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Director's Club Interviews: Zombiebaby

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

Hello everyone, it’s been a while but we’re back with another interview! This time it’s from Zombiebaby, with the first of a series of very cute videos about her pets! If you frequent Dream Studio, you probably know her by now, so it’s time to get to know here a little more. Without further ado, this is her video called “My Dog Chunky!

DC: What was the message behind your video, “My Dog Chunky!”?
Well, if was my first time using the Dream Studio and I love creating this that involve my dogs.

DC: What inspired you to make your videos?
So far my dogs have inspired me. I just love them! I have four of them after all!

DC: Would you recommend using Dream Studio to your family and friends?
Oh, yes. I already have!

DC: Will you make another Dream Studio video again soon? When?
Yes! After I finish these Questions!

DC: Do you have dreams of directing films in the future?
That would be interesting. I’m what you would call a “Professional” Artist, so doing something in that field would be fun.

DC: Do you think Dream Studio can be a good training ground for directing?
Yes, I think so.

DC: What topics do you mostly like to make videos about?
My favourite things, my pets, me, mtc. . .

DC: How has Dream Studio helped you to express yourself?
Yes, Very much.

DC: Have other users’ comments helped you?
Yes, knowing that they like my stuff tells me I’m doing a good job.

DC: Are there videos from other users that you enjoy?
Yes, I like Animal videos from other users as well.

DC: Do you look at other peoples’ videos for ideas and for inspiration?
Not very often. I like to have fresh ideas!

DC: How do you find Dream Studio’s features in terms of ease and functionality?
I had no problem figuring it out. It took me, maybe 3 minutes to get off and running!

DC: Do you have any suggestions on how Dream Studio can be improved?
Hmmm…maybe more Music choices, a way you can have a video clip silent and have music over it without hearing the clip.

DC: Are there any tips you can give to Dream Studio users?
If you can’t get it just right out the first few times keep trying! It will worth the wait.

We’ll be sending out a fresh batch of invites soon, so start using Dream Studio and keep those great videos coming!