So.. We don’t have any events going on. I doubt we will any time soon if ever again.

I don’t think that putting the time and effort into it that would be needed, is worth the cost for Sanrio right now. The game is too empty and I’m not sure how much they’re really making off the item mall at current. Probably not enough to justify planning events for the few of us left or that have come back.

(Then again maybe planning some events or adding to the item mall would encourage players to come back =/ )

So, maybe we should take it into our own hands? Plan some events to do together? We can get things from the item malls and give them out as prizes.

Scavenger hunts or maybe quizzes?

I’m happy to provide some prizes and I’ve organized these kinds of events before for large groups online. I have to buy a few things from the item mall for friends and myself anyway. Might as well give it a shot.

Maybe a Halloween/fall event would be good.

Anyway, I’m mulling it around.

In the meantime… The moles… I’m going to find them all and turn them into hats. Starting with this guy:


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