Posted on Feb, 07, 2010

I want a Boxpiggy soooooo bad!!!!!! Would love to have one as a pet on HKO.



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  1. i love shirousa’s bow tie

  2. it so preety and wiggly

  3. can you make a shirousa pic in ms paint

  4. please email me for response to what i commented you on

  5. can you make ms paint of shirousa and kurousa alot on your blog and let me know

  6. I ♥ this so much!

  7. I feel your pain , I WANT A BOX PIG TOO..

  8. Its so cute…>.

  9. Hope that u can getit sooner

  10. Oh I have one, but it’s been so long since I’ve played HKO, I miss it but I’m so busy with school. When the semester is over I can finally play :D

  11. Well…Hope u can Online sooner ^_^ hope to meet u there in HKO ^_^ !

  12. Oh Yeah! and by the way ^_^….. what kind of server are you using?

  13. I use the North America server, and my online HK username is Rosiedots, I haven’t played in a long time, but the school semester is almost over, so I can play soon :)

  14. hm…sory I only use the normal server,Like the International and Us/Canada server only…dou use this kind of server?

  15. I think the North American server is the US/Canada server, but when I start playing I’ll check again

  16. Well,if its US/Canada i’ll be happy to meet you there…and please give me a message if you are playing US/Canada server.

  17. Ok, I will, it’ll be fun questing together :)

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