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Oo. Been a long time since I last posted. Been doing alot and keeping up with alot of stuff. Enjoying alot of new games and things online and otherwise. Discovered new flavours I like, those being Taro ((OMGDELICIOUS)) and pandam ((SOGOOD))!

I’ve continued to collect and love Sanrio merchandise, but recently I’ve fallen inlove with PomPomPurin and really need to start getting some merchandise with that cute little face on it.

The year has had it’s ups and downs, I was very ill for a very very long period of time, all through the Winter and most of the Spring. I’m glad to say I’m doing much better and much healthier. I even dyed my hair pink and black this year, thinking about Kuromi and all the pink and black Kuromi merchandise I’ve collected. I’m pretty happy with it, well really happy with it!

I’ve even got to take part in the HKO beta testing by some miracle, some great stroke of luck. I’m having a BLAST with that, it’s alot more amazing then I already thought it would be!  It’s surpassed my expectations already and I can’t wait to see whats instore for it in the future. When Open Beta comes out I really reccomend you giving it a shot! Especially if you’re a die hard Sanrio fan like myself.

Boy I really need to post more and keep in touch with the Hellokitty blogging community.

Hope to see you all again, until then take care and have fun!

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