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HKO Trailer Contest: A Reminder

Hi folks! It’s (technically) the first week of the HKO Trailer Contest, and already the entries have slowly but surely been popping up in Dream Studio.

We’ve noticed that some of the trailers that were submitted didn’t follow the full requirements, however. With this in mind, we would just to remind everybody that:

  1. ALL of the elements provided in the HKO Contest media pack have to be used. You are not limited to using just those elements, but all of them have to appear in your submission.
  2. You must add the tagword "HKOContest" when you upload your video into Dream Studio. Any other tags, such as "contest HKO" or "Hello Kitty Online Contest" will not be considered an entry.

Please be guided by these reminders accordingly, so that your entry can be easily processed by the competition officials.

Thanks, and once again, good luck to everybody!

2 Responses to “HKO Trailer Contest: A Reminder”

  1. Says:

    I already saw one entry and it looks interesting! XD

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