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Posted on Jul, 06, 2012

Hey guys! So, here it is, after dating for 4 years, Adrian has finally convinced me that it’s time to tie the knot. And you know what, I don’t feel that allergic reaction to marriage anymore, it feels exciting to be getting married. Though we are not getting married now, we are getting married June 8, 2013 :). I guess when you’re ready, you’re ready!

Anyway, here are just some inspirations I’ve gotten for our theme: Green Apples and Orange Oranges in a Secret Gardens, lol


By the way, I do not own these images, google just let me borrow them. These are just some inspirations for my wedding.

Anyway, I’ll keep you guys updated. Still 11 months to go. I’ve already have a couple things. I want to do everything now so I can relax later. We have an appointment with the venue person on the 21st. I have some decorations, still need to purchase the other ones, I bought my dress, and only a couple more things to go. Way to be organized Rosie!

Good night


6 Responses to “Finally…Marriage!”

  1. Eeee! Congrats! That’s such a cute theme too! And really, I’m so happy you’re doing all the right things at the right time for you, you’re going to have a wonderful life. It’s been awesome watching everything through your blog. =D And, for some extra help, try the cake wrecks blog, it’ll give you more ideas, and how to avoid some… terrible and funny things, lol

  2. Rosieeeee congratulation!!! Each time I remember that you’re getting married I just feel really happy! hehe I love how you’re so prepared. i wish you all the best!
    I like the colors! so bright and nice~ it’s lively

  3. Omgosh congrats rosie!! Been forever since i blogged. So happy for u.

  4. Hi Rosie, how are you? Congratulation!! I am happy for you! Glad that everything went so well between you and Adrian! You will definitely be happiness k!! Once again, congratulation!! :DD

  5. Hey Val! I’m doing very well, a little stressed out with everything, but since I’m a planner, I have definitely made spread sheets on every aspect of life in order to keep everything organized. Thank you for your wishes! So when will you and Doraemon tie the knot?

  6. Congratulations!!

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