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Family Fun Time

by Rosie

My grandmother was visiting this past week. It was such a delight to have her, the years have soften her up. I remember when I was younger, I use to favor my grandfather because my grandmother ruled with an iron fist, both of my grandmothers actually, and both my grandfathers were always so nice. This is my maternal grandmother, the one both me and my mother are named after:


As I said before, the years have really soften her up, she is more tender and loving than she use to be and just easier to be around. Maybe I just understand her more now that I am growing older and appreciate her more.

Somehow, me wanting a picture with my grandmother turned into a whole family fiasco and somehow, little by little, more people kept popping into the picture. Even Rex, who insisted on being the star of the show. Notice how he is in almost every picture!


Grandma and her granddaugthers :)


Auntie and Rex jump into the picture. Notice how Rex is in “mid-sit” and distracting everyone!


Now my mom joins in (the one on the far left), and Rex is still there.


Now it’s grandma and her three daughters, plus Adrianita and Rex’s butt!!!


Me and my cousins. Notice how Adrianita is posing. Where do kids get these ideas, anyway, me and her had a serious talk about her behavior, being the only person in the world that she listens to other than my grandmother.


And me and my cousins distracted by Rex…AGAIN!



And of course, Rex insisted on sitting on my parents $11,000 couch. Haha, my dad freaked when he saw this, well dad, this is what you get for babying the damn dog as if he were your child!


And of course, Rex and his favorite aunt, Tia Adriana (tia in Spanish means aunt). He has always loved her, and when she was pregnant with Adrianita, he use to literally sit on her lat and lay his head on her stomach. Now him and Adrianita are like best friends, she hugs him and even lays on him, it’s really sweet.


And of course, my parents :)

Somehow a little picture of me and my g-ma turned out to be a family fiasco and a photoshoot of Rex.


City Lights

by Rosie

Remember when I spoke of how much I love hanging out with my cousins? Well, yesterday I had the pleasure of hanging out with one of my favorite cousins, Hector!!!!!! Actually, we accidently found him. I had to use the bathroom so I stopped by my uncle’s butcher shop in NYC and asked for the key to his apartment and my cousin was there! It’s so rare to find him because he works so much and never has a free moment, so we invited him out to dinner and to hang out :)



We wanted to go see the tree at Rockerfeller center, but we went to see the one in Bryant Park first. I think it was actually prettier than the one in Rockerfeller this year.

I love Bryant Park in general, but I love especially this time of year with the ice rink in the middle and all the cute little booths full of festive merchandise.





Adrian, always on his phone, lol :)



I love this fountain, I always take a picture in front of it.


He is so damn tall. Tallest family member right here. I’m 5′2″(1.524m) and he’s 6′3.5″ (1.83m).


My best cousin with my love <3.


You know, many people don’t care, but it is important for me that my family accepts and loves the person I love, and I am so fortunate that everyone loves him as much as I do :D


Look at him! Almost as tall as the building!!!


We stood by the ice rink for a while watching people fall and bust their ass, it was pretty funny (sorry, I know it’s mean).


The Starbucks across the street from Bryant Park has the best view of the Empire State Building. It looks close, but it’s actually very far away.


The little shops give the park a romantic feel



After spending some time here, we made our way to Rockerfeller Center. What  a disaster, so many people, you couldn’t even walk, but that’s New York City for you :)



“Rosa, look at the smoke up there, it’s cool!” Adrian (the only person in the world who uses my real name)




The Rockerfeller Tree, yawn!!! We literally stood for 5 seconds for the picture and left, so many people!!!

All in all, it was a great day.


Turkey Day

by Rosie

I’m not going to get in to the whole “the Pilgrims killed off all the Native Americans, why are we even celebrating this sick holiday,” so I’m just going to post pictures of our family Thanks Giving dinner instead.



I’m usually against drinking, and rarely have wine with dinner, but this wine was delicious and soft, was wonderful with the dinner.


I made Tres Leches cake, it was so delicious!


Redo, this time, with flash!


No one really knew what to do so it came out awkward, lol! Ugh I look fat, but I was leaving in and my dress fell forward and made me look like I have a gigantic stomach!!!!!! FAIL!!!!!!!!

This is what I wore


The dress is from Forever21 and the shoes are Steve Madden, the sweater…I forgot!!!

Anyway, happy holidays


Love, Love, Love

by Rosie

I know I’ve written about this before, but it is still the same. Milo is my favorite buddy, the person who loves me the most, unconditionally. The one who is never angry at me for what ever reason, the one who does not judge and just is always excited to see me when I walk through the door. The one who doesn’t believe my mom when she tells him I’m home on a day I’m suppose to be out, and when he goes to check and I am there he gets super excited and happy. He just lights up my life, and I know he’s a dog, but when true love is there, it’s there.


Milo always give me a tiny kiss on the nose <3.



He always looks up to me with happy eyes. I know those of you who read my blog frequently must be wondering “what about Rex?” Even though I love Rex with all my heart, he is truly attached to my older brother, you cannot get that dog away from him, while Milo is truly attached to me and follows me everywhere, like an annoying little brother (love).  Anyway, the first picture inspired me to write this post. I love you Mi-Mi <3.


HK Party Animals

by Rosie

I took hat from this year’s bday party I had last month. Aren’t they cute?






Rex enjoyed wearing the hat, but as you can see, Milo was not too happy with it :)


Draw Draw Draw

by Rosie

If you’re a usual reader, then you probably remember the little HP tablet/laptop I had and you know the unfortunate ending it had. Anyway, I loved using the tablet for drawing and since I didn’t own a table anymore, I stopped drawing on the computer. I’m not the type to draw with a mouse, it just does not work for me, I need real interaction. I guess because when you have real interaction, it reminds me of painting, which is the only artistic skill I possess.

Anyway, this is what I got:


I was bored during my lunch hour and decided to stop by BestBuy to get one. I know what you’re going to say “They have a new one coming out soon,” but fear not for I am prepared. BestBuy now offers insurance for a low $50 so if what you bought is upgraded in the next 18 months, you have partial refund  (the less time, the more money you get) which will go into your upgrade.

I downloaded Sketbook Pro and a stylus, which is an Autodesk Program (use it all the time for architecture) and I drew what I draw best:


I haven’t taken it out of the plastic yet because I am making a cover for it, which I will be selling soon on my Etsy so stay tuned.

Other than drawing, I’m only going to use this thing to play Plants Vs. Zombies :)


Fall Walks

by Rosie

Unfortunately every year I miss the best part of the foliage. I eye all those colors as I drive every morning and tell myself how this year I will get the best pictures, but I always fail. This is the best I could do. I always wait until it’s too late to take good pictures. I was actually a bit upset that today was not a sunny day with a beautiful blue sky, but what ever. It turned out to be a beautiful date with my Adrian, just a nice walk and some warm coffee.





We found this beautiful clock on the walkway and I tried desperately to look as epic ad the clock itself….but I FAILED!!!!…All three attempts.




No matter how hard I try, I always end up looking super dorky!



It wasn’t really a museum, it was just a nice little walkway with beautiful benches and community art on display. Very interesting :)



I’m so short, I always have to tippy toe just to get a hug, LOL.



I actually found this place when I was going to a work-related meeting. I got the address mixed up. I wrote avenue instead of boulevard! I thought it was just so pretty so I surprised Adrian by bringing him here. I was so happy he thought it was beautiful too and said it reminded him of Barcelona. It won’t be long until we live there while I finish my masters :)


This sunset picture was taken in front of Adrian’s house. His house has the best view of the sunset <3.

Rosie… angel11.jpg

Time’s A-Changin’

by Rosie

My cold is almost gone, I’m hoping it’ll leave sooner rather than later because I’ve been itching to dye my hair. As you can see, my hair is changing color at all times. There was a time I was dying it every week just to get it the color I wanted. Between the bleaching, hair colors and all that jazz, I find myself missing my one favorite hair color other than my own (black): RED!



This was me last year in Barcelona and Toledo with my fabulous red hair. God it was a nightmare getting it the exact shade I wanted it to be. I remember the dying process began sometime in September and in December I got the results I wanted after many dye jobs and bleaches. Luckily my hair didn’t look a mess during the entire process.

And this is my natural hair color, which I love but I get bored of too quickly, and it’s a horrible nightmare to get the color out. My hair is so dark I have to bleach before I get it to change to a lighter color.


Remember ladies (and gentlemen), if you are going to bleach your hair, consult a professional. I am crazy so I always do things on my own. A good tip for going solo is to brew chamomile in a pot until all the color comes out. When it is done, let it cool slightly and pour over your head (this helps remove color if you have dyed hair as well) and cover with an old towel or t-shirt. Once your hair has dried, without rinsing the chamomile tea out of your hair, put the bleach on. I have no method for this, I just run it through my hair and avoid the roots for 10 minutes MAX. Rinse as soon as possible. The chamomile protects your hair from the harmfulness of bleach. I am no professional so if you are not comfortable do not try this at home.

My other option is brown. I go for a light brown usually but this time I decided to do a dark brown to avoid dying for a couple of months (decades for me)


And here is the dark brown I have now:



I actually really love the color I have now, but I WANT RED HAIR DAMMIT! So I’m going to the store to get some light brown hair dye. I’m going to ease my way to red hair. I will dye my hair light brown first and then two weeks later dye it red. This way, I can avoid the bleach (hopefully).


God, I have done so many things lately and I have not had time to share ANYTHING, so I apologize for that. From the amazing spa I went to to the beautiful NYC date Adrian took me on….I just can’t keep up…sorry I just can’t find the time.

Anyway, I always share my paintings, and here is a little one I did. It’s just a small sketch


This weekend I will definitely update on my dates and other happenings of my life.



by Rosie

I’ve been sick for like ever (almost 2 weeks) and I still feel super crappy. Last night when I got home from school, I threw up and kept throwing up for most of the night. My mother stayed up with me, thank God, because I was just so out of it and in a hell of a lot of pain. Around 4 in the morning I got up and went to my own bed where I didn’t wake up to puke my soul out again.




I stayed in bed with my fluffy pink robe and my box of tissues. Hopefully this Black Plague will leave my system soon; I can’t afford to miss school or work. I can’t believe the semester is almost done!

Oh, and believe it or not, I do feel a lot worse than what I look, even though I do look like a hot mess!

Rosie… angel111.jpg

Yes everyone, it has snowed in October in New York City for the first time since the Civil War (well a little after it in 1869)! That was way more than a 100 years ago! And it had to snow the day we went to see Hugh Jackman on broadway!

This is what my car looked like after we got back from the city (we leave my car in Queen and then take the train to Manhattan (NYC)).


I was waiting in the car while Adrian removed the snow.




The next day there was still now on the ground. Unbelievable! That this early in the fall snow fell!


Hopefully this winter won’t be as bad as last winter where we had a damn snow storm every week in December and January. I went to Spain, came back and there was still about 8ft of snow on the ground!


Because of my grandmother’s condition, I have not blogged in about two weeks, so a lot of things have happened in those two weeks. Yes my grandmother is a bit better, but she is at a point where we can only wait for her time to come.

Anyway, I won’t speak of depressing matters; a week and a half ago I celebrated my 22nd birthday :). I will share with you all what I received for my birthday:

Adrian’s mom got me pajamas and some undies from Victoria’s Secret, I’ll show you the jammies but not the undies!


My best friend Kathy got me a scrap book so we can keep pictures of our good times. We use to scrap book so much when we were younger, but nowadays we’re so busy to even do that:


Adrian got me our favorite picture framed and tickets to go see HUGE errmm, I mean Hugh Jackman on Broadway, and yes he was amazing and beautiful and manly and sexy and……(we saw him yesterday)



Stephanie and Josue (Adrian’s brother and sister in law) got me bubble bath and lip gloss as well as a HK compact mirror from Sephora.





My bestest Jon always gets me the funnest gifts every year. Each year he gives a something to put on my bookcase. Last year was a zombie monkey, this year it was a cupcake.


He also gave me the cutest book in the world!!!!!!




Puppies are my second favorite thing right after coffee, thanks Jon!!!! <3. You can’t be from New York and not like dogs, everyone and their mother has one.

And of course, Kimmy made me an awesome drawing of Rex and Milo, only using a lower drawing program, very impressive and life-like


Jon also got me free tickets for New York Comic Con this year


It was a very fun event, and even Adrian joined me this year :)

My dad of course got me a beautiful bracelet accented with diamonds and my mom gave me a very elegant jacket (will show you guys some other time). Between all the dinners (3 in total) and gifts and friendships, my birthday was just amazing.


My Grandmother

by Rosie

I think Grand-mother really suits her, because she was a really grand woman. She was so well educated and knowledgeable. I see a lot of her in me, right down to the “school is the most important thing” aspect.

When I was younger, I didn’t think she favored me at all, she was always a bit grumpy and seemed to only really love my eldest brother. It was not until a couple of years ago that we got really close and I even took the man I want to marry oversees to see her.


That’s me, my grandmother Celeste, and my father.

What really captivated me and made me grow closer to her was her story. My grandmother came from a well distinguished family, and all her life was about studying, I mean the woman has two (2) degrees for crying out loud! She was an economist and a librarian, not that she worked, for women with her status did not, but she achieved it. Since she was so busy studying, it was not until she was 28 that she met the love of her life.

She was studying culinary arts at the time, and my grandfather was a drifter. He was born in Italy, but when his family went on vacation to Dominican Republic, a hurricane claimed his parents life and left him orphaned in a foreign country. He was 30 when they met. He was adopted and ran away from home, he was a man with no title or money to his name.

Either way, it was love at first sight, and they ran away together. Together they lived until his untimely death 10 years ago. But they were the love of each other’s lives, they would always play around and kiss when ever they thought someone wasn’t looking (like teenagers!). He always made her smile, just like I made her smile after she told me her story


This was right after our chat. I’m going to miss her love for dogs and love for those silly little dresses she always wears.

I’m going to make a trip to see her, even if I miss school and work, I want to hear more of her story. It has always captivated me how she left everything behind just to be with the person she really loved.


I registered to graduate on May 2012. I guess it kind of makes me excited, but it mostly just brought me a world of stress and anxiety. I am working on a double major in Architectural Engineering and Construction Engineering and since these are two different majors, some classes did overlap and obviously I can’t take both so I made sacrifices. Now I have one class to go (hydraulics) and it happens to be on the same night as my Capstone Design (final project) class. Mind you I have to take 2 of these capstone classes.

Anyway, to make a long  story short, I got the Dean of the department to let me take a similar class instead of the one I needed. I feel a little more relieved at the moment :). Anyway, take a peek at my hectic schedule


This basically means I will have less of a life than I already do and less post, but I’ll keep you guys updated on the random happenings of my life.


hw, will erase later

by Rosie


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