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Posted on Mar, 03, 2012

Today, on a sunny, and actually hot for the first week of March, Saturday I received such a pleasant surprise…. A package from Bilmay! I was so excited about opening it that I called my mom upstairs from our basement!!!!


Haha, Milo was there in the background wondering what I got in the mail :)


What a lovely box! It looks perfect, as if it had not come from the other side of the world. What I love the most is that it’s so me; if you have been reading my blog for a while, you will see that I love to travel and the box just screams Rosie!


The contents inside the gorgeous box were also perfect! Nothing was out of place, I was so surprised!!!!

Everything in it was lovely and so meaningful, thanks Bilmay :D I am so happy at the moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There was a cute purple HK plushie, an HK pillowcase, an HK totebag (my new lunch bag :D), an HK highlighter, dates, HK clips and of course HK chocolate cookies. It was indeed a super generous gesture and I could not be happier again, thanks Bil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BTW, my mom was excited too, so she took a picture of me with the HK plushie :D, lol


Sorry guys, I had just woken up and looked all…tired and without make up and stuff.

I forgot to add this to the list of things… this is my favorite, I absolutely love it!



I will update soon about my trip in January and other stuff, I just never really find the time to do stuff since I’m a bit overwhelmed trying to finish my last semester of school. Until next time Door Dreamers!


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  1. my comments keeps getting eaten by your blog ;w;

  2. check it out in your spam haha

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