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Resolution…of sorts…

Posted on Jan, 16, 2012

I never really have New Years resolutions. New Years is basically like another simple day to me. I know it’s the start of a new cycle and all, but I guess I just never gave it importance.

Anyway…God! I always ramble, and here I am rambling again!

This year, I decided to make some resolutions, actually, they’re more like goals I’d like to achieve in no particular order:

  1. Loose weight! I use to be 105 lbs (47.67kgs) and now I am 110lbs (49.9kgs)…I must get back to the mini me. I know 5lbs is not a lot, but for someone as petite as me, it really shows, and makes me sad :(
  2. Be a better student… No more procrastinating since I’m graduating in May!
  3. Try to be nicer… I know you all may think I’m nice, it the New Yorker in me is not always the nicest. I am nice to people who are nice to me though :)
  4. Appreciate my family more, you never know when they’ll leave :(
  5. Spend less money and save more
  6. Be a little more relax, I can’t stress all the time!

Anyway, I am going away on a trip to Dominican Republic to see my grandmother, who is very sick. I’m  going on Tuesday and coming back Monday morning (3 hours before my class starts, and no I wont have any sleep since the flight is early in the AM).

I will blog some more before I leave…. AND 7000+ VIEWS, OMG, THANK YOU GUYS! YOU GUYS RULE!!!!!!! LOVE YOU ALL :)


2 Responses to “Resolution…of sorts…”

  1. love you back :)
    have a safe flight darling

  2. Thanks hun :)

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