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Posted on May, 19, 2012

My father was driving home last Wednesday, in the terrible rain. Honestly that rain storm felt like a hurricane. Anyway, as he was driving, he ran over a kitty! He stopped and looked under the car to see if it was ok… Luckily it was, but it went up the tire crevis and he spent almost an hour trying to get it out, in the rain! Fortunately, with my mom’s help, he got her out and they brought her home. She was so filthy and so scared. I gave her a bath in warm water and feed her food. I wanted to keep her so bad, but we already have a lot of pets.




I kept her in my art room until we found someone who wanted her. My friend’s cat had died a couple of years ago, and he feel in love with her the moment he saw her. I went to visit her yesterday, to make sure she was ok, and his family was all over her, giving her the love she was missing. It warms my heart when I can help an animal that can’t help itself.


3 Responses to “Lost”

  1. so cuuuuute! I’m glad nothing bad happened to her. I just love cats. but sadly my mom doesn’t :( we used to have 5 little kittens but we gave them away

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  3. Oh my gosh!!! so cuteee!!! Yesterday, our neighbour’s cat came into our house to explore on it’s own! she’s really brave, because we just moved in to a new house and I don’t think most cats would be that brave or that interested to come into the house of new strangers. I noticed that it was pregnant, so I suspect it was so brave to come in to new stranger’s house because it was looking for a place for her kittens.

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