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Can we just talk about this guy for a second?

Gumdrops…Flawless…Cuteness. What a pleasant little face. It reminds me of a Ditto but more cute.

Had I not already had  ton of pets to level, I’d go snag one of these.

I imagine that they’re peach flavoured. Maybe cantaloupe.

Gumdrops are level 21 mobs and are located in West Sun Land if you’d like to see them for yourself!

There’s a place in HKO that I’ve grown to absolutely love. It’s East Stars Plain.

I love hydrangea. If you’re a fan of Japanese culture you might have read about it somewhere or seen it on a yukata and recognize it as Ajisai ( あじさい).

I’ve always been a fan since I was a young girl because of the big beautiful clumps of flowers ranging from periwinkle blue to magenta that we had growing in front of various houses.

The flowers themselves always reminded me of those enormous fireworks you can only see at big celebrations. To me they represent happiness, warmth, and renewal.

In the East Stars Plain, the trees remind me of giant clumps of hydrangea. I think it might have even been deliberate considering the significance of the flower and the shades of blue, pink, and purple they used for the trees. They are incredibly beautiful to me regardless of the intention behind them.

When you also take into consideration the sparkling lake, the soft mint green beryl rocks, the red-pink cherry crystals, the soft yellow citrine and of course  the wonderful honeydrop trees that look like Hershey Kisses with flowers sprouting out of the top. This is a wonderful and full zone.

The trees towards the north that look like little hot-crossed buns are pretty cute as well.

I think this is my favourite place in all of HKO. I think my Chainworm agrees.


Do you have a favourite place in HKO? Where do you like to sit to enjoy the scenery?

So.. We don’t have any events going on. I doubt we will any time soon if ever again.

I don’t think that putting the time and effort into it that would be needed, is worth the cost for Sanrio right now. The game is too empty and I’m not sure how much they’re really making off the item mall at current. Probably not enough to justify planning events for the few of us left or that have come back.

(Then again maybe planning some events or adding to the item mall would encourage players to come back =/ )

So, maybe we should take it into our own hands? Plan some events to do together? We can get things from the item malls and give them out as prizes.

Scavenger hunts or maybe quizzes?

I’m happy to provide some prizes and I’ve organized these kinds of events before for large groups online. I have to buy a few things from the item mall for friends and myself anyway. Might as well give it a shot.

Maybe a Halloween/fall event would be good.

Anyway, I’m mulling it around.

In the meantime… The moles… I’m going to find them all and turn them into hats. Starting with this guy:


By that question I mean, what other multiplayer games do you play? What other websites or blogs do you belong to that you consider part of your network?

Right now the only other game I have open to playing with people is ACNL or “Animal Crossing: New Leaf” for people who hate abbreviations. =P

As for websites or blogs. I have a tumblr but it’s not appropriate to link here.

I do, however, have a Deviantart. The majority of my DA is pixel art and resources for people to use. Not much actual..Umm..Art..I guess.  For now anyway.

One thing I have quite a bit of fun doing is making QRCodes in Animal Crossing. I take requests. I don’t charge, I just have fun creating things for people.  To be honest I have a blast doing it.

Unfortunately this week I haven’t even been on HKO too much due to not feeling well. At least it’s giving me time to work on some other games like Dragon’s Crown.

Ahem.. This is a bit of a rambling mess now isn’t it?

Anyway. If you’d like and you have a DA account, tell me your name and I’ll happily add you. That goes for ACNL also.

Beneath is my ACNL info and if you click it it should take you to my AnimalCrossing folder in case you wanted any extra QR Codes for your collection or to place a request!


Well… Other than what I’ve already said that’s mostly irrelevant, I have nothing else to say or relevance for now. I just hope you’re doing well and having fun!

If you’re new to HKO or you’ve been playing a while but started a new character. You’re going to run into some quests that require a level 4 farm.

In order get a level 4 farm you need a fair amount of loyalty points and you need to get your farming up to level 4.

Ah, but there’s another way.

If you’re working on getting a level 4 farm but you just haven’t been able to yet, or if you just don’t want to bother with it, I will happily bring you the farmed materials you need at no cost so you can continue questing.

I greatly enjoy farming and helping and this lets me do both.

I’m also working on getting my farm up to a level 8 which I will eventually.

If you need help with farming, crafting, anything really; my information is as follows:

Name: PancakeWarrior
Server: US/Canada

You are always welcome in my farm.

I will be making another character on the other server eventually as well.

Until I see you and even if I don’t, good luck and have fun!

I had only played a small bit in Open beta because I was dragged off elsewhere (WoW).

I went through the closed betas and loved it. I missed HKO when I had left for another game. The people in that game ended up soiling the love I had for it.

People can’t just let a game be a game. They always need drama to entertain themselves.

Long story short. Here I am again HKO. I’m happy to be back and to have met the people I’ve met in such a short time.

I love what has happened to the game. I think it’s great. There are a few bugs but that’s par for the course with any game.

I’m looking forward to wasting countless hours on here like I have other places.

Crysandrea, TinierMe, WoW, They’ve all left a bad taste in my mouth.

But HKO…HKO tastes like cherries, happiness, and cotton candy.

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