright. It did make my eyelashes longer and fuller but they were also messy looking. I got the waterproof black drama version so that might have been a factor. I had to brush it out with my antiquated eyelash comb haha.

I just have to make sure I brush off excess mascara before I apply so it isn’t so messy. I still prefer the traditional mascara brush shapes because I feel I have more control. Overall, although I’m pretty satisfied, I’ll probably continue my search for another mascara!

Ef -A Tale of Memories Review

Ef-A Tale of Memories

I was watching Ef- A Tale of Memories lately and just recently finished. The visuals were beautiful and the character design was very original. Yet, this series did not live up to my expectations.

 First off, the special animations are amazing but I felt like they were overused to the point of being distracting. It felt like the anime couldn’t decide on what sort of style it wanted to stick with so therefore mushed together every sort of visual effects it could think of. These special animations embellishes the mood and if you have too much of them, it distracts the viewer. We’ve all heard of the saying “too much of a good thing can be bad” right? It’s like ornamentals or trills in the music composition or a lady wearing too much jewelery. Too much and I think, what the heck is wrong? Even a good joke told too many times loses its charm. What I’m trying to say is, although the animation was artful, they could’ve toned it down a notch.

 For the characters and the plot, I won’t go into too much detail because there really isn’t very much to say. The uniqueness of this anime is it conveys its mood using their visuals. The plot is dramatic and a bit thin but some viewers will like it ^^. I personally wasn’t a fan because the relationships were too typical. The producers just changed around the pas experiences of each character so each one could have a pity party.

I feel like I’m being too harsh and I apologize for it. One reason is probably because of other reviewers,  I went in with too high of an expectation. I always tell myself to not expect too much from anything but I made a mistake this time and maybe I was doomed to dislike it from the start haha ;p

Hopefully you’re reading this review after you’ve watched it yourself because I’d hate to sway your judgement before you’ve actually created your own. If you like very dramatic scenes (which this anime is peppered with) good animation, and tragic characters, give this one a shot ^^

Kawaii Food Erasers

I was rummaging through my room yesterday evening and found a tin box of cute erasers that I’ve brought home from my trip to Japan and China last year.  A bunch of these colorful stationeries were in shapes of bowls, utensils, or food.

I want to show you my collection ^^ Enjoy cute pixel Pictures, Images and Photos

I love how the erasers are so detailed! It even came in a mini plastic bento box to add to the realism. haha


 Another set I got


 Remember the egg from the previous picture? I could open it up and see the eraser yolk! How adorable and creative!


 Similarly, you can open the fish up and see the fish bones. =3


uh.. fish love? ha Pictures, Images and Photos


  I love the utensils in this one. It’s such a unique design for an eraser


 Even though I bought all these erasers, I don’t think I could ever bring myself to use them >w< They are way too cute to get dirty and rub away.

What about you? Would you stick them in your pencil case or just keep them tucked away in a safe corner? haha

New Cosplay Idea

kawaii flower border Pictures, Images and Photos


I have decided to work on another cosplay for next year’s anime convention. Last year, I saw someone dress up as Dear Daniel from hello kitty. I really regret not being able to take a picture of him. It was really cute


So, my cosplay group wanted to dress up as Final Fantasy so I decided to be Yuffie Kisaragi. 




nintendo Pictures, Images and Photos


So far I have ordered her boots. ^^ Waiting for them to arrive on my front door steps.

I Made Onigiri Rice Balls and Other Yummy Things


I got back home from a fun sleepover today. My friends and I watched a couple of movies and made some Japanese food.

At night, we first cooked the white rice in a saucepan because we didn’t have a rice cooker… heehee


When we started pressing the white rice together, it was still pretty hot so  we all pretty much burned out hands.


Here’s our Onigiri. (I made the ones on the very right column)



I stuck a strip of nori on the cute wad of rice >w<

I made the biggest one on the left.


 Does this make you hungry? -tummy growls-

Have you ever made rice balls before?

My Piano Playing


I’ve been playing piano for about 8 years now and I’ve decided to share a song I’ve learned. I’ll just post a couple from my youtube account because I know classical music can get boring after awhile lol.

I present to you Minute Waltz by Chopin! (”Waltz in D flat major”, opus 64, No. 1)

And Here is Capriccio op. 116 No 3 by Brahms. I messed up on this one but it’s kind of funny haha. Fast forward to 1:10 to see that ;_;

Sooo please enjoy ^-^ critique, laugh at me, comment… hohoho

Introduction and Circle Lenses



Hey there! This is my first time writing a blog so it might take a while before I’m used to it. I have written online journals before but those entries were usually only for me to read because I write a lot about my angry feelings, just venting and ranting. In this blog however, I hope to share and talk about  the happy and cute parts of my everyday life. ^-^ Please message me or comment because I’m looking forward to making a lot of new friends. Yay


I’ve recently found these awesome contacts online. They are called Circle Lenses. These contact lenses make your irises bigger gives you a doll-eye look. >////<


I really want a pair of GEO Angel Grey.




Aren’t they cute? ^^

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