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The Venue

by Rosie

I kind of started out strong with this whole wedding planning thing and now I feel like I’m running down a very steep hill. How did 2 months (basically) go by, now it’s only 10 months until the wedding! Oh God, I want to freak out! I have all my ideas in order, which I have put inside a very cool binder that I soon fill with receipts. At least I got the most important down, the venue :) which is very beautiful.



We went to see it Saturday with my parents, we feel in love quickly. Its called Bailey’s Arboretum, a tree sanctuary with beautiful grounds. The theme of our wedding is “Adrian & Rosa’s Secret Garden” and this place says it all. Unfortunately I forgot my camera because I rushed out of my house, but Adrian managed to take some pictures of me with his iPhone.




You must be wondering why I have boots on in the middle of summer…. Well, it was actually pretty cool that morning at around 68F (20C) and it had rained a ridiculous amount the day before, and since this is a garden, I did not want to ruin any shoes. In case you’re thinking the weather is pleasant in NY, don’t!!!! NY is as fickle as a woman on her period! It rains horribly one day, and then its 100F the other, and then it’s 68F. WTF!!!! It has never been like this, and out of no where the weather is so unpredictable! We’re not in England for heavens sake!

Anyway, when we head back again I will definitely take pictures :) and I’ll try to blog more often and keep you guys updated.


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