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Posted on Dec, 12, 2011

As you all know, I am American, but my culture is definitelynot one of an American. My family has a very diverse culture and one of them is the quinceañera, or Sweet 15. It represents the transition of girl to young woman. It represents growing up and being someone responsible your parents can be proud of. This weekend I went to my friend Chantal’s quinceañera. It was very sweet and very traditional. I almost cried when she danced with her father (that represents the father accepting his daughter is growing into a woman).

The theme was Chinese with a red, white and black color pallet.



Stephanie and Josue (brother and sister in law)


Giving a speech about her road to a dignified woman (her and her father).



First dance with her father.



Her parents giving and speech and thanking everyone.




Adrian, the bday girl and myself.


Me and Adrian.

I remember my quince like it was yesterday. Time really flies :)


7 Responses to “Quinceañera”

  1. awww how nice~ I’ve actually heard about this before! it sounds really cool! Happy birthday to her!!
    You look amazing. I love your dress! It’s so cute! And I’ve noticed that you really have a nice smile! :D I can never smile properly for some reason lol

  2. It’s years of practice (smiling that is). You should see the pictures of when I was growing up, I definitely did not have a nice smile, I guess because it was forced. But now I know to take it easy and let the natural smile go. Now I’m the one who forces Adrian to smile in pictures.
    Quinces vary from country to country. I know people think all of Latin American is the same because we all speak Spanish, but each country in South America, Central America, the Caribean and Spain, have different culture, and even different ways of speaking Spanish with a lot of variation of words. Anyway, off topic, in Dominican Republic (which is where my family settled from Spain) it is more religious than in a lot of other countries. For example, the birthday girl must first spend the day at Church, and there’s a big fiasco there, and then she may have a party. I remember mine like if it was yesterday :)

  3. Ah, how nice. I wanted one, but alas, I wasn’t baptized :(
    It looks/sounds fun though. :3

  4. Technically, you do need a baptism, but I think your parents should have seen passed that and given you one anyway.

  5. Wow, what a special occasion! In my culture, 21st is the most important bday ever. It means grow up and usually parents or adults will gift their children a pendant in key design, to symbolize the grown up and now you have the key to go out, the freedom. I love the green color that both you and Adrian wore, is another way of wearing couple design! Hehe… :D

  6. The key symbol is awesome, it’s like, yay freedom to do what I wish! In the US it’s the same, but since I have a different kind of culture aside from the American one, when you turn 15 (as a girl) you get more responsibility and stuff. But at 15 you’re still not allowed to do what you want so it’s not really growing up, lol.
    Adrian always ask me what I’m going to wear and what color it is so he can match my colors, he’s so cheesy!

  7. Wow, to me 15 is still so young! haha~ How sweet is Adrian! Doraemon never even bother about this…

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