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Halloween is upon us all! Mwahahahaha! Finally! We can take a break from all the crime-fighting and autograph signing and just let loose in town and get CANDY!!!! Yummy, yummy CANDY!!! Of course, when it’s halloween, it obviously means halloween costumes! There are a lot of considerations when it comes to costumes but of course, I’m going to come as… TAN TANANAN!

Isn’t he divine? :D

Here’s another picture:

“I salute you, sir.”

Brachy wants to go as:


… a brachiosaur. right… is he that dense? And he’s happy that he get’s to wear it once a year… ugh.

Lastly, Stego wants to go as:

Heh… good luck with that, Stego.

Hope they have watermelon candy!!

3 Responses to “RAWR-o-WEEN!”

  1. typecats:hellokitty.com Says:

    I might be going as claudio sanchez :D

  2. KT Sanctuary Says:

    Hahaha! A brachiosaur! Um well, if he doesn’t make a believable brachiosaur, no one ever will XD

  3. dinopwer Says:

    yeah well brachy is THAT dense, right?

    mine on the other hand, rocks!

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