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Love In Living Color

Posted on Dec, 16, 2011

Life experience, or love in this case, is not just black and white but all shades of gray (meaning life or love is not just one thing or the other, it’s an array of things that fall somewhere in the mix).



And just like these pictures, our love is not just one thing or the other, it’s an array of shades that cannot be define by Crayola. It just is…Period!


P.S. This was taken at the Wired Store. For those who do not know, Wired is a super dorky magazine that Adrian reads, and now they have a store. It’s super interactive and features the latest in gadgets and technology. So if you’re in Time Square, you should definitely visit :)

4 Responses to “Love In Living Color”

  1. awww that’s so nice~ I hope you stay happy forever!

  2. Haha, thank you :). It’s funny, sometimes we’re so happy and sometimes I just want to punch him in the throat. But we complete eachother and no, I have never punched him in the throat, or anywhere else, lol :D

  3. The photos are so sweet~~ I love it! I am glad that you and Adrian made it through!!! Congratulation!! Hehe.. :D

  4. Thank you. I was actually going to delete all pictures of him because we had a gigantic argument on New Years Eve. But we talked through it and I’m still a little iffy :(

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