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Been playing for a while, having a great time! Closed Beta was fun but this seems alot more full. The people are great, we have an awesome communtiy, anyone who’s not playing you better gear up! Once Open beta is up I hope to see you all there! You know what they say “The more the merrier!”. I tend to agree with that saying.

Some things I’ve seen that I love:

Monsters won’t just drop materials and quest items, they will also on rare occasion drop gear or accesories for you to dress in.

The animals are THE ABSOLUTE cutest little critters I’bve ever seen!

Farming is addictive and charming as all get out once you figure it out, and guess what!? You can pause your farm!!!! Plants grow and spring up fast so theres very little wait for anything!

Chatting and making friends is easy, anyone is willing to help out, our GM’s are very very friendly and willing to talk like they’re anyone else. They’re not ominous or overbearing like in alot of MMO’s they don’t play the “high and mighty” card and they’re sweet as sugar cubes!

There’s tons more to talk about but I need to get back to farming and having some fun. Come see us in Hello Kitty Online! My name in game is Diva. Don’t worry i won’t complain that the tempurature is too high or the bottled water isn’t cold enough, my name doesn’t represent my attitude, so come say “Hi!” I don’t bite ;)

See you in game!!

P.S. For those of you playing that stroll across this blog, please feel free to ask me for any help, I’m always glad to help in anyway possible!

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