By that question I mean, what other multiplayer games do you play? What other websites or blogs do you belong to that you consider part of your network?

Right now the only other game I have open to playing with people is ACNL or “Animal Crossing: New Leaf” for people who hate abbreviations. =P

As for websites or blogs. I have a tumblr but it’s not appropriate to link here.

I do, however, have a Deviantart. The majority of my DA is pixel art and resources for people to use. Not much actual..Umm..Art..I guess.  For now anyway.

One thing I have quite a bit of fun doing is making QRCodes in Animal Crossing. I take requests. I don’t charge, I just have fun creating things for people.  To be honest I have a blast doing it.

Unfortunately this week I haven’t even been on HKO too much due to not feeling well. At least it’s giving me time to work on some other games like Dragon’s Crown.

Ahem.. This is a bit of a rambling mess now isn’t it?

Anyway. If you’d like and you have a DA account, tell me your name and I’ll happily add you. That goes for ACNL also.

Beneath is my ACNL info and if you click it it should take you to my AnimalCrossing folder in case you wanted any extra QR Codes for your collection or to place a request!


Well… Other than what I’ve already said that’s mostly irrelevant, I have nothing else to say or relevance for now. I just hope you’re doing well and having fun!

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