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For right now I’ll give you a tiny guide, Im hoping to do this later with graphics, but for right now this is all I can manage.

I know alot of you are losing your strawberry seeds and this is very disheartening, well.. WAIT A SECOND AND DON’T PLANT A THING!! Let me give you some basics. ^__^

Seeds unless stated otherwise come in sets of 10. Strawberry seeds you can never get again so be careful with them.

Plants will die eventually. It’s ok!
First off…One VERY important thing you need to know is that your farm can be PAUSED. That way when you leave the game or you’re away or busy on a quest, you don’t lose harvesting opportunities. However when your farm is on “pause” you will not be able to harvest because nothing will grow ofcourse! So please when you are ready to start harvesting remember to turn the pause button off.

Ok Step one..How to pause! ::

Where the map usually is when you’re running around, you’ll see that there is an icon you can click to drop down a menu. On that menu there is a little set of gears, those are your farm settings! Once you find that gear, click it and a window will pop up with a few options. On the right side of that menu there will be a box to check or uncheck that says “Pause”.

When you’re ready to farm!:: Uncheck that box and wait around for your plants to grow!

When you leave your farm:: , infact EVERY TIME you leave your farm, go back into the menu and check that box to pause the farm. If you don’t you’ll miss the harvesting cycles of your plants and they’ll die before you get anything from them!

———————————Ok now that pausing is out of the way—–


Every seed you get will require a certain amount of fertilization. When you hover your cursor (mouse) over the seeds it will tell you how much it requires to grow, and how much it will take out of the fertalization.

For instance if you have a seed that REQUIRES 10 fertalization, and DECREASES fertalization by 2, you will need a spot that has no less then 10 fertilization. In order to INCREASE the over all amount of fertility in a piece of land, fertalize that exact spot a few times until the desired number is reached. In order to see the amount of fertility in that little square of land, hover your mouse over it and look up near the farm menu and it will tell you the exact number for that little spot. Give it a try when you’re ready to plant but not yet!

(NOTE!: After a plant has been harvested for it’s last time and withers away, the fertalized land will decrease the amount previously stated by that plant. So if strawberries decrease fertility by 2, then a piece of land that started out at 10 for fertility will fall to only 8 after the strawberries die.)

Fertalizer comes in several forms, you can mine it out of Fossil rock, or you can buy it in London. You’ll be given 50 free fertalizer to start farming when you get the proper quest. Be stingy if you don’t want to end up buying it again, or be ready to mine your heart out on Fossil rock because you cannot grow without proper fertalizer.

How do you fertalize? Well I’ll explain..Open up your back pack (inventory) inside you’ll see these little tiny adorible poops! Right click that once with your mouse, then move the mouse over your farm in the desired area. Fertalizer will only fertalize a 3 by 3 plot of land, the spot you choose to fertalize will be the CENTER of that 3 by 3 land. I’ll give an example below.

Where the blue box is, is where I clicked to fertalize, the green boxes are the surrounding fertalized spots that create the 3 by 3 fertalized zone any time you fertalize, and the red will represent the rest of the farming ground. Also please only look at image number one right now.

(HINT: It’s easier to plant and fertalize with the grid on, you get the grid by clicking the drop down menu and then the magnifying glass. Click it again anytime you want the grid to go away.)

Farming Graphic

NOTE: How you fertalize is your decision ofcourse! All of it is, but I highly reccomend you continue reading just to see different options on how to fertalize and plant!


Planting!:: Planting can be a bit tricky..For planting you will need specific fertalization methods. For instance if you’re planting trees you won’t be planting them the same way you would plant a shorter crop like strawberries. So I’ll explain “Tall crops” and “Short crops” seperately.

Lets start with the “Tall crops”. Scroll back up and take a look at image number 2. The Blue represents where the trees were planted, the green represents LEFTOVER fertalized spots. As I explained fertalizer will make a 3 by 3 patch in other words, a square of nine plots.

It’s probably best you plant your trees in a single row. The reason for this, is that if you have them in a clump, three rows of three, you wont be able to easily target and harvest them and may lose crops. Because of this it’s easier to waste just a tiny bit of fertalizer and plant them in a nice long row next to each other. Seeds come in sets of 10, so you’ll have one left over that you can plant at either end as I did in the picture, or heck why not save it! If you’re planting multiple rows of trees, please leave yourself atleast 2 spaces between the rows for easy harvesting!.

Also.. never plant a tree DIRECTLY next to a “Short crop” like strawberries, it’s a pain to target, just don’t do it for your own peace of mind.

—–OK! On to “short crops”! Don’t worry guys we’re almost done!!!

Lets refer to image number three. Same thing goes as the last. Blue is where you’ve planted, green are left over fertalized spots. For short crops you can plant them where ever and how ever you like, in a row, or in a box of nine it’s perfectly fine! Oo I rhymed. The only thing I can say is keep them away from tree’s to avoid targeting issues. I personally think short crops are funnest to do in squares of nine then rows like trees. You can plot them all right next to each other too. So if you have 3 sets of seeds feel free to mush em all together cause you can run right over them to harvest them! Short crops are super easy!


Ok ready? breaks over back to work!

Lets get to the mechanics of gathering!

Harvesting crops—-

When you’re reayd to gather fruit you need to sit right inside your farm with it UNPAUSED. Wait patiently for the crops to apear before your very eyes! Don’t worry it doesn’t take long at all.

As soon as the plants come to fruit (or vegetable XD) step up to them, target the plant like you would any gatherable item in the Sanrio world, right click it, and click the gather button. Like any gatherable item you’ll be able to do this a few times but not many. Once it wont let you gather anymore just sit and wait for the fruit to come back, it happens really fast. Then just repeat over and over!

Each plant has a life span, a certain number of times it can go through a harvesting cycle before it dies. So if it turns brown and won’t give you fruit thats ok, it’s all a part of it’s natural life in Sanrioland!


Trees will give you two options.. to gather wood or to gather fruit, only gather the fruit. If you gather wood from it too many times it will dissapear and never come back, you will nto be able to get all the fruit you want or need out of it. So UNLESS you want the wood specificly never ever touch the woodcutting button.

In order to get rid of dead plants- right click them and THEN you can hit the wood cutting button. After a few time’s they’ll dissapear and you can replant that spot with something else.

If you have any further questions please feel free to ask me anything! Play with your farm anbd find out whats right for you! Just because this is how I do things doesn’t mean you have to do it this way, it’s simply what I’ve found to work best for me! =D

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  1. thank you so much for this guide~* i’ve been running around London for possible farming material/tools that will let me plant my strawberry seeds for the past hour or so… not knowing it were the ‘little tiny adorable poops’ i was missing ^^:

  2. No problem I’m glad this was of use to you! I hope your harvesting goes well =D

  3. hello! awesome farming guide! i’m going to link to you.

  4. me too ! link~

  5. hohoho… nice guide :) . a little tips on fertilizing, if u use a lot of fertilizer, try to set the fertilizer to the hotkey slot so that u wouldnt need to right click each time u want to fertilize, and it save time too. u did a really good work making this guide (^_^)

  6. That’s super useful

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