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by Rosie

My father was driving home last Wednesday, in the terrible rain. Honestly that rain storm felt like a hurricane. Anyway, as he was driving, he ran over a kitty! He stopped and looked under the car to see if it was ok… Luckily it was, but it went up the tire crevis and he spent almost an hour trying to get it out, in the rain! Fortunately, with my mom’s help, he got her out and they brought her home. She was so filthy and so scared. I gave her a bath in warm water and feed her food. I wanted to keep her so bad, but we already have a lot of pets.




I kept her in my art room until we found someone who wanted her. My friend’s cat had died a couple of years ago, and he feel in love with her the moment he saw her. I went to visit her yesterday, to make sure she was ok, and his family was all over her, giving her the love she was missing. It warms my heart when I can help an animal that can’t help itself.


Because of my grandmother’s condition, I have not blogged in about two weeks, so a lot of things have happened in those two weeks. Yes my grandmother is a bit better, but she is at a point where we can only wait for her time to come.

Anyway, I won’t speak of depressing matters; a week and a half ago I celebrated my 22nd birthday :). I will share with you all what I received for my birthday:

Adrian’s mom got me pajamas and some undies from Victoria’s Secret, I’ll show you the jammies but not the undies!


My best friend Kathy got me a scrap book so we can keep pictures of our good times. We use to scrap book so much when we were younger, but nowadays we’re so busy to even do that:


Adrian got me our favorite picture framed and tickets to go see HUGE errmm, I mean Hugh Jackman on Broadway, and yes he was amazing and beautiful and manly and sexy and……(we saw him yesterday)



Stephanie and Josue (Adrian’s brother and sister in law) got me bubble bath and lip gloss as well as a HK compact mirror from Sephora.





My bestest Jon always gets me the funnest gifts every year. Each year he gives a something to put on my bookcase. Last year was a zombie monkey, this year it was a cupcake.


He also gave me the cutest book in the world!!!!!!




Puppies are my second favorite thing right after coffee, thanks Jon!!!! <3. You can’t be from New York and not like dogs, everyone and their mother has one.

And of course, Kimmy made me an awesome drawing of Rex and Milo, only using a lower drawing program, very impressive and life-like


Jon also got me free tickets for New York Comic Con this year


It was a very fun event, and even Adrian joined me this year :)

My dad of course got me a beautiful bracelet accented with diamonds and my mom gave me a very elegant jacket (will show you guys some other time). Between all the dinners (3 in total) and gifts and friendships, my birthday was just amazing.


YAY’s Are In Order!

by Rosie

My cousin Heidi came back home from Yale!!!!!!!!!!!! She’s home for Spring break and I finally got to see her. We use to always go into New York City and have lunch with our other cousin Danny, such great times. But things change; she’s in Conneticutt studying, Danny is married with a child, and I barely have time to catch a full night’s rest, but we see each other when ever we can, which is the important part.

This was us about 3 years ago:


And us about 2 years ago:


And me and Heidi now:


Danny couldn’t make it, he’s a busy man, but we plan to have lunch again soon, all three of us.


4 in the AM

by Rosie

As you all know, I’m not really a party girl. I can’t stand to be in clubs where it’s so crowded and people are sweaty and humping each other with their clothes on. Anyway, my best friend is a mom, has two jobs and is a full time nursing student. I saw her give birth to her child, I even cut the baby’s umbilical cord, and saw her stand up THREE days after giving birth and going back to her college. I admire and love her a tremendous amount, so I gave her a night where she could do whatever she liked, so we went dancing!


I have to admit, I did have fun dancing with my bestest girlfriend in the whole wide world 1yoyo23.gif


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