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Family Fun Time

by Rosie

My grandmother was visiting this past week. It was such a delight to have her, the years have soften her up. I remember when I was younger, I use to favor my grandfather because my grandmother ruled with an iron fist, both of my grandmothers actually, and both my grandfathers were always so nice. This is my maternal grandmother, the one both me and my mother are named after:


As I said before, the years have really soften her up, she is more tender and loving than she use to be and just easier to be around. Maybe I just understand her more now that I am growing older and appreciate her more.

Somehow, me wanting a picture with my grandmother turned into a whole family fiasco and somehow, little by little, more people kept popping into the picture. Even Rex, who insisted on being the star of the show. Notice how he is in almost every picture!


Grandma and her granddaugthers :)


Auntie and Rex jump into the picture. Notice how Rex is in “mid-sit” and distracting everyone!


Now my mom joins in (the one on the far left), and Rex is still there.


Now it’s grandma and her three daughters, plus Adrianita and Rex’s butt!!!


Me and my cousins. Notice how Adrianita is posing. Where do kids get these ideas, anyway, me and her had a serious talk about her behavior, being the only person in the world that she listens to other than my grandmother.


And me and my cousins distracted by Rex…AGAIN!



And of course, Rex insisted on sitting on my parents $11,000 couch. Haha, my dad freaked when he saw this, well dad, this is what you get for babying the damn dog as if he were your child!


And of course, Rex and his favorite aunt, Tia Adriana (tia in Spanish means aunt). He has always loved her, and when she was pregnant with Adrianita, he use to literally sit on her lat and lay his head on her stomach. Now him and Adrianita are like best friends, she hugs him and even lays on him, it’s really sweet.


And of course, my parents :)

Somehow a little picture of me and my g-ma turned out to be a family fiasco and a photoshoot of Rex.


Love, Love, Love

by Rosie

I know I’ve written about this before, but it is still the same. Milo is my favorite buddy, the person who loves me the most, unconditionally. The one who is never angry at me for what ever reason, the one who does not judge and just is always excited to see me when I walk through the door. The one who doesn’t believe my mom when she tells him I’m home on a day I’m suppose to be out, and when he goes to check and I am there he gets super excited and happy. He just lights up my life, and I know he’s a dog, but when true love is there, it’s there.


Milo always give me a tiny kiss on the nose <3.



He always looks up to me with happy eyes. I know those of you who read my blog frequently must be wondering “what about Rex?” Even though I love Rex with all my heart, he is truly attached to my older brother, you cannot get that dog away from him, while Milo is truly attached to me and follows me everywhere, like an annoying little brother (love).  Anyway, the first picture inspired me to write this post. I love you Mi-Mi <3.


HK Party Animals

by Rosie

I took hat from this year’s bday party I had last month. Aren’t they cute?






Rex enjoyed wearing the hat, but as you can see, Milo was not too happy with it :)


My New Toy

by Rosie

As published in my previous post, I got a new toy! And it’s called Canon T3. I got a very amazing bargain, and not only did I get the camera, but I got an extra lens, and extra battery pack and a bag to put it all in!




Now this is the difference between my new camera and my old camera. My old camera is Sony Cybershot from like 6 or 7 years ago, and it did good by me but nothing beats a professional camera!

Sony Cybershot







I know, I take a lot of Rex and Milo pictures, but they’re like the children I don’t have so I take lots of pictures of the duo.

Now here is the Canon T3





I love the camera so far, and I’m very excited about using it for my weekend getaway with my love. It’s a great camera for a great price for anyone looking to purchase one.


A week or two ago, I got this gigantic box at work containing a computer chair. I didn’t want to throw it out because I wanted to do something fun with it. My inner child came out, I wanted to build a fort for me, myself and Rex&Milo (Milophisis-Rex would be their name if they were joined).





Afterward they fought over the box so we had to take it away :)

Rosie… angel111.jpg

The Puppies

by Rosie

I haven’t updated much on Rex and Milo lately. Actually it has been a long while since. They are both doing fine, and its sad because I don’t get to see them as much as I would like. I was playing with Milo last week and I put him under a box, he freaked out and Rex helped him escape, it was very funny! A little mean but he forgave me. I bought 8 pairs of shoes, which I will write about later, so that’s why I had the big box.



And I got one of both of them together :)




I love my puppies <3


My poor baby had a bad allergic reaction to something, and we’re not to sure what. He started scratching last week and out of nowhere he started bleeding, so we took him to the vet, and she shaved half his face, and there it was, like the chicken pox! It was terrible, he had bumps all over, and they were all infected.


He’s on anti-biotics, and it’s healing up pretty well. It’s just another week and the vet will see him again. Hopefully everything will be in the clear and the cone of shame can be removed.

I’m feeling a bit under the weather as well, so I didn’t go to class today, but I’ll be working all night on my project. School is almost done, YAY!!!


P.S. To my Door Dreamers who were wondering, I got my dresses today, and they are just so lovely loce.gif


by Rosie

I haven’t posted pictures of Rex and Milo in a while so I kind of went on a puppy picture rampage. And trust me, getting them to shit for that long was hard. 8yoyo31.gif



Nothings like puppies to make a Saturday better yea.gif

Rosie… angel1.jpg

New to the Family

by Rosie

So this is my new pet Max. He’s some kind of bird species that I can’t remember the name of. Anyway, he is very loud but so sweet; he loves attention and fighting with Milo.





Hahaha, joking, their ok, but since I haven’t posted a picture of Rex and Milo in a very long time, here you are, for all of you who love puppies, and yes even though they are big and well beyond the age of puppy-hood, they are still my puppies


Rex, why don’t you give the Mi-man some room, huh?


I know, I know

by Rosie

I know I haven’t uploaded my blog in a while, well a while for me is like a week. I usually like blogging at least 5 days out of the week when possible. But I’ve been busy with my new job, and I get out early and all, but my best friend is in the hospital (she needs a heart and lung transplant) so I haven’t been able to sit in front of the computer and actually blog. But she is better now, so I don’t have to be there everyday.

So I got home today and went kind of crazy with the taking of the pictures (yes I am Milo and Rex’s paparazzi). So here is for your (and my) enjoyment.










Excuse the crazy way I look, have been tired and I haven’t cared about my appearance, but since I have today I will be getting mah hurrr did (my hair done) LOL :D


Rex and Milo

by Rosie

It has been a while since I’ve posted pictures of Rex and Milo together, so here it is <3



Good Boys :D


Just got back from the movie Kick-Asss, pretty entertaining but too violent for my taste.  Got into an argument with my significant other, men can be so stupid some times, and just because I didn’t hold his hand throughout the car ride, he didn’t kiss me goodnight. nooo.gif

I guess the nicest thing is when you get home from being upset after a date and you have someone who loves you unconditionally and above anything else.

For me that’s Milo jfbq00184070402a.gif

Who will never be upset at me no matter what I do


That’s me and the Mi-man thumbsup.gif


True Love

by Rosie

When all else fails, because, lets face it ladies, the men in our lives usually tend to fail (at something or another), and at least I know who really loves me. An unconditional love that will never falter or change, the someone who will love me no matter what I do.


My roommate Milo, who will always love and protect me no matter what I do or hold anything against me

I love you Mi-Mi <3


Snow day in NY

by Rosie

I’ve never built a perfect snowman in the 20 years of my life. But here he is, Willie the snowman in all his round perfection.


These are just some of the pictures of my snowday :D.

I’ll be making a video for you all to see.

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