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If you were in the guild HKOFounders, or if you weren’t it doesn’t matter, we are all HKO founders. We should all be proud of the money we raised, of the friendships we forged, and of the cooperation we had with the GM’s to make this a truely remarkable game.

There’s a way to go for sure to make this outstanding, but I think even right now it’s a cute little piece of Heaven for any Sanrio fan and in only two BETAs it’s grown quite a bit.

We all did a fantasic job! There were some roughspots, some rumor spreading, some HILARIOUS drama, but thats all part of an MMO-rpg or otherwise, so we might aswell shrug it off and carry on because non of that is important anymore and it shouldn’t be even when it hits. Overall though, you know what? Everyone got along pretty darn well so pat yourselves on the back!!

Now, what I’d like to do in this post, is point out some of the great moments in the HKO Founders BETA, and some of the things that made it really special.

Lets get to it!

The GM’s :

The GM’s in HKO are all pretty great. They have their ups and downs like any human being. In HKO though, we are quite lucky. We have GM’s who are always willing to talk and treat you like a human, who are willing to not look down on or at you but keep it all eye to eye.

I remember getting stuck once, and the GM rather then just getting my PM and fixing it without a word, actually sat there and talked and joked with me despite being bombarded with a bunch of other PM’s until it was fixed.

I also remember just sending PM’s to say hi or that things were going great and they always responded openly, kindly, and even seemed happy to hear it, rather then brushing me off or acting as though it meant nothing.

There were quite a few that stood out to me specificly, who always made me feel warm and fuzzy. So here are the honorable mentions for the GM crew.

GM-Abby- So light, warmhearted, caring, patient, funny, open, sweet, energetic, and trustworthy.

GM-Mickey- Mickey is very honest, kind, shy but not afraid to answer questions and joke around a bit, Mickey will never treat you as anything other then an equal.

GM-Wayne- Patient as patient can be and oh boy did that come in handy sometimes. Reliable, quick, honest, straight forward but always mainting kindness.

These were the three that REALLY made a difference in the game to me not in any order because they’re all great for their own reasons.

The Zones/cities/areas. :

Of all of the places to go and things to do, London was easily my favorite. Paris might have been but it was so lonely! For farming or wandering or just bonking things on the head, The WindyPathway was my favorite. I just hope that someday we’ll get a snowy zone!!

Fashion and Equipment :

Oh umm.. There were alot of nice rare drops to get and clothes to purchase and wear. I can’t say I had a favorite cause I loved running around in my underwear. The Medical mask was pretty neat though!

Cutest or Favorite monsters:

Crabs OMG crabs.. I loved the crabs, in CB and FB, they still are and will always be my favorites. Pets wise the sheep was my favorite but I never got one ;_;.


Haha ok.. I know this is a sensitive subject. There was alot of drama that happened with some guilds and I wont say names it’s none of my business and I’m not getting into it but I do need to point out one thing. Please remember this in upcomming years of HKO;

One or even ten peoples actions do not account for all people or persons within a guild. If you have a problem with a few people from a guild that DOES NOT mean the rest of the guild are like them so please do not generalize.

If you remember this you’ll make alot more friends and have alot more fun and save yourself from alot of stress and drama. That being said there were two guilds that every member I had come across were incredibly kind, and were just there to have fun. Those were the TwinStars, and the CharmmyKitty’s.

The rest of this post will be and is dedicated to the loving family that was my guild. I was absolutely honored to be apart of it, they made such a difference in my life when I was happy and when things were a bit rough. Here’s to you guys!!

HKOFounders Guild:

These are just some of my favorite moments, quotes and things that I wanted to share with you all.

Favorite quote(s)::

There are sooooo many.. omg. You guys kept me laughing the entire time, I swear I nearly choked todeath a good number of times.

So lets get to it.

JamJam and the triangles.

I almost died laughing when I read this. I dodn’t even know what was going on or why it was said but taken out of context it was hilarious.

I agree..

Not only do I agree, but this was in my opinion the funniest quote out of the entire game for me.


This was another one that had me rolling on the floor. It still does when I read it. Oh man.. I don’t even want to know how many oats everyone farmed XD

Please only read the next one if you’re in or out of highschool =P. I’ve said some terrible things in game but sometimes I couldn’t help it, like in this convorsation. It’s just me indirectly hitting on Kenman again. Oh I should probably explain where this came from, we were building a house and I swear to you he DOESN’T run out of stamina, he has like endless snacks or something but he was also lvl 30 at the time with good gear lol.

Robots have endless stamina.

On we go–


We love you too Ayumin, you were fun to hang out with and talk to and were an important part of the family! All of HKOF were very loving and open and we got along great, I’m glad to have met all of you.

Screenies and moments!::

What's she doing!?

Whats Bellkana doing down in the corner lol?10 minutes prior to the very end of FB .

The winning anouncment

The anouncment for the Food for Friends run. Yes we were happy that we won, but we worked hard for a good cause, and I’m glad everyone in HKO worked hard for that cause, and it’s just great to know that the Sanrio fans made a difference. Congratulations to everyone who participated, you made a difference and helped alot of people, pat yourselves on the back!

EDIT::I’m a total idiot, I forgot to give Serenity credit for this one! Thats her cute lil avatar right there in the center, she was kind enough to take this screen cap when it happened. I’m especially happy and greatful because I did not get to be there for this moment. Also–HAPPY BIRTHDAY SERENITY!! ♥ ♥  ♥  ♥ (it was yesterday as the clock has rolled over but still ;) )

Freedom! <3

Getting together before the end of the game, hanging out, having fun, making memories. I’m sitting with FD aka FreedomDeep, a VERY awesome person, I hope FD will be around for OB cause thats a person you just want to have around.

The twiinnss

Serenity and JamJam. These two were absolute pillars in our guild. Hearts of gold, they were funny, kind, always willing to help, they worked their BUTTS off to do anything they possibly could for HKOFounders and even people they didn’t know and had never spoken to. They had helped me MANY times. If I sat here for a year and tried to think of one bad thing to say about them I simply couldn’t. It’s not possible. By the way don’t they have awesome fashion sense?

The countdown begins and what am I doing? Loving stalking Kenman, shhhh I don’t think he was there when I was doing that.

Piling up for a very last second photo!! If you look close there are even CharmmyKitties that came to the party! Thanks comming and hanging out guys it was awesome!! Oh and there I am in the front, in my undies and blue pigtails..GM-Mickey is in there sooomewhere lol

We were all together, as a family till the very last second together.

Kaito- You were an OUTSTANDING leader. You motivated us and kept us going, and you brought us to the top and we never came down from it.

Kenman- You were the crazy, funny, robot that we desperately needed. You never stopped going and anytime we had a question you were there to answer it.

Serenity- You were almost like a mom to us (don’t kill me for saying that!) . You gave alot of guidance and help throughout the game and you worked damned hard for everyone.

JamJam- OMG you kept me laughing the entire time, you always made me feel warm and fuzzy, and I knew you were always someone we could count on.

Group photo on the last day. I think it was Justita that took the screen cap so thanks for the cap Justita! Thanks for all the memories guys! Hope to see you in OB!

6 Responses to “To the HKO Founders.”

  1. I’d also like to note after reading the forum for HKO. Guys.. look at how few of us out of the 200 we had on our guild list are there. Ok those were the main active members and even some very unactive memebers. Heck I sure wasn’t that active though I tried to be.

    There are alot of people whining and crying about how big guilds are unfair and that 200 is toomuch. Fact of the matter is there was a HANDFUL of you that carried the guild through the guild events and brought the rest of us to glory, it had nothing to do with how many of us there were it had to do with how HARD you all worked for a darn good cause!

    They didn’t do aswell so what!? Now they want to cheapen and cry about something that was supposed to be for charity and it’s total BS. We got help from NO ONE you guys just worked your little tails off so don’t let the cry babies have their way and let it frustrate you like it’s frustrating me. You’re awesome.

  2. wow…this is awesome! :D i like your post~ mis u guys heaps~

  3. FINALLY. I’m logged in. Anyway, this is Serenity. :)

    Thank you for your kind comments :P Ironically, you wrote this entry on my birthday too haha. Btw, did you use my screenies? o.O Haha, cause I recognize one of them. Anyway, great entry and truly memorable times in HKO. I’ll see you in OB! ^^

    BE GOOD. ;D

    ♥ S

  4. Hehe! Happy birthday Serenity and credit has been given for the cap, thank you for posting the cap for everyone to see I was so happy when I saw it, everyone had said it was anounced in game but I didn’t know how or when until you’d posted that. Also- Again! Happy birthday! I hope it’s a great one for you!.

    Rin-I miss you too I’m sure everyone does! I hope I can count on seeing you back in OB!

  5. DHASLKDHASD It is RIDICULOUSLY hard to log in to comment here! Sheesh. Anyway, thank you for the birthday wish (: Haha, check page 11 in our guild thread - I posted a handful of last day screenies.

    Thanks again ^^

  6. Hi Diva! Just dropping by to say hi!^_^

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