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Director's Club Interviews: Zombiebaby

Hello everyone, it’s been a while but we’re back with another interview! This time it’s from Zombiebaby, with the first of a series of very cute videos about her pets! If you frequent Dream Studio, you probably know her by now, so it’s time to get to know here a little more. Without further ado, this is her video called “My Dog Chunky!

DC: What was the message behind your video, “My Dog Chunky!”?
Well, if was my first time using the Dream Studio and I love creating this that involve my dogs.

DC: What inspired you to make your videos?
So far my dogs have inspired me. I just love them! I have four of them after all!

DC: Would you recommend using Dream Studio to your family and friends?
Oh, yes. I already have!

DC: Will you make another Dream Studio video again soon? When?
Yes! After I finish these Questions!

DC: Do you have dreams of directing films in the future?
That would be interesting. I’m what you would call a “Professional” Artist, so doing something in that field would be fun.

DC: Do you think Dream Studio can be a good training ground for directing?
Yes, I think so.

DC: What topics do you mostly like to make videos about?
My favourite things, my pets, me, mtc. . .

DC: How has Dream Studio helped you to express yourself?
Yes, Very much.

DC: Have other users’ comments helped you?
Yes, knowing that they like my stuff tells me I’m doing a good job.

DC: Are there videos from other u