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In A Puddle

by Rosie

As you all know, I recently started my new job… Well not recently, it’s going to be two months now, but still, it’s fairly new. I feel like I can’t get anything right and I disappoint my boss. I try so hard to do everything right and somehow he is never happy.


I feel like they never notice the good you do, only the bad. And it was not even my fault. My boss called me at 4:15PM and he wanted me to get a certain item for a job we’re finishing up, but the place where we usually get it was closed and every other place did not stock that item. I feel like Anne Hathaway in “The Devil Wears Prada” when she wants her to do all these impossible things. And we even got the item, just because it wasn’t the one I did research on he was upset, but he didn’t even bother to read the whole email and one of the products I did research on was the one we were able to obtain to finish the job.

Anyway, I will not ramble anymore; tomorrow is a new day and I’ll just have to try harder and suck it up.

And yes… New York is a very rough place to grow up in, work and live, especially in the construction industry.


Planning & Management

by Rosie

As you all know I am big on planning, scheduling and all that jazz (I guess it’s a good thing on of my majors is Construction Management Engineering). Due to a recent bad grade, I decided I should stick to my old habits of planning and management.

So I did what I usually do…write down what I’m supposed to be doing; it helps keep me on schedule and on track :)


Since I have an itch to pick up my paint brushes, I am going to do some painting to finally put up my Etsy shop. If you’re curious, I have been making notebooks with my personal drawings of Maps and BOB. It’s not up yet but feel free to visit the site.

I usually start all my paintings like this:


I always start with a sketch and then go on to paint. If you want to see my paintings, on the right hand side of this blog is a category called BOB.

Also, I updated my planner and will continue using my planner to help me stay on track.


Now I need to get back to work, this was just a quick update from my office :)


No More…

by Rosie

Today I have received horrible news. My boss and his assistant came to our showroom and told us they were shutting us down. Everyone was fired except for myself, I would be moved to a different showroom. How terrible is that, that people who have children and and families to take care of loose their jobs mean while, I, who lives with her parents and is not yet out of college, get to keep mine. I couldn’t stay at work, I just had to come home. I have a final later so I must focus on that. I will quit my job, they want to move me to Riverhead which is way too far out for me to drive. I think I will dedicate some time for school instead.


I feel as though I am looking from the other side.



by Rosie

Just another day in the office. School will be done in two weeks, and after that I have two weeks off and then another summer session for another month. A month isn’t bad, specially when time goes by so fast! Anyway, this is me bored in the office.


This is just a quick update, when I finally do something fun, I’ll let you guys know.



by Rosie

I’m finally done with the Spring semester. Sorry guys, I had finals so I didn’t have time to post or anything for a while. Me and Adrian are planning our trip to Canada, we already booked our hotel room. We’re going to go see Niagara Falls, we wanted to go last year but didn’t really get the chance. And yes, in case you, my readers, are wondering, yes me and Adrian are trying to work things out. Anyway back to school, I start the summer semester in a week, but its fine, it’s only 2 classes and only for a month. I took my Ninja Consultant to school in order to give me confidence during my exams. Here he is,


Yes he is missing an arm, but he still knows how to make a pie chart!


Random Happenings

by Rosie

A typical Tuesday night working on my Soils and Foundation lab with my group.


We were performing a compaction test, to see what amount of water works best for soil compaction. Soil compaction is important to a construction because if the soil is not compact it can make even the tallest and strongest buildings collapse. And of course that is dangerous.

Another interesting thing I found while in the library was a very old boom box. I found it so odd that this thing would be in the library basement.


And of course, what is more random than me procrastinating…. Now to build my model!!!!!



A Look Inside

by Rosie

This is a typical  look into what I write in my memorabilia.


This was for December 2011. On the left side I write down my goals for the month. It’s always important to set goals for one self and to try to meet them. And yes, those are monkey stickers :D


One Of Those Days

by Rosie

It was one of those days today where water just keeps pouring from the heavens unto us feeble humans. I like rainy days, just sitting and staring at it. I did that today even though I had to study for a test. It was nice just to hear the melody of the rain hitting the pavement, buildings, people, etc.


I took this as I was looking from the inside to the outside of my job. Oh rainy days!


Beautiful Surprise

by Rosie

I had these pictures on my phone since I got back from Spain, in mid January. Before I got back, Rachael, my co-worker, decided to do something nice and memorable in my office. She knows I like to be on the road traveling so she photo-copied her feet and put them all around my office!


Thanks Rachael dancing.gif

Rosie… angel11.jpg

Work @ Work ^_^.

by Rosie

So, because I work full time and go to school full time  (18 credits all day err day!) I don’t usually have time to do my school work at home. I get home everyday around 9:45PM and by the time I have dinner and shower it’s already 10:45PM and I have to go to bed to get up early the next day to be at work at 8AM. So, when I have time, I do my school work at work. I am fortunate enough to have a semi laid back job. As long as I do all my work for the day, or do the work as it comes, I can find time to get some type of school work done monhapp.gif.

So since today is Saturday and we are not usually busy, I decided to take this time out to do my project which is due on Monday.





We had to build a model out of card stock paper, and we need to build 2 other models (of the same kind) using a different material. I decided to build my other 2 with plastic and cardboard, hopefully I can get the same round shape. I think my final result was similar to the one in the picture yea.gif (fingers crossed)


So as I told you guys, a couple of months ago, my cute HP tablet died and is basically rendered useless. After spending $400 to save it, nothing could be done, so I had no choice to buy a new computer. I ended up buying a Sony Vaio EA series and I’m happy with the specs. Here is a picture of it, and yes it is purple :D



Pictures courtesy of BestBuy.com

Anyway, here are the specs:

Intel® Core™ i5-580M processor (2.66GHz) with Turbo Boost up to 3.33GHz

Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium 64-bit

500GB Hard Disk Drive (7200rpm) (Reg. $80.00)

8GB (4GBx2) DDR3-SDRAM-1066 (Reg. $200.00)

14″ VAIO Display with LED backlight (1366 x 768)

ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 5650 GPU (1GB VRAM)

CD/DVD Player / Burner

I decided against a Blu ray player, why would I need that on a laptop, I don’t even watch movies on my computer, I have a home theather in my basement! Anyway, the computer itself was about $1300 more or less, and the insurance plan was $279, plus taxes and free shipping I payed about $1700 more or less. I feel like my purchase was really good, it just hurts a little because I just payed for my text books and just got back from Spain. Oh the turmoils of being a grown up :)


New Semester

by Rosie

Tomorrow is the first day of the Spring 2011 semester. The semester I was suppose to graduate in if I didn’t want to over achieve and decide to do a double major instead of a normal one! Oh yea, I know it’ll help my future. Anyway, here are some of the school supplies that I bought from a cute Korean stationary store called Morning Glory.



All in all, it was a good shopping day. I’m not too thrilled about school beginning tomorrow, but eh, what can you do? Enjoy the beginning of the semester everyone, and do your best!


My Library ^^…

by Rosie

I’m finally done with my project…after thinking I was done yesterday, I had a chance to revise it and saw that I was missing a ton of things, so I made PDF’s of all my drawings, which in total was 15.


This was suppose to be a library on Point Lookout, NY. I didn’t have any inspiration for this project, as a matter of fact I hated it, but I had to what I had to do. I had to also make a tiny conceptual model of my project.


Today I present in front of my professor and his 6 other architect friends. I’m a little nervous but whatever. Tomorrow I also have a final for my site planning class. Wish me luck yea.gif



by Rosie

Well this is what I’ve been slaving myself over the past couple of weeks. The floor plan was finished last week, and this is what I’ve done in almost two weeks. It’s almost done, I just want to add some street lights :D


Yes, everything is done to scale and looks exactly how it does on AutoCad.


This isn’t really the time for me to be procrastinating, I have so much to do!!!!! 8yoyo31.gif

I made a whole list of projects/papers/homework that I need to have done this week and there’s no way I’m getting most of that done, ugh, someone save me!!!!!!!!!! monkey_unfair.gif

But on a lighter note, I have time to do a lot of stuff at work, so I’m working out the chinks of my project. And since I’m procrastinating, I did a small photo shoot, lol


Just me in my office being dumb. And on a lighter note, I bought dresses YAY yea.gif. And I absolutely love them; the red is for X-Mas, and the gold is for New Years, which I will celebrate in Spain with my beloved loce.gif


These were bought at Modcloth.com, and unfortunately I bought the last gold one, and I’m so happy yea.gif

This has been the first time in a long time that I’ve had time for an actual post. Thanks for reading Door Dreamers.


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