If you’re new to HKO or you’ve been playing a while but started a new character. You’re going to run into some quests that require a level 4 farm.

In order get a level 4 farm you need a fair amount of loyalty points and you need to get your farming up to level 4.

Ah, but there’s another way.

If you’re working on getting a level 4 farm but you just haven’t been able to yet, or if you just don’t want to bother with it, I will happily bring you the farmed materials you need at no cost so you can continue questing.

I greatly enjoy farming and helping and this lets me do both.

I’m also working on getting my farm up to a level 8 which I will eventually.

If you need help with farming, crafting, anything really; my information is as follows:

Name: PancakeWarrior
Server: US/Canada

You are always welcome in my farm.

I will be making another character on the other server eventually as well.

Until I see you and even if I don’t, good luck and have fun!

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